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2013 robot cleaner/ robot vacuum cleaner / robotic cleaner CE,ROHS,EMC,LVD.

2013hot selling robotic vacuum cleaner with thinbody and lower noise  krv206

Popular Design,thinbody,double side brush, Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Auto Vacuum Cleaner Robot vacuum Cleaner,double brush,MOP function, Lower Noise


Robotic Vacuum Features: 

  Selling Points:

Top 1

the lowest robot cleaner; Super thin, the totally thinkness is 8.2CM; super thinbot;


Large Dustbin, 320ML;


Agitator( double main brush) 


Enough big dust box 

Top 5

Schudule funtion and It walks in straight line, and then in a zig-zag way


3in one : sweeping +suctioning + mopping 


 Novel and unique design 

Top 8

The cleaning robot can free itself when it is got stuck by the bottoms of the furniture and by other articles.

Top 9

The function of clean along the wall can guarantee the efficiency of the whole room cleaning.

Top 10

It is hot selling in TV Channel of China 

Top 11

Lowest noise, the operating noise is not more than 65 dB, which is significantly lower than the transitionally cleaners.

 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for House/High QualityRobot Vacuum Cleaner for House/High Quality

 After sales service: of robot vacuum cleaner:

A. we send 1% spare parts for you with the goods you have ordered;

B. warranty:1 years;

C.  We are according to the order quantity offer unit machine 


1.what is the voltage pressure?



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Q:Best Vacuum/steam cleaner?
The for $219 (shipping included.) The Eureka was $148 at Sears'.
Q:Which one carries higher electrical current? Which one has a higher electrical resistance?
The vacuum cleaner's current is largely drawn by its vacuum motor/s. Some cleaners use another motor in order to drive a brush in the cleaning head. Could this extra motor be the cause of the added current in some cleaners?
Q:Vacuum cleaners...When it comes to maintaining suction, being leight weight, and low noise level, ...?
My all time favorite was a canister type called Rainbow. It used water for the filter and far surpassed all other brands. I could pick up water too which was great for an emergency spot cleaning. The filter was reasonable ;-) and it's design far superior as no contaminants were redeposited in the air like others. I like bissel and eurika and any unit that has a good hose for reaching along the baseboards and drapes, good filtration and maneuverability.
Q:my parakeet tweety doesn't like baths why?
I have had several parakeets and can tell u from experience some parakeets will bathe daily or even several times a day while others will only bathe once a week whether they think they need it or not. My females bathed daily but one male I had only took bathe once a week and sometimes not even then. Try getting a misting bottle and use luke warm water and mist her lightly while she's in her cage, she'll have a fit 1st couple of times but will tolerate it even if she never gets to liking it or else just let her bathe at her choosing.
Q:How do Dyson vacuum cleaners actually maintain their suction while others do not?
I bought this thing because of their exceptional advertising. I hated this ridiculously expensive vacuum so much that after 3 months, I went out and bought a Kenmore for less than $100. This vacuum works 100% better and the chord has a button and retracts into the machine. I love it and am getting rid of the Dyson. *** I wouldn't buy it.
Q:Can a canister vacuum cleaner hepa filter be washed?
I have been servicing and repairing vacuum cleaners for about 10 years now so I see a lot of filters. In my opinion even the filters that can be washed really shouldn't be unless they are a foam type material. Basically the washing doesn't really get the dirt out, what you have to consider is that the pores of the filter are super small to be able to trap particles as small as pollen and smoke and water doesn't flow well through holes this small. Also as the vacuum is running it is actually trying to pull air through the filter so the dust gets pulled in really hard and effectively gets stuck. Your vacuum will last longer by replacing the filter as it will cool the motor more effectively so while there is a cost in buying a new filter it extends the life of your vacuum hence saving you money in the long term. Hope this helps! :)
Q:which Vacuum cleaners?
shark navigator. runs approx. 199.00 at bed bath beyond. i have 4 rescue long hair cats and it does one super job. hope this helps. my dyson doesn't do as well at all. you can also check OKorder for one.
Q:Have the amount of murders by strangulation using a vacuum cleaner power cable decreased since the invention of cordless cleaners?
never crossed my mind
Q:Is your baby scared of the vacuum cleaner?
My baby that's 10 months already loves the vacuum. He's loved it since day 1. He chases it around the room when I'm vacuuming. But I think it's because when I was pregnant I had ocd or something cause I would vacuum like 3 times a day and he heard it when he was in my womb all the time. But I know the perfect gift to buy him for his year birthday, a play vacuum. LOL
Q:What makes vacuum cleaners work?

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