Tubular motors CE, TUV, RoHS, CCC, ISO9001 certificated

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Tubular motor


Tubular motor for roller shutter, electric awning, motorized blind, Roma shade; 

 Used for rolling windows, doors, blinds, screens and rolling shutters.
Projection screen, skylight shade, sunshade, sun protection, rolling door drive, security shutter operator. 

CE, TUV, RoHS, CCC, ISO9001 certificated
Safety, Energy saving, High efficiency, Long life time, 
Low noise, Low temperature increasing, Low maintenance cost. 


 Features Tubular motor
1) Voltage: 230V/50Hz 
2) Input power: 117W/ 215W 
3) Current: 0.49A /0.92A 
4) Speed: 12/16/25rpm 
5) Torque: 10/15/20/30/40/50N. M 
6) Working duration: ≥ 4min 
7) Insulation classification: B 
8) Protection classification: IP44 
9) Certification: CE, TUV, CCC, ISO9001-2008 ROHS, 

Outer packing Tubular motor
6pcs/carton with foam in it


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Q:Why does the motor need capacitance when the machine starts?
Only single phase ac motor USES capacitance, dc motor and three-phase ac motor do not need. The two single-phase motor coil does not produce a rotating magnetic field, must be in one of the series capacitance on the coil, make this branch of the current in another coil current in advance, the ability in a rotating magnetic field between the two coils, rotor rotation.
Q:How does ac servo motor change direction?
Change the servo motor parameters, such as the mitsubishi j3-a column, the PA_14 parameter
Q:What is the power of the motor
Dc motor power P = UI Ac motor power: P = 1.732 * U * cos phi Power = force * velocity P is equal to F times V minus the formula 1 Torque (T) = torque (F) * action radius (R) is F = T/R.Linear velocity (V) = 2 PI R * speed per second (n seconds) = 2 PI R * 60 per minute speed (n)/n = PI R * 3 points / 30 - formula Formula 2 and 3 enter formula 1: P = F * V = T/R * PI R * n / 30 = PI / 30 * T * n -p = power unit W, T = torque unit Nm, n points = revolutions per minute If you change the units of P to KW, then this is the formula: P * 1000 = PI / 30 * T * n 30,000 / PI * P = T * n 30000/3.1415926 * P = T * n P = 9550 T * n If we know that P, according to 9550P is equal to T times n, we know that the other one in the torque T and the velocity W is right
Q:What is an ac driver? And the principle! Thank you very much!
Motor servo ac motor drive is also called the implementation, in the automatic control system, is used as actuators, converts the received electrical signal into angular displacement or velocity of motor shaft output. Divided into two major categories of dc and ac servo motor, its main characteristic is, when the signal voltage is zero no rotation, speed decreases with the increase of torque and uniform, Servo actuator is the control part of servo motor.
Q:The difference between dc motor and ac motor
Ac motor is only the stator winding and rotor cage shape is commonly, when during a stator winding in three-phase alternating current (ac), to produce a rotating magnetic field, rotor cutting lines of magnetic force movement, the induced electromotive force and induced magnetic fields, are produced by the interaction of two magnetic field drive motor rotation. Dc motors have two windings, a stator winding, a rotor winding, the stator zhongtong with direct current, a fixed magnetic field generated, passing a current in the rotor is, based on the function of electric conductor in magnetic field by force, and the effect of the rotor after electrify force, so that it rolls up, adjust the size of the current in the rotor, can change the speed of the motor, dc motor speed smooth, can realize stepless speed regulation. Now frequency conversion technology is mature, so use more and more frequency control of motor speed, dc motor without the answer
Q:Control the power ac motor with thyristor or relay?
7A is not too large a current. This current is the most economical and convenient for the relay. Of course, you can also use silicon controlled, which is a little less cost-effective. Relays will be generated by arcs, not obvious, as long as there is no problem in flammable and explosive situations.
Q:What are the main parts of alternators?
 ends of the generator is aluminum alloy die casting, after the end cover with brush holder. Silicon diode rectifier is used will have a three-phase alternating current generator, rectifier dc. It is composed of six diode, respectively, pressure plate and the rear end cover in aluminum alloy component, a three-phase bridge rectifier circuit. x0d generator of the cathode by iron, perfectly on the back end cover three diode cathode tube, its shell is positive, three diode shell together become a generator of the cathode, the center for pipe cathode lead; In a component on a board of three diode as the anode tube, its shell is negative, the three diode shell meet together for the anode, the center lead to the anode of the pipe.
Q:How to control ac motor speed
The ha-inverter and the rest are not economical at your speed The best way to do this is to add a gearbox
Q:The speed regulation performance of dc motor is very good. Why need ac motor?
Compared with ac motor, dc motor is very good at the speed of adjustment, but it is difficult to maintain the high cost and high cost.
Q:60W regular ac motor needs to be fast and slow before stopping, how to control?
You want to know how fast you're talking, how long does it take to stop the process and how long does it take to complete the process?

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