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Prepainted galvanized steel coil JIS G3312
Annual output: 100000MT
Surface: glossy 60+, matt,etc

Prepainted galvanized steel coil  PPGI as follows:
1) Quality standard of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: JIS G3312 CGCC & CGLCC
2) Grade of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: CGCC and CGLCC
3) Hardness of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: Both soft and hard quality are available
4) Surface finish of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: with or without protect film
5) Thickness of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 0.14-1.20 mm
6) Width of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 914mm, 1000mm, 1220mm and 1250mm, thickness 600-1250mm is available
7) Finish by coil or sheet for Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: Both sheet and coil are available
8) Zinc coating of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 60-275G/M2, both sides
9) Paint thickness for top side of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 5 micron primer + (10-20) microns modified polyester, any RAL color code.
10) Paint thickness for back side of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: (5-10) microns Epoxy
11) Weight per Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 4-6 tons, also can be upon customer's requirements
12) Max loading weight in one 20ft container for Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 25 tons generally
13) MOQ of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 25 tons for each item;
14) Actual shipping quantity of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: More or less 10% generally;
15) Delivery time for Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: 15 days ganerally.
16) Applications of Prepainted galvanized steel PPGI: Widely used for roofs, outer walls, ovens, explosive-proof steel, electrically controlled cabinets, and industrial freezers in the residential and industrial buildings



Valid thickness


Coil width


Coil ID

 508mm & 610mm

Coil weight

 3~5 tons

Zinc coating

 80~275 g/m2

Thickness of top paint

 15~25 microns

Thickness of reverse paint

 5~7 microns


 any RAL code


 vertical, eye to sky & horizontal


 25 tons

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Galvanized steel is nothing more than regular steel with zinc added. However, unless you wear the proper gear or ventilate the fumes away, the zinc can cause heavy metal poisoning. As someone who has suffered from it before, usually the symptoms are an upset stomach, feeling queasy, diarrhea, and sometimes hallucinations. If it is bad, you start getting joint pain, a metallic taste in your mouth, and develop a fever. Usually, you can treat mild zinc poisoning by drinking lots of fluids and flushing out your system as much as possible. Still, if the problems persist for more than an hour or so, it can be lethal with many blacksmiths having died as a result of it. If she still feels bad, call a poison control center and tell them she breathed in zinc fumes. They will probably tell you to go to the ER to start treatment. It is not something you wait out.
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