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1. EP conveyor belt, steel cord belt, HR conveyor belt,chevron belt,etc
2. thickness: 3mm to 50mm .
3.width: 300mm to 2.2m

We can provide a huge gamut of superlative industrial conveyor belts that are used in varied applications with DIN22102.

Width : 400 mm to 2600 mm.

Length : Open or endless.

Plies : 2 to 7 Plies.

Cover Thickness : 0mm to 12 mm ,we could offer the conveyor belt have no top cover and upper cover.

Tensile Strength : 8 to 24 MPA.

Types of Synthetic Carcass : General Duty (GD), Extra Duty (ED) & Heavy Duty (HD).

Edges : Cut edges or molded.

Fabric : EP,NN,CC,TC.

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Q:What are the belt drive types and features?
A: the belt drive is composed of a belt pulley (driven wheel) fixed on the driving shaft, a pulley (driven by a driven wheel) fixed on the driven shaft and a belt which is tightly sheathed on the wheel
Q:The greater the wrapping angle of the small belt pulley, the circumferential force with the drive
A - wrap angle on belt pulley, alpha =min (a_1, alpha _2), rad. A_1 = 180^ ~ - (d_d2-d_d1) 57.5^ = 180^ + a_2 ~ /a ~ 57.5^ ~ /a (d_d2-d_d1) d_d1 and d_d2 respectively, a small pulley and pulley datum diameter. For the V belt, the reference diameter is the sheave width, and the width is equal to the diameter of the band width b_p. From the upper model, the minimum initial tension directly determines the magnitude of the critical friction force. It is also noted that increasing the friction coefficient (or equivalent friction coefficient) and the pack angle of the pulley can increase the critical frictional force, thereby minimizing the minimum Flali (F_0) _min value.
Q:About 45000 kilometers of car mileage, is it necessary to replace the engine belt?
Generally, 4S, etc. when you reach a certain number of kilometers, you will have to replace it to make sure the treasure is safe and unnecessary trouble
Q:What is the phenomenon of belt drives for bicycles?
The belt of the inner tooth is the same as the chain drive; the rider feels smoother; the belt friction after raining; the possibility of using a long broken belt.
Q:What are the types of commonly used drives? Try to describe their respective characteristics and Applications
The driving belt is the power that rotates the motor or the engine of the prime mover, and is transmitted by belt to the mechanical equipment through the pulley, so it is also called the power belt.
Q:What are the five failure modes of gear wheel drive?
The most important part of gear is the gear tooth. There are four main forms of its failure: tooth break, tooth surface wear, tooth surface pitting and scuffing of tooth surface1. broken teethBecause the stress on the tooth root is the greatest, and there is stress concentration, therefore, the fracture of the gear tooth usually occurs at the root of the toothIf the tooth unilateral work, root bending stress is tensile, the other side is compressed, the tooth is disengaged, the bending stress is zero. Therefore, in the repeated load, the bending stress exceeds the bending endurance limit, the root part will cause fatigue cracks. The crack gradually expand, will eventually cause the broken broken teeth, known as fatigue fracture.The sudden fracture of the gear due to short time overload or impact overload is called overload breaking. This kind of gear is easily broken by gears made of brittle materials such as hardened steel or cast iron
Q:What's the reason that the heat shrink packaging machine does not turn the belt?
Ask your seller or manufacturer! Shandong Chong Jie in this regard to do very well, after-sales service is in place.
Q:Is the belt of the engine also called timing belt?
2, ordinary belt: ordinary, is used to pass the engine mechanical power, such as generator belt, water pump belt, booster pump belt. The power of the engine is transmitted to the corresponding components.
Q:What is the stress distribution in belt drive? Detailed
Due to the tension of the initial tension sleeve on the two pulleys, the positive pressure on the contact surface of the belt and the pulley is under the action of the utility model. The tension on both sides of the belt is equal when not working.
Q:Type of transmission belt? Pictures? And the characteristics of each kind of belt?
The varieties of the belt are classified as follows: 1. flat belts. The flat belt is one of the oldest varieties of transmission belt. It has more than 100 years of history, but it still accounts for about half of the market share in the transmission belt until the middle of twentieth Century. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient transmission, no limit of distance, easy adjustment and replacement, etc., and is widely used in various industrial and agricultural machinery. Flat belt width is generally 16-600mm, the length of the maximum up to 100 ~ 200m, the number of layers is 6, the most common for the canvas belt, divided into cladding, stacked and stacked three. Laminated tape (also known as the cladding with round edge band) improved products, with soft, elastic, durable advantages such as flexible, suitable for use in small round and above 20m/s fast transmission device. The folded belt is between the two, and is easy to wear at the edges

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