Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price

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Fiberglass can be laminated from the epoxy resin, crafted into glass-reinforced plastic structures, glass wool, or chopped strand mats of randomly arranged short fibers.

Specifications : 




Acid value   mgKOH/g    


 Viscosity   25℃,Pa·s  


Gel time   25℃,min 


Solid content   



 Application :

Medium viscosity, good mechanical properties with excellent water resistance, cost effective.

Best choice for pultrusion process to produce water resistant pultruded FRP products

 Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price

Features :

Good balance of chemical resistance, solubility, film strength and thermoplasticity;

FDA approved for food contact applications;

 Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price

Package&Storage : 

Package:200kg or 18kg clean and dry iron drum;

Safety suggestion:Accelerator and curing agent must be separated during the storage and transportation

Skin and eyes should be avoided to contact with resin, and necessary protective equipment and clothing should be worn, prohibit strictly pour into the water. For details

 Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price


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15days after receiving the deposit

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We are factory,and we have more than 10 years of experience.


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Q:What is the difference between solid wood furniture and resin furniture?
Formaldehyde is not emitted by the furniture itself. Furniture wood, in addition to solid wood, there are the following: 1. plate furniture. The main parts of the furniture are made of artificial board, plywood, particleboard, blockboard, MDF and so on. The characteristics of furniture is: new color, smooth surface, bright color, wood clear and deformation, cracking, warping, mothproof, moisture and other advantages, is the mainstream of today's furniture market, but also for the disassembly structure. In fact, the plate is quite good, modern style is more suitable for plate type, and as for formaldehyde problems can be removed through some means. 2. curved wood furniture. Is the use of wood veneer parts by gluing membrane pressure and bent, the product line is relatively smooth and beautiful appearance, comfortable sitting elasticity. This kind of furniture is quite popular in foreign countries, and it is being developed constantly. In our country, this kind of furniture has been produced and put on the market in recent years. 3. polyurethane foam furniture. They are mainly used in the shell of sofas and chairs. They are light in weight and easy to process. In recent years, they have also been used in the decorative part of the borders of beds and cabinets. 4. glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture. It is made of glass cloth and epoxy resin by mold processing, stripping and forming, and the processing technology is more complicated. All I know is these. I hope I can help you
Q:How do you make resin powder?
Matting resin, polyvinyl chloride, PVC resin powderFeatures: it has a unique extinction performance, but still remains light after repeated processing.Uses: Matt hard products, frosted sheet, Matt sheet, calendering sheet, calendering film, blown film. Artificial leather, hard board, sub template, automobile coating, cable coat, wire sheath, hose, cosmetic box, Christmas leaf, plastic shoes and container, etc.. Matt resin is a kind of special material for processing low gloss PVC and other products. It can be widely used in deep processing products such as insulated cables, wires, telephone wires, speakers, wires, matting films, door and window seals, instrument panels, etc..
Q:What is the nature of the resin? What are they?
Resins are normally considered as normal metabolites or secretions of plant tissues, often in the ducts of ducts or ducts, especially in the heartwood of perennial woody plants, in combination with volatile oils.
Q:Is the plastic thermosetting or thermoplastic?
Thermosetting resin: a resin that is chemically cured when heated. This reaction is irreversible and can not be softened by reheating and carbonization when the temperature is too high
Q:Resin buttons, wool, plates and bars what is the difference between the price, which is more expensive, what are their respective characteristics?
Because the plate is washed into a cylindrical, like drawing on a white paper round, round between the circle there is a gap, this gap is the charge. This bar no trouble, although he also has what we call the head, but the cost is not expected to be too much
Q:What is resin? What's it for?
Natural resin is a very high value of physiotherapy, but very difficult to use it, because they are very thick and sticky. So in aromatherapy, we will use solvent or alcohol to natural resin processed into the liquid resin can be used.The resin can not only protect and closed their wounds, and many other magical. Such as spices, used as medicine and processing of resin paint and so on. In medicine is a treasure, it can reconcile the five internal organs, the belly of the disease. Remove the root, leaf and fruit of Liquidambar tree can also be used as medicine, can pass through the wind. Arm.
Q:Construction technology of wear-resisting paint ground (epoxy resin) Does anyone know?
First, the ground leveling and dust removal, construction, grass-roots level should be smooth, rough, clear floating dust, old coating, etc., to reach more than C25 intensity, and for water treatment, no water, clean, dense. It shall not be loose soil, loose particle, gypsum board, coating, plastic, vinyl ester, epoxy resin, and adhesive such as adhesive residue, oil pollution, paraffin, curing agent and greasy substance.
Q:What's the reason for the aging of epoxy resin?
1, oxidation, sudden leakage of air, oxygen, ozone and other chemical oxidation of oxidation, resulting in the bond breaking2. Light and heat affect the rupture of epoxy resin under light irradiation or heat3, the role of chemical substances, other chemical substances, the occurrence of key breaking4, the influence of other factors
Q:How many kinds of resin are there? What kind of resin does SHVC contain in REACH, PP, PVC, ABS, POM and PE rubber all belong to resin?
These are called resins, and the earliest are natural resins, such as insect oil, rosin and so on.
Q:What kind of structural adhesive tiles? Epoxy resin structural adhesive (AB) or other?
Hello, you can use HY-127 structure glue, you can, this glue is a single component, and their glue and so on.

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