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Product Description:

Main Product Features:

Technical featuresAdvantageBenefit to you
Advanced crushing cavity designWell laminated crushingHigh efficiency ,high capacity
Optimized stroke designHigh crushing force
Strong and reliable hydraulic clamping systemAutomatic tramp release systemHigh availability
Hold a constant settingHigh efficiency
Simple and reliable liner retailing design
Easy and efficient liner replacementSimple maintenance,shorten the downtime
Cavity combination,increase flexibilityWide range of requirement and low-cost
Automatic hydraulic adjustment and clearing systemAutomation,user-friendlySimple routine maintenance

Main Components: 



Clearance Dimensions:


Clearance required for removing Bowl axis.A2295237028852900
Base to bottom of oil pipingB378263593350
Base to top of feed hopperC1595168621192250
Clearance required for moving counter-shaft axis.D1767182323962560
Crusher centerline to our driven assemblyE1209120915661660
Size of bolt positionF×F1380138017661766
Diameter of bottom capG540400686540
Clearance required for moving head axis.H2673236633533126
Base to top of adjustment ringJ1292138313241650
Adjustment ring maximum diameterK1760176022582620


Technical Specification:

Max Feeding

Discharge Range

Motor Power
Capacity (t/h) —open circuit, closed discharge (mm)




1.The given capacity is depending on open circuit operation,Capacities are relative to type of feeding and physics character, the reduction ratio ,etc.
2.The minimum setting is that at which the crusher will operate without causing adjustment ring jump,Depending on the crusher characteristics of the rock,this setting can charge.


Based on the feedback from more than 200 customers,To get high capacity and low cost running,Please do consider of the items as follow:
1. The reduction ratio with a reasonable
2. According on crushed material to select chamber
3. Capacity of discharge conveyor is more than cone crusher
4. Discharge port is not blocked
5. Select Pre-screening, and increased closed-circuit screening of the vibrating screen
6. Use Separators and Metal Detectors

Impact conditions to capacity:
1.Containing sticky material in feed
2.Fine material of feeding is more than 10% of
3. Not use the recommended power
4. Too hard or too tough materials

Product Gradation Table (% passing through square mesh depending on the setting):



 Gradation Curves:


Product gradation curves are based on standard chamber .ALL gradation shown are approximate and depend on the type of material, moisture content,
chamber selection,feed gradation And other factors.



                                             SC150M type ,Broken ore

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Q:What crusher would you like to break the quartz stone?
Quartz stone is a very hard stone of this kind, it is recommended to use the jaw crusher! Golden Baoshan Machinery Co., ltd.!
Q:What preparations should be made before the crusher starts?
Check whether there is any material in the crushing chamber. If there is a large piece of material in the broken chamber, it must be removed before it can be started;
Q:What is the working principle of jaw crushers?
The commonly used jaw crusher has two kinds of double elbow plate and single elbow plate. In the former, the movable jaw is only used as a simple circular arc oscillation, so it is also called a simple swinging jaw crusher. The latter moves up and down while swinging the circular arc, so it is also called the complex swinging jaw crusher.
Q:What is the iron removal chamber in the crusher?
But Xinxiang high four toothed roll crusher production machinery Limited by Share Ltd, is a disc spring hydraulic balance flash back system, when the iron into the device, this device will quickly retreat from the new back then.
Q:Waste rock wool how to deal with, there can be recycled?
Rock wool board can be recycled, but because rock wool density is lighter, resulting in higher transport costs, if you can focus on recycling, reduce recovery costs, it is feasible. The recycled rock wool board can be made of double shaft crusher (three shaft crusher), which is broken into 6*6cm size, and then can be obtained by crushing the superfine crusher. The rock wool fiber will be re mixed into production.
Q:300 x 500 crusher with large motor
30kW motor is generally, you can refer to the Great Wall heavy crusher
Q:What is the working principle of a hammer crusher?
. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed into the machine from the upper feed port, and is smashed by the hammer, impact, shearing and grinding of the high-speed hammer. In the lower part of the rotor, with sieve plate, crushing material in less than sieve size fractions discharged through the sieve plate, sieve size greater than the coarse grain resistance in the sieve continue to be a hammer blow and grinding, finally through the sievedischarged outside the machine.
Q:The working characteristics of compound crusher
The material enters it and hits it on the counter toothed plate by the hammer on the rotor. If the material is suitable, it falls down, otherwise it is broken on top. The compound crusher has high crushing efficiency, small body and low price. Small crushing can be done. The only fly in the ointment is that, because our hammerhead wear-resistant technology is not very good overall, there are great differences in crushing capacity
Q:What is the working principle of the pop top crusher? What are the specifications and models?
Rich new cans of crusher used for raw iron, alloy, silicon powder, caps, cans, circuit boards, mobile phone batteries and other waste crushing fragile metal material.
Q:What are the models of the crusher?
Crusher, then double gold SJ series cone crusher, stone beating stone principle, this technology produced a grain of good. Sand making, SJ series cone sand making machine (energy saving and environmental protection type sand making machine).

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