PSTN Anti-theft Bus Alarm System with 8 Wired Defence Zone (Can Expand 240 Wired Defence Zone)

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Product Description:

PSTN Anti-theft Bus Alarm System with 8 Wired Defence Zone (Can Expand 240 Wired Defence Zone)

Main Features

1.Pure English monitor,easy to operate.

2.Adopt new 16 high speed Microprocessor,stable performance,with 8 wired defence zone,it can expand 240 defence zone by choosing the two cores bus driver module.(excluded the cable for detectors).the total defence zone is 248.

3.The total cable can up to 2.0km.( the cable diameter should be at least 1.5mm).

4.It can connect with up to 15pcs keyboards,divide into 8 independent zone,able to arming and disarming alone.

5.200 groups personal operating password,with 30 kinds of programmable defence zone function.

9.It supports 4+2,contact ID,etc multifarious communication format by using PSTN to connected with alarm center.

10.It can reach keyboard programming or remote programming,support wireless expansion function:2pcs wireless receivers.112pcs wireless detectors or buttons,5pcs wireless keyboards.

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Input Power
Auxiliary Output Power
DC12V,Max 1.0A
Backup Power
Motherboard Power Consumption
Static 175mA
Alarm Condition
Alarm Output
Defence Zone
With 8 wired zone,can expand 240 zone,the total is 248 wired defence zone.
Programmable Input Port
Programmable Input Port
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
Produce weight
Metal box size
Keyboard size
It can connect with 15pcs keyboards,please use ¢1.00 unshielded cable.with the length 300m

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Q:Self-made alarm
Close the door, in the door by the side of the handle nail nails, and then in the handle on the side of the wall nail one, do not crucify, half can, and then wrapped in a thin rope on the wall rope, rope ride to the door Of the nails, and then wrapped in a rope near the metal object on the cupboard, you're done, open the door, will affect the rope back pull, pull off the metal object, hit the ground, which issued a sound to remind you that the object from the nail The closer the better. I have a cabinet next door, done very sensitive, good conditions, but also from the door peeping, very practical
Q:Southeast Ling Yue rain day double flash and sirens always ring how the matter
You said this situation, it is estimated that the line of the problem, rainy weather will be connected to the electricity, to repair shop repair.
Q:fire drill when the alarm press, the alarm did not ring, may I ask what regulations require the alarm after the alarm must be ringing
In fact, even if the problem is not in accordance with the fire laws and regulations is the same thing, the public security fire department after the fine fine said. Manual alarm is a fire fighting facilities, is a way to communicate the alarm, if you do not press, it lost its meaning, can not receive the first time the alarm message, and no difference between nothing. And I would like to ask a landlord, do the fire before the exercise of these necessary conditions, such as hand, smoke, warm sense, shutter doors, fire hose and other fire facilities you have not fully checked? Do you want to engage in fire drills before you can ensure that your fire safety facilities are in good condition. If the fire department of the public security department participates in the exercise, will not you be severely punished?
Q:Can the alarm be private?
Therefore, if the private car unauthorized suspension of all the lights, install the alarm, was seized, the public security department will be based on the above provisions.
Q:electric car alarm ring will not automatically stop?
It takes about a minute or so to know to stop, if the outside non-stop interference alarm, would like to ring later will ring again
Q:Seeking an alarm or locator?
Did not see the distance near the alarm, there is a distance from the alarm after the anti-lost alarm, suitable for luggage, bags, children's anti-lost, in the set distance, no alarm; beyond the set distance, sound and vibration prompt
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The infrared transmitter drives the infrared light emitting diode to emit a noisy modulated infrared beam. At a distance from the infrared transmitter, place an infrared receiver with the alignment.
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The launch tube and the receiving tube are placed in the optical labyrinth, and the optical maze shields the external stray light interference without affecting the smoke.
Q:Car wash when the motorcycle burglar alarm into the water how to do smaller voice
It does not matter, such as the alarm did a good job ...

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