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1. EP conveyor belt, steel cord belt, HR conveyor belt,chevron belt,etc
2. thickness: 3mm to 50mm .
3.width: 300mm to 2.2m

We can provide a huge gamut of superlative industrial conveyor belts that are used in varied applications with DIN22102.

Width : 400 mm to 2600 mm.

Length : Open or endless.

Plies : 2 to 7 Plies.

Cover Thickness : 0mm to 12 mm ,we could offer the conveyor belt have no top cover and upper cover.

Tensile Strength : 8 to 24 MPA.

Types of Synthetic Carcass : General Duty (GD), Extra Duty (ED) & Heavy Duty (HD).

Edges : Cut edges or molded.

Fabric : EP,NN,CC,TC.

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Q:As shown, the sloped belt moves upward at a constant speed of V 2,
So A is correct; when the block rate is less than V2, the friction block do do positive work, mechanical energy increases, so C error; if the belt sliding friction on the block is greater than the downward force of the conveyor belt, when the block rate reduced to V2, V2 to do uniform motion,
Q:The scooter does not catch fire after changing the belt
Just happen to change the belt, it is recommended to check the spark plug, high voltage, air filter, carburetor, wiring and so on, whether there is a problem.
Q:Excuse me, where is the rubber belt wholesale market in Toronto?
This business is about parts or substitute specified in the original (because of guarantee and warranty), substitute or non designated parts of a problem because of the expensive labor, The loss outweighs the gain., so we will not spend time and energy to the wholesale market to find alternatives, so this kind of industrial products wholesale market in Canada there is no way.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of chain drive and synchronous belt pulley?
Characteristics and application of synchronous belt driveThe synchronous belt drive is usually composed of driving wheel, driven wheel and belt which is tightly sheathed on two wheels.Work principle: the use of intermediate flexible parts (belts), by friction (or meshing) between the main and driven shafts to transfer rotational motion and power.Composition: synchronous belt (synchronous toothed belt) is made of steel wire as tensile material and polyurethane or rubber is wrapped.
Q:Combine transmission stepless speed changer with chattering
Stepless speed change belt, in the case of idle speed, because the line speed is low, there will be trembling. When the machine is working properly, the belt speed should rise smoothly. If the belt is still jumping during normal operation, it is possible that the two belt centers are not opposite, resulting in uneven belt tension
Q:Scooter belt, how long will it take for a?
Generally not too good to confirm how long depends on the wear and tear of the situation. Of course, regular change is good for the car, should be in the more than 20000 km!
Q:What's the beginning of the transmission belt model "B"?
The workpiece is placed on the conveyor belt by horizontal right friction force f= Mu mg by Newton's second law
Q:How are belts, belts, and V belts produced? What process and equipment do they need?
The general large-scale enterprises such as gates, east. Osaka East, ah, these are their own core line. Because this is the core technology, the surface will be processed in order to achieve security technology, bonding and the requirements of the strength, of course, is also a lot of material, such as green ribbon, now most popular Kay side pull (Dudu bulletproof material), and then glued on top of a layer of glue (topcross and complex film) then in accordance with the technical requirements into different width such as A type B type C type and the like, of course I said is general V. The long belt doesn't do that. Then cut to the next step. Chamfer. Then cloth bags. Wrapping cloth is also a kind of cloth that covers rubber. It is wrapped in outer layer. But it must be cut out according to the requirements of foot village. Wrap it on top of the wrapping machine, and then the vulcanizing, vulcanizing, and finally the finished product. I'll steam it. Vulcanizing with a vulcanizing pot, you know what Baidu is. Adhere to the label when vulcanizing.
Q:Classification of industrial belts? FiveI hope you can point out in detail
Industrial belt has industrial transmission belt, automobile transmission belt and conveyor belt three broad categories. The first two belong to the driving belt. The drive belt for belt transmission of mechanical power, including the power transmission belt and the triangle belt drive (V belt).
Q:What is belt drive? What are the types and characteristics of belt drives?
The utility model has the advantages of smooth operation, small noise and small vibration, and the requirements of manufacturing and installation accuracy are not highDisadvantages: because the elastic and frictional force on the drive, so the existence of elastic sliding between the belt and the belt wheel, does not guarantee the accuracy of the transmission ratio; because of the existence of elastic sliding drive, part of power consumption, lower transmission efficiency; short service life; compared with the meshing transmission, tension and pressure on the shaft axis is large, easily damaged; not suitable for high temperature, flammable, explosive, greasy places.

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