PSTN Alarm System with 8 Wired(16 Wired Optional) 16 Wireless Defence Zone

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PSTN Alarm System with 8 Wired(16 Wired Optional) 16 Wireless Defence Zone

Main Features

1.High-speed digital communication,compatible ADEMCO4+2, CID digital of communication protocols;submitted information to the alarm center.
2. It can output module with eight-way control output(mainly used in joint monitoring, control appliances, lights,etc.)
3.The system can be programmed to carry out a variety of setting, such as alarm sound manner. Stand type, recording, monitoring, remote control the police telephone number, telephone line testing and so on. Wired and wireless compatibility.
4. Can set up 6 groups alarm phone number(fixed line or mobile phone number ) and 3 groups alarm center telephone number.Police trigger conditions, the cycle of dial-up number.
5.8 way of arming mode:leave arming, perimeter arming,delay arming,remote arming,stand-alone alarm, mandatory arming ,time arming, remote control arming.
6. 6 way of disarming mode: single defense area disarming, password keyboard disarming, remote disarming, receive alarm disarming,timing disarming, remote control disarming.
7. 8 defense zone mode:timely defense zone, delay defense zone, 24 hours defense zone, perimeter defense zone, fire alarm defense zone,gas defense zone,check defense zone ,bypass defense zone.
8. Built-recording module to record 10-20 seconds of voice, voice prompt alarm.
9. Storage 50 event log, can inquire defense zone alarm and arming/disarming information.
10.A “watchdog” function to prevent the crash.
11.With 8 wired defence zone + 16 wireless defence zone(ALN-238)
    With 16 wired defence zone + 16 wireless defence zone(ALN-2316)

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Power Supply
Static Current Consumption
Alarm Output
Output Voltage
Wireless Frequency
315/433Mhz optional
Defence Zone
8 wired zone + 16 wireless zone(ALN-238)
16 wired zone+16wireless zone(ALN-2316)
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
Produce weight
Metal box size
Keyboard size

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Q:How to write an application for a special vehicle installation using an alarm light
Go to the local police station, where there are special formats and forms for you to fill in
Q:Electric car alarm solution does not unlock
3. The circuit connector is disconnected. (Check the circuit, find the location and then good)
Q:Why is the bikes?
It is estimated that the burglary inside the alarm, so that the alarm inside the digital system chaos garbled, will let any electric car control. I suggest you replace the burglar alarm, and go to the electric car after-sales service station to detect the controller, because the alarm line is taken out from the controller, the alarm opened after the anti-theft electric car will automatically lock the motor and turn off the controller All instructions for other accessories such as motors and other electric vehicles.
Q:A siren that can contact the phone
No, there can not be, because you can only control your phone, you control the Department of someone else's mobile phone, even the location information, it can not be so accurate, if you will be programming, I'd have a programming idea, you can Use Bluetooth, if both sides are open Bluetooth, then search for Bluetooth equipment can alarm. Hope to adopt!
Q:car alarm wireless controller and host how to re-code
Open the host switch, the host has a STEP hole. With something into the top, there will be a remote control between the lights flashing.
Q:The fire alarm of my home will be a few hundred seconds will be beeps. Sick of. I quarreled my half a day. Will that know what happened
there is a fire situation, the LED indicator will always flash, and some fire alarm buzzer will be issued a "drop" alarm sound. Hope it helps you.
Q:The work of the supermarket door alarm
Supermarkets are the use of the magnetic principle, but most of the supermarket only to do high-value goods such as cosmetics, shampoo, chewing gum, film, batteries, clothes, bags, toys, etc., in general, food will not increase Magnetic stripe, most of the supermarket operating margins are 10%, about 5% of food, the installation of magnetic stripe, then the cost is great.
Q:In the risk management approach, the way in which a fire alarm is installed for a high-rise building belongs
2 specific measures to prevent the risk of disposal before the risk occurs.
Q:Will the car tires be dislocated by the bleed alarm?
Tire bleed does not touch these sensors, so the alarm will not ring.
Q:Anti-wolf sirens can check it?
Personal alarm ah, the bad guys to do bad things, if you hear the alarm screams, will be scared, is the so-called guilty conscience Well, naturally will fall away. Personal alarm, then, Mino's very good. I do foreign trade, where the purchase, you can go to 1688 where the search of the Mino personal alarm

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