Remote Tubular motor 60mm tube for rolling shutter, awning

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Product Description:

1) Voltage: 230V/50Hz 
2) Input power: 117W/ 215W 
3) Current: 0.49A /0.92A 
4) Speed: 12/16/25rpm 
5) Torque: 10/15/20/30/40/50N. M 
6) Working duration: ≥ 4min 
7) Insulation classification: B 
8) Protection classification: IP44 
9) Certification: CE, TUV, CCC, ISO9001-2008 ROHS, 

Outer packing: 
6pcs/carton with foam in it



The ideal tubular motor for automatic window and garage door, roller shutter and awning etc, with TUV, CE, ISO9001-2008 certificates, Low noise, efficient, energie saving, high Efficiency, long time life 

·         Key Specifications: 
Technique leads, design novel, noiseless, 
Mechanical limit switch, can be used in power off 
Facile install system 
Can deal with some accidents and with overheat protection for motor 

Model: DLTM60O-60 
Tube diameter(mm): 60 
Out Torque(N. M): 60 
Rate Voltage(V): 230/110 
Frequency(Hz): 50/60 
Rated Power(W): 429/550 
Out Speed(r. P. M): 15 
No Load Current: (A): 1.92/2.20 
Time Rating(min): 4 
Thermal Protector(C): 140 
Protection Level: IP44 
Insulation Level: H 
Noise(db): ≤43 
Complete Weight(Kg): 2.8 
L(mm): 700 

HS Code: 86315100 
Standard: TUV, CE, CCC, UL 
Productivity: 300, 000pcs/year 
Origin: China 
Packing: 6pcs/ctn, 1pc/colour box 
Min. Order: 500pcs 
Transportation: By sea or by air


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Q:Soybean milk machine ac motor or dc motor
The question you asked is interesting. It's not an ac motor or a dc motor. Soybean milk machine motors are high-speed motors, which are slow and can't be used to make soybean milk. Motor, on the soybean milk machine is ac/dc motor commutator with the belt, not for the purpose of using this motor ac/dc, but in order to realize high speed rotation.
Q:What is the difference between the three-phase ac motor and the second phase
No two phase motor, what do you mean by two phase motor is single-phase motor, is to connect two wires of that kind of, ha ha, is that after a fire a zero line, the so called single phase motor, three-phase motor is undoubtedly pick three root wire (wire is phase line, commonly known as wire), common single-phase motor rated voltage is 220 v, are not commonly used in industrial production, mainly used in civil, as there is no the three-phase motor is single-phase motor efficiency is high, so once the power requirements in kilowatts, or a few kilowatts can choose three-phase motor, like a home of the motor is single-phase motors, because the load is small, like some big motor in industrial production to 5000 kw, if the single-phase motor, if nothing else, the line is much more rough!
Q:Electric curtain choice dc motor or ac motor?
Ac motor cheap and long service life (up to only five years), but only for a hotel, office buildings and other projects, a lot of people think the products have passed 3 C certification, not a security issue, if not these products manufacturers of professional personnel to install, can pose a safety hazard, because they don't understand the internal structure of electric curtain motor, such things don't happen again.
Q:What is the difference between ac servo motor and three-phase ac asynchronous motor?
Different control accuracy Two-phase hybrid stepper motor step Angle is 3.6 ° and 1.8 °, 5 phase hybrid stepping motors interval Angle is 0.72 ° and 0.36 ° in general. There are also some high performance steps in the step of the motor. Such as cross company produces a kind of stepping motor for wire walking machine, where the step Angle is 0.09 °. BERGER LAHR company in Germany (BERGER LAHR) production of three-phase hybrid stepping motor where the step Angle can dial the code switch is set to 1.8 ° and 0.9 ° and 0.72 ° and 0.36 ° and 0.18 ° and 0.09 ° and 0.072 ° and 0.036 °, combine the two and five phase hybrid stepper motor step Angle. The control accuracy of ac servo motor is guaranteed by rotating encoder on the back end of the motor shaft. Panasonic digital ac servo motor, for example, in line with standard 2500 encoder of the motor, drive due to the internal used four frequency multiplication technology, the pulse equivalent to 360 ° / 10000 = 0.036 °. For with 17 encoder of the motor, drive each receive 217 = 131072 pulse motor turns a circle, namely the pulse equivalent to 360 ° / 131072 = 9.89 seconds. Interval Angle is 1.8 ° is 1/655 of the pulse equivalent of stepper motor.
Q:Ac motor speed control method
Disadvantages: A series of cast-iron resistance can only be adjusted for the stage. If the liquid resistance is used for stepless speed adjustment, the maintenance and maintenance requirements are higher. The addition of the transfer power in the speed adjustment process is converted into the loss of the series resistance heat, and the efficiency is low. The range of speed regulation is not big. To sum up, the most ideal speed regulating method of communication should be to change the frequency of electric power supply of the motor, which is the variable frequency speed adjustment. With the rapid development of electric power electronic technology, the performance index of variable frequency speed adjustment can meet even more than dc motor speed regulating system.
Q:What is an ac driver? And the principle! Thank you very much!
Low frequency characteristics In low speed, the step motor is prone to low frequency vibration. The vibration frequency is related to the load condition and drive performance, and the frequency of vibration is generally considered to be half the frequency of the motor. The low-frequency vibrations, determined by the principle of stepping motor, are very bad for the normal operation of the machine. When the stepper motor work in low speed, general damping technology should be adopted to overcome the low frequency vibration phenomenon, such as add damper on motor, or drive the segmentation technology, etc. Ac servo motors are very stable, even at low speeds. Ac servo system has a resonance suppression function, can cover the mechanical rigidity, and internal system has the function of frequency resolution (FFT), can detect the mechanical resonance point, is advantageous for the system adjustment. Three, the moment frequency characteristic is different The output torque of the stepping motor decreases with the speed of the revolution, and falls sharply at high speed, so the maximum working speed is 300 ~ 600RPM. Ac servo motor for constant torque output, that is, at its rated speed (2000 RPM and 3000 RPM) of less than, can be rated output torque and constant power output above the rated speed for.
Q:The structure of the ac motor
The ac motor is composed of a stator winding that generates a magnetic field and a stator winding and a rotating armature or rotor. An electric motor is made from the phenomenon of force rotation in the magnetic field. Ac motor consists of stator and rotor and the stator and the rotor is to use the same power supply, so the direction of the current in the stator and rotor changes always synchronized, the coil in the direction of current changed, became the current in the electromagnet direction at the same time, according to the left hand rule, magnetic coil suffered direction invariable, the coil can continue to turn down.
Q:Why not use a commutator?
Because the dc motor changes the direction of the current through the commutator and the coil keeps rotating
Q:According to the power of motor, how to select the contactor and switch?
According to the power of the motor, the current of the motor is about the value of the electric current, the ac contactor capacity should be more than twice as long as the electric current, and the circuit breaker is more than 1.4 times the electric current.
Q:The ac motor with more than one kilowatt will be activated by the launcher
If just use ordinary motor (do not include the power plant, industrial production using motor), you can refer to: civil, public power grid points directly power supply transformer and village power supply two kinds, the former is 11 kw allows direct start the following, which is 15 kw In fact, there are four factors to consider: When the motor starts, the voltage on the distribution bus at various levels meets the normal requirements of other devices; Mechanical energy is able to withstand the shock torque when the motor is fully pressed. The motor itself can withstand the shock of full pressure starting. There is no special requirement for motor start.

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