Two Beams Active Infrared Detector 4 Digital Frequency Conversion

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Product Description:

Two Beams Active Infrared Detector 4 Digital Frequency Conversion

Main Features

1.Adopt two aspheric surface lens,achieve big-bore light beam.

2.Shell with LED visible window,the action can be confirmed more speedily after setting.

3.Unique product molding design,having sharp differences with other products.

4.Lightproof all black shell design,with new stray light filtering function.

5.IP66 waterproof grade,all around rubber O-ring ,it can be  rainproof,dustproof and mothproof.

6.The receiver with LED digital display.calibrate more intuitively and conveniently.

multiple devices.

7.With 4 digital frequency conversion,can effectively avoid jamming when installing multiple detectors.

Technical Parameter

Two Beams Active Infrared Detector
Warning distance
Detection mode
Infrared Pulse
Detection way
2 beams blocked off at the same time
Optical axis adjustment range
Vertical direction±5°  Horizontal direction ±90°
Response speed
50msec/100msec/400msec/700msec.for optional
Power voltage
DC10.5~24V   AC10.5~18V
Current consumption
Circuit breaker output operating
Invades alarm: Response time output ( at least 2 second)
Power voltage reduce alarm:continuous output when power voltage reducing( at least 2 second)
Replay output
No-voltage contact output,contact frame AC/DC 30V,0.5A(loadresistor)
Alarm action Indicate
Intrusion warning:red LED are alight when warning
Warning when power voltage is low:red LED turn off when warning
Adjustment of optical axis
Output voltage:maximize the test junction's output voltage of receiver
LED digital display shows signal strength
Tamper output
Condition:receiver's housing(open) contact(open)
Freeze frame:no-voltage contact output.                        
contact rated AC/DC30V0.5A(resistance load)
Power display
Green LED turns on when transmitter is power on
Operating environment
Temperature:-25℃~+55℃ Humidity:RH 95%
Telescopic sight

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Q:The motor stops the alarm
When the motor speed down to a certain number of revolutions or stop, the normally open contact closed, connected to the alarm power, the alarm will ring
Q:How is the motorcycle alarm removed?
If the car repair their own line from the alarm on the host (a square plastic box), cut the knife and all the host connected to the line all cut off, and then a root package on the line.
Q:How does the motorcycle start the line?
Anti-theft device black ground wire, blue line is the fire line, the general car is red and yellow line is the line of fire! Blue line then red and yellow line, two yellow lines were connected to turn lights!
Q:How to remove the motorcycle anti-theft device?
3, if the car repair their own line from the alarm on the host (a square plastic box) at the fast knife chopped all the lines connected with the host all cut off, and then a root package on the line.
Q:How much wattage is the number of watts?
This is what you want to use, if you are at home open, get hold with 150W is enough, if you are running long distance with 300W
Q:Central locking and anti-theft device What is the difference? High reward!
3, a separate control: In addition to the driver around the door, but also in other doors set a separate spring lock switch, can independently control a door to open and lock.
Q:Will the car tires be dislocated by the bleed alarm?
No, if your car has tire pressure detection device, then there will be tire pressure warning light, hope to help you, hope to adopt
Q:My omnipotent safe password wrong 3 times, the alarm rang, I will be able to try it?
Smart electronic password safe, the password will be wrong three times the alarm, a minute will automatically stop.
Q:What procedures are required to install the alarm
3. Where the need to install special vehicle alarm, sign lamps, must be the unit to the local city and county public security bureau to apply for "special vehicle alarm and signs lamps use permit", the quasi-installation, use.
Q:HX-100B fire sound and light alarm how to code
This code is coded with the GST-BMQ-2 encoder of the bay, and the encoder clips on the encoder are clamped to the Z1 and Z2 terminals of the acousto-optic alarm. Open the encoder, H002 or H003, then press to clear Need to compile the address code, such as "20",

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