PVC Corrugated hose for water suction

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APPLICATIONS of   10 inch drain pipe PVC Hose Pipe

Good substitute for rubber and metal hose in most application.

Agricultural irrigation,chemical transfer,water,oil,grain and powder conveying.

CHARACTERISTICS of    10 inch drain pipe PVC Hose Pipe

Being light in weight,with good resistance to the hard weather conditions and minus pressure,and small bending radius.

Excellent resistance to pressure,external impacts, chemical, gases,light acids and saline water.


Specifications of   10 inch drain pipe

Item No.InchI.D.O.D.M/RollW.P.B.P.WeightCBM/Roll

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Q:The inner and outer walls are plastic, and the middle layer is steel
Is this the wire mesh plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe?,Steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe with high strength steel wire mesh skeleton about forming spiral winding reinforced high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the substrate, and the wire skeleton inside and outside layer of high density polyethylene tightly connected together with adhesive resin layer with high performance.
Q:PVC-U what's the plastic tube?
Features: PVC-U plastic pipe bending performance, good chemical corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, anti-aging, temperature resistance.Carrying capacity: PVC-U plastic pipe can bear the weight of the foot, not broken.PVC-U plastic pipe application field: wire bushing, decorative casing, for liquid and oil delivery, power line protection, automotive wiring harness protection, machine tools, machinery, automation, instruments and so on.
Q:what do you call the plastic tubes used for pet water bottles, and where can you find them?
rubber tubes? you can find them at any pet supply store.
Q:Where can I buy cardboard tubing, foam pipe insulation, and clear plastic tubing?
umm lowe's or home depot maybe a crafts store
Q:Need ends to seal 3/8 plastic tube like Dremel uses to seal the ends of the tubes their...?
The seal can be O.D. or I.D. and needs to slip on and off fairly easy, just like the seals in the tubes that contain the littler grinding bits Dremel makes.
Q:Supplier of small plastic tube containers for ointments?
places like aromotherapy supplies and massage supplies.
Q:My dip stick broke but i can still see it in the tube, it broke off from the plastic peice.?
tweezers, get a straw that is small enough to wrap tightly around it. Wrap gray tape backwards around a coat hanger. Go to a auto store and buy one of those magnetic things. It looks like a car antenna, but it shrinks in size, and the end is magnetic. It is pretty cheap. take two long skinny nails, and put them down there and try to push them together to hold the stick and pull it out. I really don't know but it will be interesting to find out how you got it.
Q:How do you destickify a round plastic tube?
Old fashioned liquid cigarette lighter fluid will dissolve the adhesive and you can wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel.
Q:Where can I buy inexpensive plastic tubes?
home depot, Lowe's...in the plumbing department
Q:Please read i was in the er and while i had the lil tube thinggy in my vein it was left in me?
It's OK he checked the blood pressure with that in your vein. I don't know that I would have done it on that arm, but it's ok. As long as it didn't swell up you're fine. Ativan is the drug and it will more than likely make you sleepy and dizzy. Blood pressure is also measured with two numbers. For example 120/80. If you had a lower number (diastolic) of 70 that's perfectly healthy.

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