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EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt,Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt

Various product includes: EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt, High temperature resistant conveyor belt, Chevron conveyor belt, Cold resistant conveyor belt, Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt, Banded v belt, Agricultural v belt, Motor v belt, Variable speed v belt, etc. Customized service can be offered any time.

Sales capability: Over $60million annually
Testing capability: Our technical labs have always been upgrading for testing the physical, chemical, and component properties of materials and finished product.
Primary exporting market: U.S., Canada, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Mid-east, and Russia, etc
Maintenance and warranty service offered.

Survive on Quality, Benefit from Management, Develop by High-tech.

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Q:What are the five failure modes of gear wheel drive?
The most important part of gear is the gear tooth. There are four main forms of its failure: tooth break, tooth surface wear, tooth surface pitting and scuffing of tooth surface1. broken teethBecause the stress on the tooth root is the greatest, and there is stress concentration, therefore, the fracture of the gear tooth usually occurs at the root of the toothIf the tooth unilateral work, root bending stress is tensile, the other side is compressed, the tooth is disengaged, the bending stress is zero. Therefore, in the repeated load, the bending stress exceeds the bending endurance limit, the root part will cause fatigue cracks. The crack gradually expand, will eventually cause the broken broken teeth, known as fatigue fracture.The sudden fracture of the gear due to short time overload or impact overload is called overload breaking. This kind of gear is easily broken by gears made of brittle materials such as hardened steel or cast iron
Q:What are the failure modes of belt drives?
The failure modes of the belt drive are as follows:The fatigue fracture belt: the stress on the cross section of any belt with the belt running and cycling. When the stress cycle reached a certain number, that is, after running for a certain period of time, the belt appeared in the local fatigue crack delamination, and then appeared loose or even fracture, resulting in fatigue damage, loss of transmission capacity.
Q:How can the super high speed belt be that big?
6000 turns are full of equipmentEven if the belt is only 0.2 meters wide, but 30000 turns,
Q:How do you calculate the torque of the belt?The structure of the design is shown in the figure,
RT structure: the motor drives the shaft to rotateWhat is the power of the required motor?
Q:Why is the belt tight at the bottom and the chain drive tight?
Belt drive, tight side at the bottom, in the upper part of the loose side will be slightly drooping due to weight, increase the small package angle, the greater the angle of the package, the better the transmissionThe chain is loose and the side of the chain is loose. If the edge is loose and the sagging margin increases, the chain will be stuck with the sprocket
Q:About speed on the belt
The speed of known objects and the speed of the belt are all referenced by the earth
Q:What is the stress distribution in belt drive? Detailed
The maximum stress in the tension side is screwed into the small pulley at the reason: belt drive belt stress consists of three parts and 1. tensile stress 2. centrifugal tensile stress of 3. bending stress to tensile stress, tight side tension than the loose side, so tight pulling stress boundary than for centrifugal pine; the tensile stress is equal everywhere; for bending stress, small round of small diameter, bending degree, so the small pulley belt on the bending stress ratio on the big pulley. To sum up, the maximum stress in the tension side is screwed into the small pulley at.
Q:Is the belt of the engine also called timing belt?
The engine belt is the engine belt and is different from the timing belt!
Q:I bought a new treadmill and I don't know why there are so many black patches behind it
There may be a relationship with the rotation of the factory running, some not polished corners
Q:What is belt drive? What are the types and characteristics of belt drives?
The utility model has the advantages of smooth operation, small noise and small vibration, and the requirements of manufacturing and installation accuracy are not highDisadvantages: because the elastic and frictional force on the drive, so the existence of elastic sliding between the belt and the belt wheel, does not guarantee the accuracy of the transmission ratio; because of the existence of elastic sliding drive, part of power consumption, lower transmission efficiency; short service life; compared with the meshing transmission, tension and pressure on the shaft axis is large, easily damaged; not suitable for high temperature, flammable, explosive, greasy places.

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