Gear shaft OEM hobbing,shaving,grinding for machine OEM

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10000 set/month

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Steel,as requirements



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Zhejiang China (Mainland)

technology of material:


technology of machining:





is acceptable

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Packaging Detail:packed in carton
Delivery Detail:70days


1.produce as drawings
2.material will be as requirements
3.strictly quality control
4.OEM is acceptable

Products information:


1. suitable for many sorts of transmission system, such as agriculture tractor, wind power, truck and other industry zone.

2. material and precision can be as requirements.

3. we have complete gear machining equipments: gear hobbing machine, shaving machine, gear shaper, gear grinding machine, and our own heat treatment center. all of the production procedure are strictly controlled by ourselves, no cooperation procession, so we can sure the final products to meet your requirements.

4.each processing, strictly quality control

5.certificate: ISO9001, ISO/TS16949












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Q:Where is the axle ring in the car?
Sensors, wiring, or on-board computer itself will be bright fault lights, it is recommended that the repairman to use professional maintenance computer to read the fault code, to confirm what is the fault, and avoid wasting money!
Q:What is the number of teeth of the planetary gear, the sun gear, and the inner ring?
In addition to being able to rotate around its own axis of rotation (B-B), such as a fixed axis gear, the planetary gear rotates with the blue support (known as the planet gear) around the axis of the other gear (A-A). The rotation around one's axis is called rotation, and the rotation of the other axis of the gear is called revolution, hence the name of the planet in the solar system.
Q:The role of automobile gear ring
Hello, dear! Adjacent stall conversion, we should take different steps of the same principle applies to mobile gear shift, the question is the former joint engagement ring gear and sets the rotational speed requirements, and the latter to engage a gear meshing point line speed requirements, but the speed of analysis is based on the principle of the same.
Q:About diesel electromechanical starter flywheel gear ring and flywheel
When the gear ring is cooled, the gear ring fits firmly with the flywheel. It seems that the quenching of the gear ring is also in progress at the same time. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:The roller is assembled by a certain number of rollers and roller racks, and the rollers roll on the tooth surface of the rack when engaged
Based on the above structure, the product has the following characteristics:1, zero backlash: when the roller and rack (gear ring) meshing, you can achieve zero backlash, you can apply pre pressure, thereby greatly improving the repeatability of positioning accuracy and transmission accuracy.2, high precision: its transmission accuracy can reach + 0.02mm, repeated positioning accuracy up to + 0.01mm, corner accuracy can reach + 50 seconds. Approach lead precision.3 、 low noise and low vibration.
Q:What is the function of the toothed ring clamp in the die?
A V - shaped rib around a certain distance from the workpiece contour. The action of the ring clamp is to prevent the metal sheet other than the shear zone and into the shear zone during the blanking,
Q:Why a screw worm gear ring interference fit to cast iron core wheel side bias
The drill can tilt to the side of the crown, in order to reduce or avoid this happening so the hole center bias cast iron wheel core side.
Q:Flywheel ring gear with 167 teeth with several teeth motor
This can not be randomly selected, choose one of the teeth are seriously affected motor use, may burn
Q:Does the flywheel ring gear and the starting machine affect the vehicle?
Both sides of the gear ring have serious wear or tooth damage, and the repair can be repaired by surfacing when the replacement repair does not meet the requirement.Repair of flywheel working faceThe working surface of the flywheel or groove. The wear depth is more than 0.5mm, should be light grinding or after finishing mill. The thickness of the flywheel shall be no less than the new flywheel thickness 2mm after processing. The wave depth is no more than 0.5mm, allowing the existence of no more than two annular grooves, and deburring shall be eliminated.
Q:Gear ring chamferingIt is troublesome to reverse the angle of the end face when machining the gear ring
I used here is Tianjin Jingcheng NC chamfering machine YH9332F, YH9340G and YH9332H (reversed angle symmetry angle and bevel angle and arc angle), each class (7-8 hours) of processed products in 200-400 (depending on the product structure and gear parameters etc.),

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