Refractory Insulation Fire Brick, Insulating Fire Brick

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Alumina Block

SiO2 Content (%):Al2O3 Content (%):

as usual

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CaO Content (%):Refractoriness (Degree):

Common (1580°< Refractoriness< 1770°)

CrO Content (%):


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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1.The Insulating Fire Brick will be packed as the standard of exporting or packed on wooden pallet with three layers water-proof shrink film and tightened with plastic/steel bandages,when in the transportation process,we should pay attention to moisture-proof and light handling. 2.The packing of Refractory Brick will accept customer's requirement if any. 3.Delivery within 7-15 working days after your payment. 4.Fast delievery accepted by customers.
Delivery Detail:within 20 days


Refractory Bricks for Furnace


Product Description

We are a professional company which has manufactured bricks for more than25 years, we can supply Fire Caly brick, High alumina bick, Tunnel kiln car brick, Silica brick, Big block for glass furance and Coke Dry Quenching, calcined alumina powder and Kaolin. Our company is the direct maker and supplier inChina. 

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Two type of our Alumina Insulating Fire Brick (LG-IFB): 
Ordinary type (PLG-IFB) 
Low iron type (DLG-IFB) 
Two produce methods of our LG-IFB: 
Fast foam setting technology 
Method of burning up adding object 

Characteristics of our LG-IFB: 
High cold crushing strength 
High softing temperature under load 
Accurate dimension 
Good thermal shock resistance 

Widely used in insulating layers of various thermal equipments and linings where no high temperature melt corrosion occurs.


ItemPLG- 1.0PLG- 0.9PLG-0.8PLG-0.7PLG-0.6PLG-0.5
Al2O3 ,% ≥48
Fe2O3 ,%≤2
BD(g/cm3) 0.7 0.6 0.5 
CCS>(Mpa)4.504.002.94 2.45 1.96 1.47 
TC<(350±25ºC)0.550.500.35 0.30 0.25 0.20 
test temperature at PLC<2%  ºC140014001400135013501250

tolerance of dimension(mm)PLG-IFBDLG-IFB

1.Raw materials blending

Independent raw materials blending center to assurestrict control of materials quality.


Isostatic pressing technoloty,with as 1000 tons of pressure to assure the homogenous bulk density of each product.


To assure the uniform shape,dimension and dimension tolerance of each product.

4.X-ray defect inspection

To assure all products supplied to our customers without any defect and to prevent the un-countable feconomic loss for our customers.

5.Physical and chemistry analysis

To assure all products meet the physical and chemistry characteristics.


The world-class for packaging to assure the safety transportation.


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Q:Are there any special requirements for the use of raw materials in thermal insulation brick production equipment? What about the raw materials?
Specific funding, different production, different raw materials configuration will be different. According to the design requirements, refining production process, for production process, production management level, complete monitoring, pulping system on the lower computer, based on control level; lower machine by the programmable controller (PLC) is mainly composed of a crushing system. The host computer takes the standard industrial control computer (IPC) as the main man-machine interface (HMI) and beating system, and if possible, it is recommended to investigate on site
Q:How shall the sintered porous self insulation bricks be laid at the bottom of the beam?
Compared with ordinary bricks, porous brick has the following masonry points: 1. All bricks must be watered before they are built, and no bricks are allowed to be applied to the wall.
Q:What is a JQK composite lightweight thermal insulation brick?
It is a cement based composite waterproof mortar which is pressed and molded. The material has good heat preservation effect and high thermal conductivity.
Q:Which kind of balcony heat preservation material is better?
New inorganic insulation material, this material thickness is thin, in 2-3 centimeters line, direct smear on the top of the house, without auxiliary materials, the price is higher than rock wool, aluminum silicate cotton.
Q:What is the price of thermal insulation brick for exterior wall?
Hello, the exterior wall insulation has many practices, useful insulation bricks, but also useful particles of polystyrene insulation mortar mixed (thickness is not the same, the price is not the same);
Q:What are the insulation materials for heating buried pipelines?
The thickness of insulation layer should be reasonable and economical. If the insulation layer is too thin, the heat loss will be increased; the insulation layer is too thick, and the surface area of the radiator will be increased, and the heat loss will also be increased. In general the design, determine the thickness of the insulation layer according to the factors of insulation material properties, heat medium temperature, often used for 40~50 mm thickness.
Q:What's the difference between refractory bricks and insulating bricks?
Insulation brick mainly is used to heat, reduce heat loss, refractory brick is mainly used to withstand flame burn. Bricks usually do not contact fire directly, while refractory bricks usually contact the flame directly.
Q:How to do indoor thermal insulation
Soft packing can also achieve warmth effectTry to change the interior decoration style, whether in visual or make new home warm, in all senses such as the fabric furniture instead of wood or iron rattan furniture, or the use of fabric material packaging wood seat, living room, bedroom stone and tile carpet, lighting equipment can be replaced with warm light lamp. Wall hanging tapestry. When choosing curtain, choose the curtain with thick cloth, thick, insulated and warm effect as much as possible. In addition, the cold tone leather sofa "cotton": a soft warm cotton sofa is the inevitable choice, also can make full use of cotton cushion and pillow.
Q:The project cost in hydropower No.3 shaft wall is solid brick or insulating brick?
Aerated concrete for external walls is to save money. One side is the outer wall.. Solid bricks are the first thing, safety comes first.
Q:Can the whole wall of the high-rise building be made of grey insulation bricks?
If the frame structure, it may be so. What is the length of the whole wall? If it is longer, it is necessary to make a constructional column; if the hole is larger, the edge of the hole needs to be made into a border or a constructional column; if the entrance is small, the edge of the hole is about 300mm and needs solid bricks to build better. South wall thickness can be about 190mm, plus plastering design value of 200mm. Personal comments for reference!

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