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ModelMax. Feeding Size (mm)Adjustable Discharge opening (mm)Capacity (t/h)Motor Power (kW)Overall Dimensions (mm)Weight (t)
The motor transmits power through belt, drives the moving jaw to do periodic motion towards the fixed jaw by the eccentric shaft. The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw plate increases when moving jaw moves . So the moving jaw moves towards the fixed jaw. The stuff will be crushed in this process. The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw decreases when moving jaw moves down, the moving jaw moves leaves fixed jaw by pulling rod and spring, the final crushed stuff will be discharged from the outlet.

1. High ratio of crushing,

2. Even final size,

3. Simple structure,

4. Reliable working condition,

5. Easy maintenance, 6. Low operating cost.

Jaw crushers are typically used as primary crushers, or the first step in the process of reducing rock. They typically crush using compression. The rock is dropped between two rigid pieces of metal, one of which then move inwards towards the rock, and the rock is crushed because it has a lower breaking point than the opposing metal piece.

Jaw crusher movement is obtained by using a pivot point located at one end of the “swing jaw”, and an eccentric motion located at the opposite end.

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Q:How does density relate to the can crusher expirement?
The density of the hot air inside the can prior to you putting it into the cold water is much lower than the density of cold air. As their air cools (which happens very quickly when immersed in cold water) the volume of the air decreases rapidly and the density increases.
Q:how to make an electric can crusher?
do you know how to connect a pump to motor? i would do something like that. not a real pump, just the pushing part of it, i would connect it to a wheel or something like that, which would connect to the motor. of course you have to lead the end of the pipe in tube. so it goes like this. you cut out a wheel of aluminium or wood. you connect the centre of the wheel to the motor. you take a stick, you fix it to the front side, near to the edge of the wheel. you make sure that the stick can turn around of its fixed point. to the other end of the stick you fix a wheel which is the size of the can. you hang the stick into a tube which can have a door for the can or something. you fix the whole thing, you have to do some math to know the geometry but no force or something i think it should work perfectely
Q:How interesting, if Re-Elected the President will appoint New S.C. Justices..NO Wonder, G0P runs so Scared?
More importantly than being a Con crusher, it would be a Constitution crusher. Liberal Progressive judges are more interested in reinterpreting the Constitution based on current well-intentioned Progressive social attitude (i.e. legislating from the bench) than applying Originalism as the Founders expected, leaving reinterpretation to the amending process and the people of the US rather than judges. Sotomayor was picked as to inject empathy into the court system, that's NOT Originalism. Kagan has never been a justice nor had much legal experience, except as a legal hack for the Obama Administration prior to her nomination to SCOTUS. Ginsburg recently said that the US Constitution should not be used as a basis for a country's new Constitution due to it's lack of support for Human Rights. Too bad no one ever told her, that was INTENTIONAL. The US Constitution is based on Natural (Individual) Rights, not Human (Collective) Rights, which is a free ticket for government to define, create, manage, regulate and even take away rights for the people. This is a vehicle for control.
Q:Skullcandy Crushers VS Beats Pro?
Skullcandy crushers are much better. I have a set of beats and HONESTLY they are nothing special
Q:Super awesome best poll ever!!!?
No. ): I wish I did though. We don't even have ice.
Q:How many think that DMX, Ja Rule, Bone Crusher has the best voices in the rap game?
not the best but the rawest voice i think chali 2na has the best voice
Q:Any new metals/alloys for Impact Crusher? Using 1045, Mangalloy currently.?
You could try some tool steels, S7 can be made hard and is shock resistant. A2, O1, M2, D2...whatever you are willing to pay for. There are some out-of-this-world (price wise) steels like REX 45 or REX 67, but they are tough and can be hardened up to 67-68 Rc. 4140 is a bad idea, it is pre-hard....not hard enough for crushing rocks. 1045 might be OK if you harden it, but unless tempered correctly it'll be very brittle.
Q:What are some good tricep workouts?
try there are many options for you to choose from and change and in the end it will give you a workout plan to what options you chose and if you have a smart phone, i suggest downloading the app and it will give you many more options
Q:If you use a can crusher to crush pop cans, could you still put them through a return to get your change back?
Yes you can but not from those recycling cans/glasses auto recycling machine which the machines need to read the bar codes to give you cash back. But those crushed cans will be honored through those recycled facilities which will weigh the crushed cans in bulk and pay you according to those crushed aluminum cans by the weight *

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