Portable Mobile Phone Accessories 2600mAh Power Bank

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Product Description:


1. Fashion Texture:Compact design, Delicate and  beautiful texture, Fashion taste preferred..
Light and portable: Small volume, easy to carry.
2. Ultra high capacity:2600mAh battery capacity,to ensure long life time.
3. Intelligent control:Microcomputer intelligent control to effectively protect the circuit, To prevent overcharge, over discharge, short circuit and damage the electrical core.
4. Strong compatibility:with 4 types connector(Nokia DC2.0  Mini USB Apple interface Mike USB),Wide application, can charge for various digital products.
5. Portable use:Easy to use, simple operation, no need for various settings,easily enjoy from selecting the corresponding adapter.


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This product is for those consumers that want the most out of their iPhones. As we all know, it is not hard for an iPhone 6 to drain its battery if you have medium to heavy usage. Apps like Facebook, YouTube and Skype can quickly lower your phone's battery. This is when the battery case shows its worth, by giving you added peace of mind that you can simply charge your phone back up quickly and efficiently!

Products Descriptions
Products nameNewest 1500MAH external portable battery case for iphone 6
Battery Capacity1500mAh
Portable Battery PackExternal Power Pack Case
Compatible BrandFor iPhone6
Output  DC5V/300mA
DC Charging Time4  hours
Product StandardCE & ROHS & FCC

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