PVC  Fiber Flexible Reinforced soft Hose 

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) 

· Model Number: FSSH 

· Material: PVC 

· Specification: 5/32''-3'' 

· Length: 30/50/100M 

· Thickness: 2.5-8MM 

· Standard: SGS 

· Material: PVC 

· Size: 5/32''-3'' 

· Length: 30/50/100M 

· W.P.: 4-15Bar 

· B.P.: 12-45Bzr 

· Thickness: 2.5-8MM 

· Color: Any Colors 

· Temperature: -5C to 65C. 

· Surface: Smooth 

· Name: PVC Transparent Fiber Flexible Reinforced Hose 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Generally packing: Entangled with plastic woven cloth. Specially packing: according to the customer's requirements.

Delivery Detail:

30 days after the order is comfirmed


PVC Transparent Fiber Flexible Reinforced Hose 
2.Size: 4mm-22mm 


As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Singsino Group Ltd. has invested in several fields in China, includes PVC Hose, Rubber Hose and Plastic Machine which are applied in Food Processing, Industry, Commodity Series etc





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Q:Connecting icemaker valve to 1/4" tubing?
Are you sure you're putting the fittings together properly. The ferrule (or collar) is tapered and the smaller side should face away from the nut. Also if it's plastic tubing make sure you use a nylon ferrule and not a brass one.
Q:water frezze in plastic tube that water goes thru to fill ice maker, so icemaker works fine for a couple fill,
There is a very small heater on the inlet pipe to prevent this. Look in the manual, if you still have it. If you don't, call an appliance parts store with the make and model number of your refrigerator and they give you the right part. If you ask them nicely, they may even give you a diagram showing how to replace the heater yourself. On most refrigerators, it's not a tough job.
Q:What is the connection between the wires of the PVC?
PVC wire tube (Amazon plastic) by type, light, medium and heavy specifications, mainly wire tube is good or bad, mainly look at features:1., insulation performance is good: PVC electrician bushing insulation good, high resistance to current breakdown voltage, can withstand 25 thousand volts voltage without breakdown, so PVC electrical bushings no live danger.2., strong impact resistance: PVC electrical bushings can withstand the pressure, can be concealed in the concrete, not afraid of compression, impact damage.3., fire resistance performance is good: PVC electrician bushing oxygen index is high, with flammability, leave the flame instantly extinguished.4. moisture-proof, acid and alkali: PVC electric sleeve moisture-proof, not like metal casing corrosion, and acid, alkali, oil resistance.5. insect proof mouse: PVC electric bushing will not send out the smell of insect mouse, and can avoid the bite and bite of insect mice.6. easy to bend: just insert a spring in the pipe, without heating, gently bend with the hand.7., connection way: use adhesive, direct pipe and various parts connection, can complete all kinds of wiring requirements.
Q:Not all my filter tubes flow at the same time?
If the T piece do not have a regulator on it, replace it with one that has. This is usually called an air regulator. It has a knob on it that you can use to regulate the flow of the air in the tube. Or you can buy a piece of valve that can pinch the plastic air tube so that you can regulate the air that goes into one tube or the other. These are available in your LFS. Ask them and let them show you how they do it.
Q:How do I clean a plastic tube of diesel fuel?
Yea right, so you ask it in the You Tube section,........ lol good try but a troll question.
Q:Campfires with copper pipe or plastic tubing?
Copper Pipe In Fire
Q:How do you get a gerbil to climb the plastic tubes in a cage?
Until your gerbil gets the hang of it, put the food on the level he does have access to. At times all it takes is a little time for them to realize there's more to their home. Once he does, he'll be able to have the food where it currently is. I do wish to make sure you know that gerbils do chew through plastic and make quick work of tubes and tunnels. Within a couple weeks there could be a hole large enough for him to get out. Please just keep an eye on him to make sure he's not chewing on it. If he is, you may want to put him in a safer cage. I've seen many gerbils chew through the Critter Trail cages and many distraught owners wondering how to find their gerbils once they have escaped. Many owners don't feel their gerbil is a chewer or that the plastic is thick enough, but never underestimate the power of their determination and jaws. Many will chew through it, it simply ends up being a matter of when. Then again, some are fine, but in my own experience with gerbil parents, their gerbils all found a way out. My own two included (though I had been watching and as soon as I found the possibility of them making it out, they were immediately switched to a safer cage).
Q:want to combine2 10 gallon fish tanks with clear pvc tubing, will it work? how can it be done if so? thanks =)
just buy a new tank its safer.you dont want to do it put water in then its breaks everywhere
Q:Bendable piping/tubing??
Steel piping would be a good type of material for what you want. However, it is not going to be very easy to bend and anything that would fit your description is not going to have very rigid walls, which could be a problem. You might need to resort to a rigid wall pipe, such as PVC and use the various angle pieces made for this kind of pipe. The common angles range from a 1/8th bend all the way to a full 90 degrees.
Q:Dropped plastic straw into transmission fill tube while tryin to syphon fluid?
I would just leave it. I doubt it will cause a problem. Someday, you should have your transmission fluid changed after many miles. Just have them take it out then.

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