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Product Description:


Property of Resin


• Can be weather resistant when UV inhibitor added.


• Can be fire-retardant when fillers added.


• Lloyd's Registered.


• Complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2420 when properly formulated and cured, for repeated use in food contact materials.


Application of Resin 


• FRP boats, such as fishing boat, marine/yacht, life boat, etc.


• Tanks, pipes and various glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic products.


• Can be used in filament winding, pultrusion, spray-up and hand lay-up process.



 Packing & Storage of Resin


• The product should be packed into clean, dry, safe and sealed container, net weight 220 Kg.


• Shelf life: six months below 25℃, stored in cool and well ventilated place.



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Q:The difference between resin sheet and glass sheet
Advantage:1. light weight.2. is not easy to break: if the lens is broken, not only fragments less, and less sharp, can make the eye and facial injuries to a minimum, this is the market marked "safe lenses" the main reason.3., it can be dyed: the resin lens is easy to dye, and can be appropriately matched with the clothes and fashion.4. can block ultraviolet rays: almost completely block ultraviolet wavelengths below 350mm, the effect is far better than glass lenses.5., strong anti fogging: because of the thermal conductivity of resin lens is lower than glass, it is difficult to produce vague and unknown phenomena due to steam and hot water, even if it is blurred, it will soon fade.
Q:Is the degree of crosslinking equal to the degree of curing in the process of resin curing?
The thermosetting polymer system, the curing reaction degree of crosslinking after cross-linking point between the polymer chain length (i.e. crosslink density) data, curing system and material selection in the design, selection and preparation of curing conditions after performance thermosetting materials are closely related. In order to get the best performance of thermosetting polymer materials the selection process of thermosetting polymer material of the optimum reaction degree of cross-linking degree and curing need. It can be said that is consistent with both reflect.
Q:What's the meaning of "no left longitudinal resin bolt"? What's the meaning of the anchor bar without longitudinal bar?
It is different from the construction of thread steel, left no longitudinal reinforcement resin anchor, no longitudinal outside diameter, longitudinal reinforcement.
Q:What is the resin in the water purifier?
Water purification machine is the use of ion exchange resin, it is to soften the water quality, can be in the water of calcium and magnesium plasma only replaced, so that water quality softening.
Q:What are the types of chelating resins? What are the exchanged metal ions for each? The more detailed, the better. Which chelating resin is best for lead ion adsorption?
The strong acid cation exchange resin with sulfonic acid groups in the polymer matrix on the structure of crosslinked styrene copolymerization (-SO3H) ion exchange resin in alkaline, neutral, or even acidic medium are shown. This product has the function of ion exchange exchange characteristics of high capacity, fast switching speed, good mechanical strength. The products of the original brand 732#. mainly used for water softening, preparation of pure water, hydrometallurgy, separation of rare elements, antibiotics extraction.
Q:What is the principle of exchange of sodium ion resin?
When the sodium ion exchange resin fails, the regeneration process is carried out to restore its exchange capacity. Regeneration agent for cheap goods (the salt solution can be adapted to local conditions, local materials, such as water or waste liquid can also be NaNO3), following the regeneration process of reaction:R2Ca+2NaCl==2RNa+CaCl2R2Mg+2NaCl==2RNa+MgCl2By the above treatment, the resin can restore the original exchange performance.
Q:Main component of resin?
A method for the determination of total balsam acid in resins. Add appropriate amount of alcohol reflux extraction solution of potassium hydroxide, impurity liquid solvents, acidified with ether and other organic solvents to extract total balsamic acid, then the total balsamic acid dissolved in alkali solution, acidified with organic solvent extraction of total balsamic acid, after removal of the solvent in N/10 NaOH solution titration, total balsamic acid 100 content from alkali consumption (with cinnamic acid calculation, each M1 is equivalent to 0.01482g total balsamic acid).
Q:What is resin? Where did it come from?
In order to extract the resin, it is also necessary to cut a knife in the bark, and gently cut a rotating down the pipe, known as resin road, so that after the flow of resin, along the resin road flow, until the drop to the collection. If the bark is too hard, alcohol may be used, such as methanol and ethanol. The fibers of the bark are softened or dissolved before they are collected. When the resin is dripped, it will react with air, which will harden gradually to form solid. The resin is easy to harden properties, it has been used in latex paint and adhesive.
Q:What is resin synthetic leather?
Resin synthetic leather (synthetic leather) is divided into several categories according to its composition:The first is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the products of which are combustion, water, carbon dioxide and chlorine compounds, and even chlorine;The second is PE (polyethylene), which, when fully burned, theoretically produces only water and carbon dioxide;Third, and most commonly known, PU leather (polyurethane) whose products are fully burned include water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and a small amount of nitrogen containing compounds.
Q:What's good about the toilet lid?
Acrylic cover plate:On the market most toilet cover plate for acrylic cover, the advantage is that it is resistant to moisture, acid, long life, long service life, bright colors, easy maintenance, clean and simple, and use soap or soft cloth to scrub.
The company has operated a factory producing resin in Wuxi city at its beginning. It developed into the biggest epoxy resin producer in the nation in the early 1980s. It developed the oil refining sector and formed the product pattern of oil products first and chemical products second, which was renamed as Wuxi Petroleum Chemical Factory in the late 1990s. It became a China National BlurStar member company in 1997 under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

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