Roller Shutter Motor doors screens and rolling shutters 60mm

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Product Description:

 Roller Shutter Motor doors screens and rolling shutters



·         Product Description 
Tubular Motor with Manual 
Durable, Safe and convenient. Operation convenience. Brief design and convenient installation, supported by the govenment 
Designed by international advanced technology, 
high techniques, stable and reliable

·         Key Specifications: 
Technique leads, design novel, noiseless, 
Mechanical limit switch, can be used in power off 
Facile install system 
Can deal with some accidents and with overheat protection for motor 


Model: DLTM60M 
Tube diameter(mm): 60 
Out Torque(N. M): 60 
Rate Voltage(V): 230/110 
Frequency(Hz): 50/60 
Rated Power(W): 429/550 
Out Speed(r. P. M): 15 
No Load Current: (A): 1.92/2.20 
Time Rating(min): 4 
Thermal Protector(C): 140 
Protection Level: IP44 
Insulation Level: H 
Noise(db): ≤43 
Complete Weight(Kg): 2.8 
L(mm): 700 

Model: DLTM60O-60 
Tube diameter(mm): 60 
Out Torque(N. M): 60 
Rate Voltage(V): 230/110 
Frequency(Hz): 50/60 
Rated Power(W): 429/550 
Out Speed(r. P. M): 15 
No Load Current: (A): 1.92/2.20 
Time Rating(min): 4 
Thermal Protector(C): 140 
Protection Level: IP44 
Insulation Level: H 
Noise(db): ≤43 
Complete Weight(Kg): 2.8 
L(mm): 700 


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Q:The rated current of a single phase ac motor is several times that of an empty current.
A small single-phase motor, which is rated at about twice the amount of an empty current
Q:Ac motor speed control method
The most common method is to add a matching frequency converter You can also use a gearbox
Q:Is the servo motor a dc motor or ac motor?
4, a: what is the servo motor servo motor is also called force motor, in the automatic control system, is used as actuators, converts the received electrical signal into angular displacement or velocity of motor shaft output. Divided into two major categories of dc and ac servo motor, its main characteristic is, when the signal voltage is zero no rotation, speed decreases with the increase of torque and uniform,
Q:How does the communication motor work?
We know that the current is going to generate force in the magnetic field, and the wire is going to generate an electromotive force in the changing magnetic field. Ac motor plus ac voltage to the stator coil produces a rotating magnetic field, some of which is 1500 revolutions per minute
Q:Is it still a communication welder
Of course the ac welder was used in sales; And it's not too small; But today's ac welders are mainly concentrated in high-power welders;
Q:If you measure the temperature of the motor cover more than the environment temperature above 25 degrees, suggests that the rise of temperature of the motor is beyond the normal range, general motor temperature rise should be below 20 degrees. The general motor coil is made of enameled wire, and the enamelled wire will be flaked out by temperature over 150 degrees, causing the coil to short-circuit. But generally does not exceed 95 ℃.
The insulation grade of an electric motor refers to the degree of heat resistance of the insulating material used in the motor, which is A, E, B, F, and H. A temperature rise is the limit of the temperature of the motor relative to the ambient temperature. Temperature rise is refers to the motor in the rated operating condition, the temperature of the stator winding of environment temperature is higher than that of numerical (ambient temperature of 35 ℃ or below 40 ℃, if the brand of the concrete numerical value, not for 40 ℃) temperature rating of the insulation class A E B F class H maximum allowable temperature (105 ℃), 120, 130, 155, 180 winding temperature rise limit (K) 60, 75, 80, 100, 125 performance reference temperature (80 ℃), 95, 100, 120, 145 in generators and other electrical equipment, insulation materials is the most weak link. Insulating materials are particularly vulnerable to high temperatures and accelerate aging and damage.
Q:What is the speed of the general motors
The speed of the motor is also the rated speed of the motor. The speed of the motor at the rated power. The speed of the motor, which is full load, is also called full load speed. Use the symbol "n" to indicate the unit is "RPM". Two, different purpose and type of motor, different speed. Three, motor speed calculation of synchronous speed = 60 * the logarithmic frequency/poles (n = 60 * f/p) n -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- motor speed (numble), unit: revolutions per minute (RPM) F -- -alternating current frequency (frequency), unit: Hz P - - the magnetic pole logarithm (pair), unit: right (p). 8 extreme: 60 * 50/4 = 750 RPM, and asynchronous RPM is slightly reduced by about 735 RPM.
Q:The ac motor is not positive and negative, so how do you achieve positive and reverse?
The switch of a single phase motor is controlled by a capacitor, and you can see it for you. Change the position of the power connection capacitor and change the starting end and the running end of the motor winding. The first floor says... Well, you can try it yourself and switch the N and L lines, and you won't be able to do the reverse rotation of the single phase ac motor. Three-phase word is simple, for example, three into a thread ABC three-phase electricity, motor is in the order of ABC to the rotation, as long as the normal operation, only in this order, just replace a. or the biggest. Or CA. The connection between the two, the motor will turn in the opposite direction
Q:The alternating current is constantly changing, and how is the ac motor going to be controlled?
Three phase motor changes phase sequence. A one-way motor changes the main winding or the secondary winding in the direction of the line.
Q:Three phase ac synchronous motor is different from three-phase ac asynchronous motor
Structure and principle of The stator winding of synchronous motor and asynchronous motor is the same, the main difference is the structure of the rotor. The rotor of synchronous motor has dc excitation winding, so it needs to be coupled with excitation power supply to introduce current through the slide ring. The rotor of the asynchronous motor is a short-circuit winding, which generates an electric current through the electromagnetic induction. Asynchronous motor is simple, low cost, easy to install, use and maintenance. It has been widely used. Disadvantages low efficiency, low power factor of power grids. And synchronous motor with high efficiency is the capacitive load, can improve the power factor of power grid. Multi-purpose mining large not ready.

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