Portable Power Bank Hand Warmer

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Product Description

5200mAh Portable Hand Warmer Power Bank (SPB-1008-2)

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We can make several capacity (2600mAh,5200mAh,10400mAh) to meet customers' requirement.
5200mAh Portable Power Bank Hand Warmer (SPB-1008-2)

5200mAh Portable Power Bank Hand Warmer (SPB-1008-2)5200mAh Portable Power Bank Hand Warmer (SPB-1008-2)
1.Featuring a state-of-the-art 5200mAh Li-ion battery, the sleek SPB-1008-2 discovery offers users real power on the move.
2. Built-in 5200mAh high quality rechargeable Samsung 18650 Li-ion battery
3. 4 LED Indicators display the accurate percentage of power.
4.5V/1A USB output charge for mobile phone
5. Ultra high conversion efficiency (>85%)
6. Full charging time: 3-4 hours.
7. Housed in a stylish Full aluminium, colors is according to the customer request.  
8. Humanization Power Switch Design:
1)press two times to take turn on Flashlighting
2)press for 3 seconds to turn on Hand Warmer Function, and the 4 Indicators indicates and flashing.
9. Intelligent temperature control system, security to keep warm.

This 52000mAh portable USB power bank with hand warmer and flashlight is the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Its sleek aluminum housing is available in different colors, and it will work with many makes and models of smart phones. Its extra capacity allows it to recharge your portable electronic device and then still have enough juice left over to warm up your hands and help you see around camp at night!

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