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EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt,Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt

Various product includes: EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt, High temperature resistant conveyor belt, Chevron conveyor belt, Cold resistant conveyor belt, Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt, Banded v belt, Agricultural v belt, Motor v belt, Variable speed v belt, etc. Customized service can be offered any time.

Sales capability: Over $60million annually
Testing capability: Our technical labs have always been upgrading for testing the physical, chemical, and component properties of materials and finished product.
Primary exporting market: U.S., Canada, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Mid-east, and Russia, etc
Maintenance and warranty service offered.

Survive on Quality, Benefit from Management, Develop by High-tech.

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Q:What is belt drive? What are the types and characteristics of belt drives?
A: the belt drive is composed of a belt pulley (driven wheel) fixed on the driving shaft, a pulley (driven by a driven wheel) fixed on the driven shaft and a belt which is tightly sheathed on the wheelThe type of belt drive:The common driving types are flat belt drive, V belt drive, multi wedge belt drive and synchronous belt driveFlat belt transmission is the simplest structure in belt drive, which is suitable for the condition that the center distance is large, but it is not suitable for high speed transmission
Q:What are the types of commonly used drives? Try to describe their respective characteristics and Applications
The driving belt is the power that rotates the motor or the engine of the prime mover, and is transmitted by belt to the mechanical equipment through the pulley, so it is also called the power belt.
Q:Drive a women's motorcycle is bad, can be repaired or replaced, how much is the price
All right. It's new. If you go to the manufacturer, there are 15 to 150 yuan, but look at the model of your car, for example
Q:How to change the belt of washing machine
Don't know your washing machine is automatic or semi-automatic washing machine, to change the transmission belt to put over the inverted washing machine, the bottom cover is opened, can see the motor and drive belt washing machine, you can loosen the screws for fixing motor belt, belt to change the belt tension. The motor is fixed on the screw screwed into.
Q:What is the difference between the elastic slip and the slip phenomenon of belt drives?
Elastic slip of bandThe drive belt is an elastic body, the tension will produce elastic deformation due to the tight side and slack side tension, the elastic deformation is also different. As shown in Figure 7-12, when the edge points in the a around the driving wheel, the pulling force of the F 1, with the line speed of V and the circumference of the driving wheel the speed of v 1 phase. In the driving wheel and the belt from a to B during the movement, with the tension reduced by F 1 to F 2, the elastic elongation decreases as the delta delta 1 by 2
Q:What about the stones in the engine belt?
Produce abnormal sound, you can remove the belt, clean up the sand, try not to change the belt
Q:How are the belts and chafing dish tables constructed?
Swing a device between a long table or a misshapen table, just like a conveyor belt
Q:How do you calculate the torque of the belt?The structure of the design is shown in the figure,
RT structure: the motor drives the shaft to rotateWhat is the power of the required motor?
Q:Is the belt of the engine also called timing belt?
There are two kinds of belts on the engine:1 timing belt: the crankshaft timing belt pulley and camshaft timing pulley used to connect the engine are toothed;
Q:Synchronous belt drive principleWill tell, urgently!
The line speed of transmission can reach 50m/s, the transmission ratio can reach 10, and the efficiency can reach 98%. Transmission noise ratio belt drive, chain drive and gear drive is small, good wear resistance, no oil lubrication, longer life than the friction belt. The main disadvantage is that the requirements of manufacturing and installation are higher, and the requirement of center distance is strict. Therefore, the synchronous belt is widely used in the middle and small power transmission with accurate drive ratio.

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