PIR Motion Detect Recorder with audio&video

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Product Description:

PIR Motion Detect Recorder with Audio&Video

Main Features

1.Motion Activated Camera / Security Light.

2.PIR Motion Detect and Record: 1280*720pixel.    

4.AVI Format Audio/Video record with date&time stamped.

5.TF Card upto 32GB, Overwrite Function.  

6.5 million Pixel CMOS sensor and hidden camera.

7.90° detection area,6m detection distance.  

8.USB2.0 PC connection  

9. 54pcs cold LEDs for illuminate 8m at night.  

10.IR LEDs is optional.

Technical Paramete

Working temperature
Support max.
32GB TF Card
Video format
Hidden camera
5 million pixel
Video recording time
Camera visual angle
illumination range:
PIR motion detection range
Time&Date stamped
Water-proof grade
Runs with
Power supply
DC 12V 2A

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Q:Install the monitoring alarm
Buried, induction type, the cost is too expensive, if you do not consider the cost, you can use this, generally used to guard the airport perimeter.
Q:Where is the car alarm installed?
The vehicle's alarm devices are typically installed in the cab's dashboard, including the main control box, the vibration sensor, and a status indicator. You touch the tires will be alarm because the vibration spread to the dashboard was shock sensor received, and then alarm.
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    2) Turn the lamp circuit: turn the car key to "ON" position, respectively, open the left and right turn lights switch, observe the left and right flash frequency is the same.
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Your car itself is not wrong, is the alarm problem, if you lock the car, and the door did not use the anti-theft device to contact,
Q:boot alarm sounding is how the matter
This speaker you can see on the motherboard, usually one is the first two lines of the cylindrical speaker head, and then connect the jumper jack, usually 4 pin jack, plug in the motherboard AUDIO jumper , Can be easily removed and installed.
Q:thief is how to steal electric cars, sirens open, and now steal electric cars are carried directly to the car, the alarm how not ring ah
Friends or so; now lock or what anti-theft devices are anti-gentleman; not against the villain; they can directly power off ah; or cut; or direct pull the power plug ah; thieves is also through a variety of Training; only out of practice ah; the best way; is to raise a dog will be home ah; you know; ok
Q:How does the anti-theft alarm at the door of the supermarket work?
The use of magnetic induction to the anti-theft, the supermarket door alarm device, also known as "damage to the door," which is equipped with magnetic sensors. If the goods have not been demagnetized by the loss of the door when the alarm will be.
Q:Can the alarm be private?
If you really like to install a play it, if you are encountered, was confiscated. My car also installed a set of three years, has not been checked, of course, rarely used, sometimes on the road with the next, too fun. The The The The The Ha ha
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1, the basic principles of the alarm (rough solution): the battery power across the ignition key door directly to the alarm control box for the alarm power supply; through the remote control "target = _blank remote control press the corresponding button to launch different frequencies of the signal , After the alarm control box received and identified, control the operation of different electronic relays, respectively, to control the night line lights and alarm speakers "target = _blank speakers and other components. When the "alert" button, the motorcycle alarm in the vibration sensor trigger to work, the alarm into the alert state. When the car encountered shock, the vibration sensor switch path, the alarm speaker work, the owner of the remote control with the alarm (two-way).
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Fire automatic alarm system all the equipment, including detectors, modules, buttons, sound and light, alarm, modules and so on. These devices do not require all settings, but according to the needs of the site. Need to sound and light of the place:

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