ZSW 490X110 vibrating feeder

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ZSW vibrating feeder mainly adopts apair of motors as the vibration source, which has the completely sameperformance and parameters. When these two vibration motors rotate reversely atthe same angular speed, the inertia forces produced by their eccentric blockswill overlap or counteract each other at a special phase.

ZSW Series Vibrating Feeders Feature andAdvantage:

1. This series have many models. It can bespecially designed and manufactured according to the customers' requirements.

2. All models of vibrating feeders can controlthe feeding amount manually or automatically.

3. Smooth vibration, reliable workingcondition, and long service of life;

4. Adjustable vibration exciter can change andcontrol the flow at any time. The adjusting process is convenient and reliable.

5. Vibrating motors act as vibrating source,which has the characteristics of low noise, low electricity consumption, andgood adjustability.

6. Simple structure, reliable operation, andconvenient installation.

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