PSTN Anti-theft Bus Alarm System with 8 Wired Defence Zone (Can Expand 240 Wired Defence Zone)

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PSTN Anti-theft Bus Alarm System with 8 Wired Defence Zone (Can Expand 240 Wired Defence Zone)

Main Features

1.Pure English monitor,easy to operate.

2.Adopt new 16 high speed Microprocessor,stable performance,with 8 wired defence zone,it can expand 240 defence zone by choosing the two cores bus driver module.(excluded the cable for detectors).the total defence zone is 248.

3.The total cable can up to 2.0km.( the cable diameter should be at least 1.5mm).

4.It can connect with up to 15pcs keyboards,divide into 8 independent zone,able to arming and disarming alone.

5.200 groups personal operating password,with 30 kinds of programmable defence zone function.

9.It supports 4+2,contact ID,etc multifarious communication format by using PSTN to connected with alarm center.

10.It can reach keyboard programming or remote programming,support wireless expansion function:2pcs wireless receivers.112pcs wireless detectors or buttons,5pcs wireless keyboards.

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Input Power
Auxiliary Output Power
DC12V,Max 1.0A
Backup Power
Motherboard Power Consumption
Static 175mA
Alarm Condition
Alarm Output
Defence Zone
With 8 wired zone,can expand 240 zone,the total is 248 wired defence zone.
Programmable Input Port
Programmable Input Port
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
Produce weight
Metal box size
Keyboard size
It can connect with 15pcs keyboards,please use ¢1.00 unshielded cable.with the length 300m

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If the car repair their own line from the alarm on the host (a square plastic box), cut the knife and all the host connected to the line all cut off, and then a root package on the line.
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There is a band-pull NPN transistor, and the other 23 is an NPN transistor
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You have a narrative of your anti-theft device has been burned
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Q:My car started a siren ring is how the matter?
Car anti-theft alarm, is a multi-functional products, not only can the role of anti-theft alarm, you can also have remote control start trunk, remote control switch doors, remote control switch windows, remote start engine, remote locking engine and so on.
Q:electric car alarm device will automatically ring how the matter
It is recommended that you can observe the car near, if no one moved the car is also the words, check the wiring is correct to determine the correct wiring, there may be alarm anti-theft device is broken, you can go where to test the locator, or Is still so for a way strong brand try to see there is no such a phenomenon.
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Fire alarm should search for the failure! Look for the property unit Normally it just has an LED indicator flashes once every 1 minute

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