Three Beams Active Infrared Detector with 10 LED ABE Series

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Three Beams Active Infrared Detector with 10 LED ABE Series

Main Features

1.Adopt three aspheric surface lens,optical gathered, powerful,concentric.
2.Adopt unique base design,easy to install.
3.Light resistance reaches 50.00lux, built-in automatic adjustment light filtering system. avoid the influence from strong light or car light.
4.Totally-sealed rainproof, dustproof,etc integration structure design make it work in the bad environment properly.
5.Built-in Optical sight and particular conversion circuit design, easy to adjustment
6.The beams intercept data cycle is adjustable, it can help the beams to be more  flexible and with stronger adaptability.
7.The receiver with 10 LED signal strength indicator.( Calibration more accurate.)

8.Horizontal/vertical Optical angle is easy to adjust and calibrate.
9.Step precision fine-tuning, so that calibration is more accurate
10.Photosensitive redundant reach up to 99%.
11.Lightning prevention circuit design
12.Use C model circuit failure output.

Technical Parameter

Three Beams Active Infrared Detector
Warning distance(outdoor)
Warning distance (indoor)
Optical source
Infrared LED
Detection way
3 beams blocked off at the same time
Response speed
Alarm output
Relay contact output:NO.NC contact rating:AC/DC30V.0.5A Max
Power supply
Power consumption
Operating environment
Humidity:RH 95%
Tamper output
Contact output 1b DC24V.0.5A Max
Optical axis adjustment range
Vertical direction 20°(±10°)    Horizontal direction  180°(±90°)
Telescopic sight
Additional functions
Light indicates,OK indicator lamp,Testing terminal

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If it is required to leave the wall a certain distance on the alarm is not climb the wall before the alarm, you can use wired infrared probe, a wide range of detection, detection distance of about ten meters

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