Roller Shutter Motor doors screens and rolling shutters 60mm

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Product Description:

 Roller Shutter Motor doors screens and rolling shutters



·         Product Description 
Tubular Motor with Manual 
Durable, Safe and convenient. Operation convenience. Brief design and convenient installation, supported by the govenment 
Designed by international advanced technology, 
high techniques, stable and reliable

·         Key Specifications: 
Technique leads, design novel, noiseless, 
Mechanical limit switch, can be used in power off 
Facile install system 
Can deal with some accidents and with overheat protection for motor 


Model: DLTM60M 
Tube diameter(mm): 60 
Out Torque(N. M): 60 
Rate Voltage(V): 230/110 
Frequency(Hz): 50/60 
Rated Power(W): 429/550 
Out Speed(r. P. M): 15 
No Load Current: (A): 1.92/2.20 
Time Rating(min): 4 
Thermal Protector(C): 140 
Protection Level: IP44 
Insulation Level: H 
Noise(db): ≤43 
Complete Weight(Kg): 2.8 
L(mm): 700 

Model: DLTM60O-60 
Tube diameter(mm): 60 
Out Torque(N. M): 60 
Rate Voltage(V): 230/110 
Frequency(Hz): 50/60 
Rated Power(W): 429/550 
Out Speed(r. P. M): 15 
No Load Current: (A): 1.92/2.20 
Time Rating(min): 4 
Thermal Protector(C): 140 
Protection Level: IP44 
Insulation Level: H 
Noise(db): ≤43 
Complete Weight(Kg): 2.8 
L(mm): 700 


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Q:Question about the general motors?
Alternating current general motors with stator coils and rotors are series of exciting! Its commutation needs to change the head and tail of the stator winding and the direction of the rotor commutator! As long as the connection is set! The connection is a turning point! In other words, you're turning the dc backwards! If there is no other electronic control element inside it will not burn!
Q:Dc motor power 13KW for ac motor
I don't think the power will change. The current and the voltage are going to change, but the product should not change
Q:Can a converter drive a normal three-phase ac motor?
It is. For example, the motor is working in low-frequency areas, and the motor may be damaged by heat dissipation. If the motor is working in the medium-high frequency area, the ordinary motor can also use the frequency converter. Also, it is the insulation problem of ordinary electric motor, the proposal is to install output reactor. Of course, it's not necessary.
Q:Direct current motor and ac motor, which is large, good, who invented
The advantages and disadvantages of dc motor and ac motor Dc motor has a rapid response, large starting torque, rotating speed of from zero to rated speed can provide the rated torque performance, but the advantages of dc motor is also its drawback, because the direct current machine to produce a constant torque under the rated load performance, the armature magnetic field and rotor magnetic field must be constant to maintain 90 °, this is about to borrow from the carbon brush and commutator. The carbon brush and the commutator produce sparks and carbon powder when the motor is rotated, so there is a limit to the use of the place, except for the damage of the component. Ac motor without carbon brush and commutator, free maintenance, strong, wide application, but if you want to achieve the equivalent of dc motor according to the characteristic performance must use complex control technology to achieve. The ac motor is divided into asynchronous motors and synchronous motors. The asynchronous motor is divided into single phase asynchronous motor, two-phase asynchronous motor and three-phase asynchronous motor according to the number of stator phases. Three-phase asynchronous motor structure is simple, reliable and low cost.
Q:Single phase ac motor voltage speed, voltage torque relation
The asynchronous motor voltage is less than 360V and cannot function properly. The motor will not be able to switch to the power of the rotor, which will be converted into heat, which will seriously affect the life of the motor.
Q:Can ac motors be used to speed control?
Only the frequency converter motor can be used to adjust the speed of the transducer, and the ordinary motor can not be adjusted by the transducer. But it's ok to start ac motors with a frequency converter. Because when the speed is low, the ventilation of the electric motors deteriorates, and the fever is severe enough to keep working.
Q:What is the difference between alternating current motors and dc motors?
Upstairs is a little irrelevant answer, the first people ask is the difference, again is the motor, not the generator! How it works: Dc motor installed a constant magnetic field, after the stator coil zhongtong current is generated electromagnetic force, so they will move, but the direction of the electric current to change, so will generally use brush, contact with the terminal. So the cost is higher. It is commonly used in servo motor, measuring motor and excitation motor. The ac motor has only one winding and the rotor is squirrel-cage. When a single-phase sinusoidal current in the stator winding, the motor can produce an alternating magnetic field, the magnetic field strength and direction interplanting sine law of change at any time, but is fixed on the spatial orientation, say again so the magnetic field is alternation pulse magnetic field. This alternation pulse magnetic field can be decomposed into two at the same speed and direction of rotation are instead of a rotating magnetic field, when the rotor static, the two rotating magnetic field generated in the rotor torque of two equal and opposite, making synthetic torque is zero, so the motor can't rotate.
Q:In the ac motor, he is excited, excited, and excited. What is the difference between
He wound, is that the rotor is a set of power supply, the stator excitation coil is another power supply, two sets of power supply is independent and not directly on the electric contact, unless the closed-loop control of the motor in general mechanical and electrical properties are hard, and is adjustable speed and torque. That features more hard!
Q:Ac motor 110KW how much current
If 380V motors, the rated current is 220A and a kilowatt is about 2 amperes. For other voltage grade, if you use power divided by the voltage (KV), the divided by the square root of 3, divided by the motor power factor, is the rated current of the motor. You look at
Q:When the ac servo motor is turned off, the rotor shaft is tight
When the ac servo motor is out of power, the shaft of the rotor shaft is very tight: Since the servo motor is the brake device, the motor is not moving when the power is off. If there is no brake device, it indicates that the load is not installed properly, which can cause rotational difficulty. Solution: loosen the load and turn the motor separately.

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