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Product Description

1300mAh - 2600mAh Portable Power Bank for Mobile phone/iPad/iPhone/MP5/MP4


1. Model: Guoguo-002 Mobile Power Bank
2. Capacity:1300/mAh / 1500mAh / 1800mAh / 2000mAh / 2200mAh / 2600 mAh
3. N. W: 61g
4. Certificate: CE & RoHS, FCC
5. Dimension:25x25x90mm    
6. Battery type: Lithium-ion
8. Input:  4.8-5.4V, 1A(MAX)                                                                    
9. Output:  5V, 1A(MAX)                                                  
10. Full charged Time: 2-3hours    
11. Fittings: USB charging cable
12. Color:  Black / White / Pink / Green  / Blue
13. Packing:  each with a instruction and a color box.      
                       90pcs/inner box, 2 inner boxes per master carton /Size:  46x42x55.5cm          
We also can do customized packaging.                                                                                              

14. Safe and stable: Hi-tech lithium battery undergoes drop test, smash test and puncture test to ensure, no fire and explosion in breaking.
15. Compatible: All mobile phone / MP5 / MP4 / iPaq / iPhone / PSP etc

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What determines exchange rate is the supply of money. The biggest determinant of the supply of money is interest rates. When a bank issues a loan, they in essence create money that isn't there. The lower the interest rates, the more people will barrow, and the more non-existent money the banks will create. The money supply goes up, and the value of the currency goes down. The value of currency is a ratio between the money supply and Gross National Product of the issuing nation. Treasury Securities basically reverse the money supply by taking real money possessed by the tax payers out of circulation. This lowers the money supply and increases the value of the currency. The government and central bank can only control the value of currency to a certain degree. The Japanese had to learn that the hard way. For years they tried to control their currency completely. One day they couldn't get enough currency out of circulation to prevent a value adjustment, and the value of the Yen crashed world wide. The central bank has to make decisions every day to move the value in whatever direction they want for the good of the economy, and they have to plan months in advance, and move very carefully, to prevent sending shock waves through the economy.
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they should have no power whatsoever. the fed is the worst thing that the government has created.
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JD Powers is an independent research company a division of McGraw- Hill.
Q:1979 Dodge Power Wagon Project?
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Q:Misfire on bank 1? 95 mustang?
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I would sure like to know what you want that for. Just stock 460 is strong enough! Use to drive one.
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You can either buy the power bank, use separate power adapters for each pedal or use batteries.
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