PIR Motion Detect Recorder with Audio&Video,Time/Date Stamped

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Product Description:

PIR Motion Detect Recorder with Audio&Video,Time/Date Stamped

Main Features

1.PIR Motion Detect Recorder with audio & video, time/date stamped.

2.Hidden Camera: 5.0 million Pixel, 1/2.5 Color CMOS Sensor.

3.Lamp, Camera, DVR, 3 functions are integrated into one unit.

4.High recording resolution: 1280 x 720 pixel, AVI format video.

5.strong light:10 wattage, illuminate for 15m at night.

6.Support max 32GB TF memory card, overwrite function

7.90° detection area, 6m detection distance .

8.AV Out to see more clear pictures on TV by AV cable .

9.IP62 Rate water-proof function.

Technical Parameter

Working temperature
Support max.
32GB TF Card
Video format
Hidden camera
5 million pixel
Video recording time
Camera visual angle
LED light
illumination range:
PIR motion detection range
Time&Date stamped
Water-proof grade
Runs with
Power supply
DC 12V 2A

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