PSTN Alarm System with 8 Wired(16 Wired Optional) 16 Wireless Defence Zone

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PSTN Alarm System with 8 Wired(16 Wired Optional) 16 Wireless Defence Zone

Main Features

1.High-speed digital communication,compatible ADEMCO4+2, CID digital of communication protocols;submitted information to the alarm center.
2. It can output module with eight-way control output(mainly used in joint monitoring, control appliances, lights,etc.)
3.The system can be programmed to carry out a variety of setting, such as alarm sound manner. Stand type, recording, monitoring, remote control the police telephone number, telephone line testing and so on. Wired and wireless compatibility.
4. Can set up 6 groups alarm phone number(fixed line or mobile phone number ) and 3 groups alarm center telephone number.Police trigger conditions, the cycle of dial-up number.
5.8 way of arming mode:leave arming, perimeter arming,delay arming,remote arming,stand-alone alarm, mandatory arming ,time arming, remote control arming.
6. 6 way of disarming mode: single defense area disarming, password keyboard disarming, remote disarming, receive alarm disarming,timing disarming, remote control disarming.
7. 8 defense zone mode:timely defense zone, delay defense zone, 24 hours defense zone, perimeter defense zone, fire alarm defense zone,gas defense zone,check defense zone ,bypass defense zone.
8. Built-recording module to record 10-20 seconds of voice, voice prompt alarm.
9. Storage 50 event log, can inquire defense zone alarm and arming/disarming information.
10.A “watchdog” function to prevent the crash.
11.With 8 wired defence zone + 16 wireless defence zone(ALN-238)
    With 16 wired defence zone + 16 wireless defence zone(ALN-2316)

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Power Supply
Static Current Consumption
Alarm Output
Output Voltage
Wireless Frequency
315/433Mhz optional
Defence Zone
8 wired zone + 16 wireless zone(ALN-238)
16 wired zone+16wireless zone(ALN-2316)
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
Produce weight
Metal box size
Keyboard size

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Q:Gas valve is closed, but the gas alarm suddenly rang, how is it?
1) gas alarm failure, 2) there are excessive gas in the room, 3) pipe fittings and other leaks, treatment methods: 1) Nose smell really have no gas taste, there are off the alarm, open the window ventilation, to determine the tasteless Close the doors and windows, and then open the alarm to see if the alarm again? Alarm has a leak.
Q:Supermarket exit alarm rang, the supermarket has the right to search the guests it?
The supermarket has no right to search for the customer. Customers out of the supermarket, the alarm rang, the supermarket can ask the customer to check whether they have not paid things, but can not search the customer, nor in the absence of evidence that the customer stole something, and customers should take the initiative to prove themselves, If the customer does not take the initiative to prove himself, the supermarket can be alarm, so that the public security organs to check. If the customer does not check out something, the supermarket should apologize to the customer. Of course, public security personnel must produce valid documents before proceeding. According to Chapter II of the Constitution, the basic rights and obligations of citizens. Article 37 The personal freedom of citizens of the People's Republic of China shall be inviolable. Any citizen, without the People's Procuratorate approved or decided or the people's court decision, and by the public security organs, not to be arrested. Prohibiting illegal detention and other means of illegally depriving or restricting the personal freedom of citizens and prohibiting the illegal search of citizens' bodies. Chapter IV Infringement of Citizens' Personal Rights and Democratic Rights. Article 144 Whoever illegally controls others or illegally searches for another person's body, residence, or illegally intrudes into another person's house shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention.
Q:What is the blue light in the car? Not flashing?
According to your description that is the signal light, that the normal work of the anti-theft device feel dizzy discomfort to the repair shop called the staff to help you put it in the obvious place, hope to answer to help
Q:Do not take anything, only wear shorts vest, why access to the supermarket alarm or ring ah, seeking high finger
Because something came out with something
Q:crystal painted inkjet machine cj3000 machine shows 0x05 machine alarm also kept the call, which is the Supreme who can give pointers to a two?
3, check the secondary cartridge float is working (can be measured with a multimeter)
Q:What procedures are required to install the alarm
1. The use of special vehicles: (1) police cars, public security, prosecutors, the courts, the judiciary used to maintain social order, to deal with law and order, criminal cases, command vehicles, exploration vehicles, security vehicles and the implementation of special emergency tasks; (4) engineering rescue vehicles, utilities, coal, mining, construction, fire, fire, fire, fire, Railway and other engineering departments for the rescue of public facilities and people's lives and property of the special vehicles and on-site command vehicles; (5) ambulance, medical and ambulance departments for the rescue of life-threatening personnel dedicated vehicles.
Q:Is the gas intelligent leak alarm useful?
In fact, this is wrong. Gas meter has a certain number of years of use restrictions, not always have been indefinitely has come to run the word, the residents in the usual use of the time should be careful of these.
Q:How to apply to the "warning siren license"? What unit can apply?
1, apply for warning lights to use, can only be a special vehicle. Public security, fire, ambulance, rescue vehicles owned units can apply to the local public security organs.
Q:What is the working principle of sound and light alarm?
   4, sound and light alarm general and infrared detectors, Menci composed of sound and light burglar alarm system, when the infrared detector or Menci detected an intrusion immediately send an alarm signal to the sound and light alarm, sound and light alarm immediately alarm The
Q:Alarm 400w wireless can not be equipped with 200 watts of speakers
No problem, the so-called 400w alarm, is equipped with two 200w speaker.

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