PVC Transparent non-toxic without ordor Fiber Flexible Reinforced Hose

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) 

· Brand Name: SGSN 

· Model Number: FSSH 

· Material: PVC 

· Specification: 5/32''-3'' 

· Length: 30/50/100M 

· Thickness: 2.5-8MM 

· Standard: SGS 

· Material: PVC 

· Size: 5/32''-3'' 

· Length: 30/50/100M 

· W.P.: 4-15Bar 

· B.P.: 12-45Bzr 

· Thickness: 2.5-8MM 

· Color: Any Colors 

· Temperature: -5C to 65C. 

· Surface: Smooth 

· Name: PVC Transparent Fiber Flexible Reinforced Hose 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Generally packing: Entangled with plastic woven cloth. Specially packing: according to the customer's requirements.

Delivery Detail:

30 days after the order is comfirmed


PVC Transparent Fiber Flexible Reinforced Hose 
2.Size: 4mm-22mm 

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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Singsino Group Ltd. has invested in several fields in China, includes PVC Hose, Rubber Hose and Plastic Machine which are applied in Food Processing, Industry, Commodity Series etc





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Q:What is the best way to clean the plastic tubes in a beer brewing kit?
I bought the special cleaner brush for my kit. It's just a rigid pipe cleaner with a 5 ft flexible handle. It's hard to push it into the center of my line, but that combined with soapy water (remember to rinse well!) does the trick for me.
Q:What material of buried pipeline needs to be treated with rust prevention? What kind of material needs to be treated with antiseptic, what kind of material is it made or not?
But such as corrosive or too humid environment, such as galvanized steel pipe also need anti-corrosion; there are electrochemical corrosion conditions, such as beaches, concrete, not repair steel pipe also have anti-corrosion measures; and so on.
Q:What's the difference between pipe, tube and flexible hose?
Answer A: Tubing normally has separate connectors, while hoses have integral/attached connection fittings. Answer B: If you've ever been hosed, you'd know the difference. Think of a rubber or vinyl garden hose or a canvas/cloth fire hose. Now think of copper, plastic or rubber tubing. Used similarly, constructed slightly differently in some cases, sometimes indistinguishable, sort of different ends of a spectrum with a meeting/overlap point somewhere toward the center of the category. Hoses can carry water or liquids, tubing can, also, but is used for gases under pressure, as well. Tubing, to put a fine point on the topic, generally has greater lateral/sidewall rigidity and strength than hoses.
Q:Not all my filter tubes flow at the same time?
If the T piece do not have a regulator on it, replace it with one that has. This is usually called an air regulator. It has a knob on it that you can use to regulate the flow of the air in the tube. Or you can buy a piece of valve that can pinch the plastic air tube so that you can regulate the air that goes into one tube or the other. These are available in your LFS. Ask them and let them show you how they do it.
Q:do guinea pigs like tubes?
I thought at first that my guinea pigs would like the tubes but when I got a tube for them they would go and sit in it or chew it. If I was you I would not waste your money, they would rather be taken out of their cages and held.
Q:DN is the pipe a pipe or a plastic tube?
PE (polyethylene) material is widely used in water supply pipe manufacturing because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and so on. Because it won't rust, it is the ideal pipe instead of ordinary iron pipes. PE due to its unique advantages and is widely used in building water supply, drainage, underground drainage pipe, building heating, gas pipelines, electrical and telecommunications, industrial protective casing pipes, agricultural pipes etc.. It is mainly used in urban water supply, urban gas supply and farmland irrigation.
Q:Yjv22 plastic pipe or steel pipe for pipe laying?
Usually in the outdoor concrete bellows, into the building with steel pipe, are designed according to soil properties. Except for outdoor continuous cables, YJV22 is rarely used in the room, because it is very unlikely to be damaged by external forces.
Q:Plastic covers / tubes on lamp?
Take the piece with you to the closest of these 2 stores and look in the plumbing isle for PVC pipe the same size. If the new pipe has writing on it you need to get off use a scotch brite pad.
Q:How to remove plastic tube out of the car oil pan? How will the plastic damage the engine?
Not good. The plastic could conceivably block the oil pump, causing a catastrophic loss of oil preeure. I'd recommend you drive it to your closest mechanic and have him drop the oil pan and remove it. It'll cost a lot of money, but not nearly as much as having the motor go away due to no oil.
Q:Plastic pipes have steam, how to handle dry?
We like PC plastic pipe is the use of air blowing dust, water vapor will suggest that you try the effect

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