Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks for Electric Furnace

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MgO-Carbon Brick

SiO2 Content (%):


Al2O3 Content (%):


MgO Content (%):


CaO Content (%):


Refractoriness (Degree):

1770°< Refractoriness< 2000°

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Bulk density(g/cm³):


Apparent porosity(%):




compressive strengthMPa):


High Temperature Flexural strength(MPa):


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:The refractory thermal insulation magnesia fire bricks for electric furnace is packed on wooden pallets with three layers water-proof shrink film and tightened with plastic/steel bandages,when in the transportation process of magnesia carbon brick,we should pay attention to moisture and light handling.
Delivery Detail:7-15 working days


1.High slag resistance& high refractoriness&high strength 
2.Approved by SINOSTEEL 
3.Factory direct price 
4.ISO certificate

Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks for Electric Furnace

Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks for Electric Furnace

YH-MT Series refractory thermal insulation magnesia fire bricks for electric furnace are designed and manufactured as per the different usage parts and working conditions of electric furnace, converter and ladle. It is shaped by high purity and high compact or large crystalline fused magnesia and high purity graphite as main materials and phenolic resin as binder.This kind of lime kiln used magnesia brick is mainly applied for the lining parts of electric furnace and converter.Directly touching molten steel and slag,it has the advantages of high strength,high slag resistance,good thermal stability and high refractoriness.According to melting conditions,different grades of magnesia carbon refractory brick should be chosen for the various usage parts of furnace body and ladle.


Main Chemical Compositions and Physical Properties

Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks for Electric Furnace

Chemical Compositions(%)MgO8078767474
Apparent Porosity(%)45455
Bulk Density(g/cm³)2.952.92.952.952.9
Compressive Strength(Mpa)4035404035
High Temperature Flexural Strength(Mpa)6610107


Product Show of Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks 

Packing Method of Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks

Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks for Electric Furnace

1.The refractory thermal insulation magnesia fire bricks for electric furnace will be packed as the standard of exporting, used wooden pallet with plastic/steel bandages,when in the transportation process of magnesia carbon brick,we should pay attention to moisture and light handling.

2.The packing of refractory thermal insulation magnesia fire bricks for electric furnace will accept customer's requirement if any.

3.Delivery within 7-15 working days after your payment.

4.Fast delievery accepted by customers.

Our Service Refractory Thermal Insulation Magnesia Fire Bricks for Electric Furnace

1. We could send the Technology Staff  to help you to install

2.We could keep in touch with you any time for answering your questions

3.We could design the Refractory Solution for you according to your Drawing of Vessel

4.We could provide  you a perfect after sale service


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Q:Outside brick wall, inside brick wall how to return a responsibility?
In general, the wall of the building and outdoor harsh environment, so the general exterior wall tiles with full ceramic tile surface, then is the kind of uneven, and the appearance of the size deviation of brick is relatively large.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of wall insulation system?
Disadvantages: poor insulation effect (because it is not a full coverage of the insulation layer), there will be condensed water (because the wall is cold, the heat insulation layer is the temperature difference between inside and outside the formation of condensed water), the decoration (insulation layer in the internal decoration of the time on the wall decoration will destroy the insulation layer, comprising an area of effect) (rules of the construction area).
Q:What are the types of building blocks?
Ordinary housing: building brick (clay brick), and non sintered brick (sand lime brick, fly ash brick, cement brick, etc.)
Q:What are the new types of building brick materials?
Sintered silt insulation brick, steam block, light building block, hollow clay brick, etc..
Q:What kind of material is clay insulation refractory brick made of?
According to the different origin of general clay brick raw materials are not the same with Henan or Hebei with perlite beads, pyrojewel, use effect and technology of Henan is better than Hebei
Q:Clay insulation bricks insulation, brick and ordinary clay brick, fireclay, brick distinction, and its use? Thank you
The insulation brick integrates the excellent heat preservation effect into the wall while building the wall. Low thermal conductivity, high strength, durable, lightweight, simple construction, easy handling, economy, green environmental protection, sound insulation, fire protection etc..
Q:What is the price of refractory bricks
Insulating brick is a refractory brick often used in kilns to reduce the heat loss of kilnsSo as to ensure the practical efficiency of kiln and bring more benefits.There are many kinds of thermal insulation bricks, and there are many refractory manufacturersAs to how much bricks should be paid, a detailed consultation should be made to the refractory bricks manufacturerHave some understanding of the properties, technologies, raw materials and so on, and make a decisionDifferent types of insulation brick prices are different, the price is relatively cheap, lightweight clay insulation brick 1The market price is 1.3 yuan a pieceThe price of mullite heat preservation brick 0.8, the market price of 4.62 yuan a pieceDepending on the area, the price of insulating bricks will fluctuate somewhat
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of external formwork and self thermal insulation block
Exterior wall insulation form, single material thermal insulation exterior wall: aerated concrete, sintered insulation brick compound thermal insulation exterior wall:According to the different settings of thermal insulation materials, it can be divided into internal insulation, external insulation and sandwich insulation exterior wall. Thermal insulation decorative integrated board: Other: thermal insulation block, etc..
Q:What material is good for indoor thermal insulation?
Own home, if the south, hot summer and cold winter zone, with inorganic insulation mortar or polystyrene particles insulation mortar, the effect is very good;
Q:The difference between ordinary and diatomite brick refractory brick?
Refractory brick belongs to a large class, according to different materials used are divided into: high alumina brick, dolomite brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia spinel brick, phosphate brick, carborundum brick, brick, mullite bricks etc..

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