Conveyor Belt 2014

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Conveyor Belt:
1) Profession manufacturer;
2) Types:NN, EP, COTTON Conveyor belt, Chevron Conveyor belt, Heast resisitant belt


1) Fabric: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester

2) Width: 200mm-1800mm

3) Thickness: 4mm-20mm

4) T/S: 8Mpa-24Mpa

USAGE: mining, metallurgical industry and architectural industry, ports etc.

PACKAGE:  Polybag;

DELIVERY: 30days

Any enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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Q:What are the failure modes of belt drives?
The failure modes of the belt drive are as follows:The fatigue fracture belt: the stress on the cross section of any belt with the belt running and cycling. When the stress cycle reached a certain number, that is, after running for a certain period of time, the belt appeared in the local fatigue crack delamination, and then appeared loose or even fracture, resulting in fatigue damage, loss of transmission capacity.
Q:Type of transmission belt? Pictures? And the characteristics of each kind of belt?
As the flat belt drive efficiency is low (usually about 85%), and occupies a larger area, therefore, from 1960s, the world's output has dropped year by year. At present, in developed countries, in addition to some agricultural machinery and textile machinery is still a small amount of use, has been in a state of being eliminated. On the other hand, in this period, the non - joint and hot - junction ring made of chemical fiber canvas and cord fabric became a great progress all over the world. With high strength, low noise, stable transmission, smooth transportation, flex, long life and no joint features such as, using the field continues to expand, and in the micro belt formed in the mainstream. 2. triangle belt: (1) narrow and wide v-belt. (2) small angle and big horn triangle belt. (3) flexible and punched v-belt. Triangle belt, also known as V belt, is the largest output belt, the most varieties and the most widely used products. Since 1917, the first American made car fan belt, after the early 20s began to spread to the agriculture machinery, more than half a century of development is very rapid, has become the mainstream of the drive belt. In the world's transmission belt, from the rubber consumption point of view, the triangle belt has now accounted for 65%, the tooth belt is 25%, flat belt has been reduced to less than 10%. At present, V-belt has become the main equipment of power transmission and speed change in various mechanical devices in the world. It plays a more and more important role in the fields of agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobiles, ships, office equipment and so on.
Q:Hoist belt and pulley design?
Most of the V pulleys used in engineering are made of gray cast iron. When the belt speed is relatively high, the cast steel or steel welded structure can be adopted. If you need to transfer power is relatively small, you can use aluminum alloy or plastic belt pulley.Hoist belt wheel has three parts, wheel hub and spoke, because the spoke structure is a belt wheel, and can be divided into four types: with datum diameter less than or equal to 2.5-3 and less than or equal to the diameter of solid base plate, a 300 mm hole plate and spoke.
Q:Why is the belt tight at the bottom and the chain drive tight?
In fact, the "tight side of the belt is at the bottom, and the chain is on the tight side". This is not absolute, it depends on the application.General situation:Belt drive, tight side at bottom. On the upper side of the slack, it will sag slightly due to the weight, and increase the angle of the small package. The greater the angle of the package, the better the transmission.Chain drive, slack at the bottom. If the loose edge is loose, the chain will be stuck with the chain wheel.But whether the belt drive or chain drive, the tight side is the speed of the driving wheel in the reverse direction of the belt or chain.
Q:About speed on the belt
The speed of known objects and the speed of the belt are all referenced by the earth
Q:What are the main failure modes of belt drives?
There are 2 main types: skidding and fatigue failureSkid: generally, when the force of transmission is greater than the sum of the friction between pulleys, overload, skid, transmission failure will occur.Fatigue failure: the belt cracks under the repeated action of stress, delamination, loosening, and fracture.
Q:Polyurethane PU drive belt, how to weld round belt?
The simplest place to put on the lighter, heating, melting immediately after docking
Q:What about the stones in the engine belt?
It is impossible to put a stone into a belt, and it is possible to enter the sand. It will deform the belt and make the contact surface uneven
Q:How are belts, belts, and V belts produced? What process and equipment do they need?
The general large-scale enterprises such as gates, east. Osaka East, ah, these are their own core line. Because this is the core technology, the surface will be processed in order to achieve security technology, bonding and the requirements of the strength, of course, is also a lot of material, such as green ribbon, now most popular Kay side pull (Dudu bulletproof material), and then glued on top of a layer of glue (topcross and complex film) then in accordance with the technical requirements into different width such as A type B type C type and the like, of course I said is general V. The long belt doesn't do that. Then cut to the next step. Chamfer. Then cloth bags. Wrapping cloth is also a kind of cloth that covers rubber. It is wrapped in outer layer. But it must be cut out according to the requirements of foot village. Wrap it on top of the wrapping machine, and then the vulcanizing, vulcanizing, and finally the finished product. I'll steam it. Vulcanizing with a vulcanizing pot, you know what Baidu is. Adhere to the label when vulcanizing.
Q:What is belt drive? What are the types and characteristics of belt drives?
The utility model has the advantages of smooth operation, small noise and small vibration, and the requirements of manufacturing and installation accuracy are not highDisadvantages: because the elastic and frictional force on the drive, so the existence of elastic sliding between the belt and the belt wheel, does not guarantee the accuracy of the transmission ratio; because of the existence of elastic sliding drive, part of power consumption, lower transmission efficiency; short service life; compared with the meshing transmission, tension and pressure on the shaft axis is large, easily damaged; not suitable for high temperature, flammable, explosive, greasy places.

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