SERIE CRUSHER HJ Series High Efficiency Jaw Crusher

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Product Description:

Capacity (t/h)170-410215-510306-650

Input opening size (mm)650×980800×1100950×1250
Max feeding particle size (mm)560660800
Adjustment range of discharging (mm)100-200100-200125-225
capacity (t/h)170-410215-510306-650
Rotation speed of eccentric shaft (r/min)270260230
Motor power (kW)90/110110/132132/160
Overall dimension (mm)2470×2000×21802875×2472×25303320×2600×3120

Diagram 2 supporting equipments parameter

Hydraulic jackRC-10TRC-10TRC-15T
Electric cabinet90 /110 Kw110/132Kw132/160Kw

Diagram 3 capacity data

Note:Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

  1. High Performance. The model has a large output, by the optimization of the trajectory of movable jaw plate and the cavity, to determine the optimum engagement angle and stroke property values, so that the productivity of this model has risen considerably with the same power.
    2. High stability. By the optimization of the whole structure and the counterweight section to determine the structure of flywheel and driving wheel and the weight of counterweight section, so its function of vibration has been greatly improved. Compared with the same unit jaw crusher, HJ series possess a greater stability.
    3. High reliability. Heat-treated forged eccentric shaft, extra large bearings, “E” frame, labyrinth seals, etc, making equipment sturdy and durable, more reliable.
    4. Easy maintenance and operation. Advanced side fender bolt system makes the replacing of the side shield more faster; reasonable machine structure makes it more convenient for discharge setting and replacement of toggle plate. All this can effectively shorten the operation and maintenance time
    5. Wide application. HJ series jaw crusher has a compact structure, compared with the same unit jaw crusher, it possess a smaller footprint. So that it can play a greater role in the limited space to suit a variety of crushing process.

According to the actual needs of customer, on the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, our company designs a modern high performance crusher, HJ series high efficiency jaw crusher. It is based on the design concept of high input - high output, integrating the characteristics of low power - high productivity. Practice has proved that HJ series jaw crusher, with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high cost-effective, has won the trust of customers around the world, being an ideal upgrade alternative of the traditional jaw crusher.

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Q:What is the working principle of a hammer crusher?
A povee hammer crusher work machine is many according to certain rules hinge on the turntable when the turntable rotates the hammer, hammer and tell, because the rotating force of centrifugal force, blow into the machine within the material, which is broken, at the same time, hit the rocks with each other and with the machine lining board, crashing grate between, also contributed to the material crushing.
Q:On Poptropica, Super Power Island...?
Copy Cat- Go to the bank or museum or whatever and go to the left side. After she runs out of the money storage place, you just have to find her before the smoke fills up the entire place. Crusher- You have to hop onto the electromagnet machine thingy and switch the switch twice. Careful, the BOOMS can knock you off.
Q:What about shock and blockage in hammer crusher?
The shock of crusher equipment can be said to be very normal, but too much vibration will have an impact on the production of equipment, so we will minimize the shock of the equipment. For hammer crusher, the use of belt drive will appear vibration equipment, we will tighten the anchor bolts, make the device firmly fixed on the basis, and pave the way for the rubber pad and other insulation materials to reduce equipment noise between the base and the equipment. In order to change this situation produces vibration, we use a povee motor is directly connected with the way, let the motor and the hammer crusher are connected as a whole, because the vibration caused by the decrease of belt transmission, reduces the noise generated by equipment. Hammer crusher has another reason for the vibration of the rotor imbalance, rotor imbalance is due to the crusher hammer quality caused by the different methods, therefore, to change this situation is to reduce the error of the crusher hammer, let the whole rotor more balanced, this is the most fundamental solution. Hammer crusher is not blocked, but if the stone humidity input is too high, or the number of stone too much, fast grain is too high, it will cause the hammer crusher discharge port plug, under such circumstances, we need to stop equipment for cleaning and dredging, when the humidity and stone note the stone size should be again when input, input and maintain stone stability, not the unsteadiness. These are the most basic, can be seen on the site of one of Rui Pu
Q:What is a slot crusher?
The crusher is matched with the loader, crushing large blocks of raw coal through the loader. The maximum crushing capacity is 3500 tons / hour, the maximum input block is 1600x1800 mm, and the crushing method is hammer crushing.
Q:What kinds of crushers are there?
Cone crusherThe working principle and gyratory crusher, crushing machine but only apply to pieces or fine crushing. The discharge uniformity in size, fine works of general than crushing operation requirements, therefore, in the lower part of the crushing chamber must set a parallel region, at the same time, it must accelerate the cycle of crushing cone in order to speed the material in the parallel region squeezed more than once.The crushing of a relatively coarse crushing crushing operation is large, so the broken loose volume will be greatly increased. In order to prevent crushing cavity may therefore cause obstruction, without increasing the discharge port to ensure the premise of discharging granularity required under must by increasing the diameter of the lower crushing cone to increase the exhaust the total material section.The cone crusher discharging opening is small, with non broken material in more prone to accidents, and because, in fine crushing to the discharge size requirements strictly, must be in the liner wear in time after adjusting the discharge, so the cone crusher insurance and adjusting device of coarse crushing machine is more necessary.Simon type spring machine overload insurance cone crusher, cone shell forced the compression spring and make their own increased, so as to increase the discharge, discharge the non crushing matter. The discharge opening adjustment by adjusting the set of adjusting sleeve is fixed with the casing can rotate with the outer circle of the screw to drive the shell to rise or fall, to change the size of the discharging port. The hydraulic cone crusher insurance and the adjustment way and hydraulic breaker is the same.
Q:magic the gathering question about the Arcbound Crusher?
Anytime a artifact comes into play, arcbound will get +1/+1, so yes, that combo should work
Q:Can someone help me with a trumpet piece?
My friend plays trumpet and i never heard that piece... But maybe its just me.
Q:what level of strength do i need to weild the dragon bone crusher on demons souls?
OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!
Q:What is a good workout for triceps?
Q:what is the definition of a traveler in your own words?
Wesley Crusher and his mentor are travelers. :) Aside from that, anyone who moves from here to there, which does not require poetic rhetoric to explain.

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