Resilient seated double eccentric butterfly valve

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Product Description:

1.Technical Date:

Size: DN100-DN4000

Nominal Pressure: PN10/PN16

Operation Temperature: -10°C~150°C

Suitable Medium: Water,Sewage,Seawater,Gas,Food,Oils,etc.

2. Standard

Design Standard: GB/T 12238-2008

Structural Length: GB/T 12221-2005

Top Flange dimensions: ISO5211

Face to face dimensions: GB9112,DIN2501,BS4504,ISO2084,ANSI125

Type of connection: Flange Type


Product adopts double eccentric structure, the disc sealing ring at the instant of the opening and closing should quickly out of the seat, which can effectively avoid the valve opening and closing process, the seat of the valve plate interference and friction, extend the life of the seal ring. The valve plate adopts the structure light truss over current or pressure on the pressure surface streamline structure design, wide open, the seat effective circulation channel cross-sectional area is big, can greatly reduce the flow resistance of butterfly valve, at the same time guarantee the overall structural strength.

Copper brass seat is surfacing on the valve body, ensuring that no leakage in use. Copper seat smooth level off, solid, corrosion resistance is strong, coaxial degree is high, low surface roughness, cooperate with the seal of the valve plate seal.

Valve shaft adopts two stages, increases the flow area of the flow channel, the valve stem is not easy to hang for sundry, valve spindle insert valve body, valve plate length not less than 1.5 times the diameter of axle, the shaft end due and axial positioning, prevent the butterfly plate used in industrial and mining conditions in axial string.

Butterfly plate and the valve shaft connected with 1:50 taper pin, and seal the pin with a ring, to ensure the stability of the pin connection and sealing. Taper pin with high strength stainless steel materials.

Valve plate seal to the "T" shape structure, the "T" ring material elastic sealing and not just at the same time, with flexible structure, seal with pressure self-tightening and seal pressure compensation function, positioning clamp screw can make rubber ring at the same time, prevent seal up, roll and rubber flabby bumps, make each sealing point sealing force equilibrium, seal wear less, the effect is good. Sealing ring by removing pressure ring can be directly in the line with adjustment, repair and replacement. Maintenance convenient quickly. And ensure the enough strength, pressure adjusting screw is divided into two groups, one group for compression screw, compression screw has limited pressure functions, a group of the adjusting screw, effectively adjust the seal position, guarantee the best sealing performance, and balance the force situation of every screw, compression screw with washer, prevent water impact vibration and make the screw loose fall off.

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Q:What are the advantages of butterfly valves?
D. sediments are not readily accumulated;The E. is compact and has little installation
Q:What is the meaning of American Standard butterfly valve B series
American Standard flange connection is divided into A, B series. A series for normal flanges, B series for compact flanges. 24 "to no AB series, flange standards for B16.5, 24" above B16.47.
Q:Butterfly valves are widely used in 2.0MPa below the pressure and temperature of not more than 200 degrees of various media, right?
5. butterfly valve structureButterfly valve mainly by the body, butterfly plate, stem, sealing ring and transmission components.(1) the valve body is cylindrical, and the upper and lower parts each have a cylindrical boss for installing the valve stem. Butterfly valve and pipe flange connection, such as the use of clamp connection, the minimum length of its structure.(2) stem, stem is the axis of the butterfly plate, shaft end adopts stuffing box sealing structure, can prevent leakage of medium. The upper end of the valve stem is directly connected with the driving device to transmit the torque.(3) the butterfly plate is the opening and closing part of butterfly valve.
Q:how to get a valve out of combustion chamber?
well depends .. how far the piston was down and if the valve is still in the valve guide. intake you may have to pull the intake and feed it up from the intake port .. exhaust .. pull the manifold and feed it back up from the exhaust port.. and last .. pull the head .. if the the valve is still in the guide and the piston is not at the top .. you may could turn the engine slowly by hand to the top the piston may push up the valve up . you may be able to pull the valve up then..
Q:Which is better, the round two lobe butterfly valve?
The company has advanced sheet metal CNC processing line, strong technical force and strong production capacity. At present, the main products are: air outlet, air valve, muffler, fire damper, static pressure box, wind box, etc.. Especially round type double butterfly butterfly valve has obvious advantages.
Q:can't locate freon intake valve for 03 jaguar?
Most manufacturers put the fill nozzle on the hoses, either the high or/and the low side. Also, the low side can be found on the accumulator.
Q:Does the pneumatic butterfly valve need electricity?
Are pneumatic, and directly rely on gas control, the most important thing is that the gas, then certainly have to take control of electricity!
Q:butterfly valves d7a1x5
D71x-1.6? Or D371X-1.6, do you need butterfly valves for production or butterfly valves? The question perplexed us all.
Q:How do the butterfly valves d341 and d343 differ in appearance?
D341 is a wedge type single gate structureThe D343 is a parallel single gate structure
Q:The difference between vertical and horizontal butterfly valves in municipal water supply
Vertical and horizontal only installation directions and installation methods are different. Functionally, there is no difference.The main difference between the two methods of installation is that:1. horizontal can effectively avoid the high temperature radiation above the pipe. The disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space.The advantage of the 2. vertical is that the occupation space is smaller, and it is easy to install. If the pipeline is higher, it is not convenient for maintenance.

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