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Product Description:

Product Description:
2800mAh New Product USB Pocket Charger Power Bank/mobile power bank/portable power bank
usb charger power bank/portable power/external battery power bank/powerbank/mobile phone power bank/2800mAh Usb Charger/mobile charger/portable charger/external battery charger/dual USB output power banknew product power bank

1. Specifications
Power Source: Electric
Socket Type: for All Types
Battery Type: lithium-ion Battery Cell
Capacity: 2800mAh
Input: 5V 1A
2 Outputs: 5V/1A
Weight: 160g

2. Package Contents
1. Portable Power Bank X1
2. Power DC Cable X1
3. DC connector X4(Samsung, Iphone5, Iphone 4S, Nokia )
4. Beautiful and fashionable package

3. Pictures:

2800mAh New Product USB Pocket Charger Power Bank
4. Maintenance & Caution:  
Keep your Power Bank operation to its fullest potential, making sure to do as following:
1. Please charger the powerbank compeletely before the first time use.
2. Re-charge your backup battery once every three months when it is not in use.
3. Before charging your electric device, please confrim the voltage of the electic device
4. Kep your power bank dry and away from moist and corrosive material.
5. Don't drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the charger by yourself
6. Don't expose the charger to a heat source as fire or heater,
7. Keep the powerbank away from children
8. Don't use in the presence of flammable gas

5. Protection:

1. Overcurrent protection

2. Short circuit protection

3. Overheat protection

4. Overdischarge protection

5. Overcharge protection

6. Overvoltage protection

8. Our services:

1) We are factory: Good price & fast delivery.

2) We only do private tooling, Top quality Li-ion or Li-polymer battery cells, high quality materials & perfect details.

3) Reliable quality with CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC certificates.

4) OEM/ODM, customers design is welcome.

Battery TypeClass A 18650 lithium-ion  battery
MaterialsPET&ABS,Fireproofing Material
Net weight160g
Service timeAbout 500 Cycles
Warranty12 Months

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