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conveyor equipment includes fixed belt conveyors, carrying-down belt conveyors, large-tilt angle belt conveyors and telescopic belt conveyors.

Our conveyors are designed, manufactured and installed per the provisions for the GB/T 50431-2008 “Engineering Design Specifications for Belt Conveyor”, the GB/T10595-2009 “Belt Conveyor”, the GB/T14784-93 “Safety Specifications for Belt Conveyor” and other relevant standards.

These conveyors can be used for the transportation of materials in mines, the chemical industry, metallurgy, and docks and ports.


TYHI’s products are widely used in the metallurgical, mining, energy, transportation, aerospace, chemical, rail, ship building, environmental protection and various other industries. Many products designed and manufactured by TYHI have filled gaps in the domestic market. Furthermore, we have created 360 nationally and internationally recognized products which have been exported to approximately forty countries and regions.

TYHI is now delving further into the development of the rail, engineering machinery, new energy, and maritime equipment fields. We have established a new production base in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin to facilitate the transportation and export of large-sized equipment. Our second wheel production line is currently under construction. We have also established production lines for wheels, axles and wheel sets for use at speeds above 200 km/h.

We are now turning our focus to international markets which we are certain can benefit from our high quality products and service. As we are constantly innovating and improving, we have no doubt that we will meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.


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