NEW wired/wireless Gas Sensor

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NEW wired/wireless Gas Sensor

Main Features

wired/wireless Gas Detector alarm,Auto reset after alarm MCU processing adopted,Auto detect sensor failure Induced gas-natural gas/LPG/LNG SMT design, high stability

Technical Parameter

Type of gas detection
Natural gas or LPG
Working voltage
DC10V-14V  AC100V-220V, 50Hz
Quiescent current
Alarm current
Alarming level
Alarming level error
Buzzer sound pressure
≥70dB (1 meter ahead)
Working environment
Long time alarming level error ± 5% LEL
Repeating test alarming level error ±33% LEL
Power consumption
Alarm mode
Sound and ligth alarm,NO/NC wireless frequency 315MHz or 433MHz(wireless)

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Q:What is the principle of interrogating the alarm? What is the frequency of the ultrasound?
Second, the technical performance 1, the alarm: touch sensor, whistle alarm. 2, the alarm volume: ≤ 120 dB. 3, whistle time: every time after the trigger whistle for 10 seconds. Third, the use of 1, along the touch sensor behind the direction of the arrow to open the battery cover, into the battery. 2, the touch sensor will be linked to the lead wire hanging on the metal door handle or door lock, the switch up to move in place, touch the alarm into the alarm monitoring state, and then touch the door handle or door lock, the touch sensor alarm will Immediately whistle alarm
Q:How to write an application for a special vehicle installation using an alarm light
Go to the local police station, where there are special formats and forms for you to fill in
Q:Fire alarm design Manual alarm button and fire sound and light alarm must be and fire hydrant pump button put together?
Sound and light alarm general and manual alarm button set together, but the installation height is not the same.
Q:What is the principle of air defense alarm? How so loud ah?
1, the alarm: the alarm is divided into two types of motor and electro-acoustic. The motor type has a motor as the main device of the siren, turning the mechanical energy into sound. The electro-acoustic type is composed of the main function and the speaker.
Q:Who knows the origin of the US TNE sirens
You said TNE, in the United States can not find the brand information.
Q:alarm device 300W host installed 400W speaker can you
First, the actual output of the host. Now a lot of alarm standard is 300W or even 600W more rare standard 800W. The real situation how only the knowledgeable people to open the host to see the host of the transformer can probably see the actual situation! For example: Taobao on a lot of remote control alarm there are cheap wired handle alarm, open to find that side of the transformer (usually the side) is really poor little, and two transformers with regular manufacturers are not as good as one. The It is not into the eye ah!
Q:Fire alarm has been ringing
If the alarm controller host has been ringing, need to see what prompted the message is a fault or fire. Failure to solve the problem, such as the line problems, damage to the site equipment; if it is a fire, ibid, is false alarm, then reset the alarm signal can be true fire alarm if the emergency plan.
Q:How the alarm works
It receives the infrared radiation energy found by the transmitter through the phototransistor and converts it into an electrical signal via photoelectric turn abstraction. This electrical signal is sent to the alarm controller circuit via appropriate processing.
Q:Alarm top ten brands
And then determine the type of detector and the transmitter and the host between the transmission.
Q:Central locking and anti-theft device What is the difference? High reward!
3, a separate control: In addition to the driver around the door, but also in other doors set a separate spring lock switch, can independently control a door to open and lock.

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