Single Beam Detector 4 Digital Frequency Conversion ABO Series

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Product Description:

Single Beam Detector 4 Digital Frequency Conversion ABO Series

Main Features

1.Adopt aspheric surface lens, optical gathered, powerful,concentric.

2.Light resistance reaches 50.00lux, built-in automatic adjustment light filtering system. avoid the influence from strong light or car light.

3.Unique Optical Design:The photoelectric beams have the ability to penetrate compound glass.

4.When meet the bad weather and fog. the detector will enhance sensitivity automatically to distinguish circuit.

5.Special structure design make it work in the bad environment properly

6.Use C model circuit failure output.

Technical Parameter

Single Beam Active Infrared Detector
Detection range
Response speed
Infrared frequency
Power supply
Wave length
Current comsumption
40mA Max/DC12V
Infrared angle
Operating environment
Temperature: -25℃~+55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
Ralay output
1A MAX 30V
Product size
48.2×76 ×21.6(mm)

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