PVC Corrugated hose for water suction

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APPLICATIONS of   10 inch drain pipe PVC Hose Pipe

Good substitute for rubber and metal hose in most application.

Agricultural irrigation,chemical transfer,water,oil,grain and powder conveying.

CHARACTERISTICS of    10 inch drain pipe PVC Hose Pipe

Being light in weight,with good resistance to the hard weather conditions and minus pressure,and small bending radius.

Excellent resistance to pressure,external impacts, chemical, gases,light acids and saline water.


Specifications of   10 inch drain pipe

Item No.InchI.D.O.D.M/RollW.P.B.P.WeightCBM/Roll

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Q:How do you manually level a mobile home with clear plastic tubing?
fill the tubing and have someone hold the tubing at one corner of the home outside. have them tell you when the level of the liquid is at the height of the trailer edge. where the liquid is at your end is where the height of the trailer should be to be level...easier to rent a cheap transit... edit: i guess 30 years of using one is easier than explaining how...
Q:What's the difference between the plastic thing they put in your nose, an oxygen mask, and a breathing tube?
It just depends on the amount of oxygen support a person needs. A nasal canula is probably the least amount of help, while a breathing tube (ET tube) gives complete breathing support.
Q:Can mercury metal in a thin tube be wrapped around iron to make an electromagnet?
Yes it would, although I'm not sure how the plastic tubing would affect the current. If the type of plastic used is an insulator, it may affect performance of the magnet. Some plastics conduct electricity though, and there's no reason they wouldn't work.
Q:If you filled up a plastic tube with saturated salt water and used the tube as a solenoid around a nail,?
Only if a current(which would be limited by the resistance of the salt water or copper) was applied.So your question is which has less resistance per unit of cross section.Which would be copper.So the answer is no it wouldn't be more efficient(excess heat).Besides to do so would be a hard task what with leaks,space for the plastic tube etc. since the field is determined by ampere turns.
Q:Wire sets, plastic tools, what tools bend?
However, each of the different diameter of the wire pipe should be corresponding to the different pipe bender. That is to say, you have to bend several wires with different diameters to buy Pipes with different specifications.
Q:Have brittle and leaking ice maker plastic tubing in GE refrigerator - Model TPX24BPDABB?
You can replace the line with copper. If the connection point is metal you'll want to use a brass compression nut (brass) with a (brass) compression sleeve (know as a ferrules) if the connection point is plastic you'll want to use a nylon compression fitting. The metal ferrules one wont work as you would need to crank the you know what out out it to make it seal, and run the risk of stripping the plastic threads. The nylon takes less torque to seal if that makes sense as its a more dense material. You should be able to get all the parts from a local hardware store or big box store such as lowes or homedepot.
Q:Where can I buy plastic coin tubes?
Joann Fabric has a great selection. They're actually back in the bead isle.
Q:Can pur plastic pipes be used as drinking water pipes?
Polyurethane (PUR) is a kind of polymer with urethane repeating structure unit, which is made by reacting isocyanate with polyhydric alcohol.
Q:How do I make air flow continuously thru a 1 plastic tube connected to itself using an electric blower?
there may be an easier way... use a y connection to join the tube.. the blower is one part of the y it forces the air into the tube at an angle.. the ball will then move past the spot where the pump is blowing pump y .................y ......................y h h h y.....y........y.h.h.h.h the h's are then connected end to end and the ball willl move clockwise .. remember that you are forcing air into a closed system so you will have to put some vent holes in the hose to allow some air to escape or put a pressure release valve to let the pressure drop when its too high..
Q:My overflow tube in my toilet broke?
turn off valve under toilet clockwise until repaired!

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