Large Capacity Mobile Power Bank/Portable Power Bank for Nokia

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Large capacity mobile power bank/portable power bank for Nokia

1.Good quality;
3.Low price;
4.Fast delivery
5.Many models for selection


-Compact & Portable design ensures you the perfect On-the-Go experience
-High capacity battery, High efficiency output.
-Intelligent MCU controller, monitoring various operating status.  
- Over current and short circuit protect.
-Suitable to IPHONE, PSP, MID, cellphone, MP3,GPS and similar devices.
- Cell type is ABS battery ,aluminum shell, oxidized color and LED flashlight .
- Fast charging and long life cycle .
- Easy to carry and convenient life .

Large Capacity Mobile Power Bank/Portable Power Bank for Nokia

Place Of Original:Guangdong, ChinaMetarial:metal,plastic
Color:pink/black/green/blue etcWeight:150
Package:Retail packagesItem No.:NK01
Delivery Time:1-2days after  paymentMOQ:1PCS
Compatibly:For Mobile phone phoneBrand:OEM
*High capacity
*High Quality
*Excellent Service
*Available Price
*Fast Delivery

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