Office Chair Mesh Fabric Material Design

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40000 set/month

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Product Description:

Office Chair Mesh Fabric Mateial Design

Structure of Offcie Chair Description:

Back is black frame.

High elasticity Korea mesh back and seat.

The seat can be slided for 5 cm.

4D adjustable arms with rotating soft PU pad, it can be adjusted for height & width.

The width of two armrests can be widen.

Aluminum synchronized-tilting mechanism with 5 locked position,the back can be tilted and locked from any angles.

High quality imported gas lift,more durable and security.

Polished aluminum five star based with PU castors.

The height of headrest is adjustable,up and down.

Main Feature of Office Chair:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

More Photo for Office Chair:

Office Chair Mesh Fabric Material Design

Office Chair Mesh Fabric Material Design

Office Chair Mesh Fabric Material Design

Office Mesh Chair Mesh Color Selection:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Mesh Packaging deails:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height


Why choose us?

1, Advantage: Directly manufacturing factory with competitive price and quality control, we check all material when we start to bulk productions.

2, Professional advice to help you purchase the products you wanted/

3, Professional export service team servers in the deal.

4, Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated.

5, We will inspect and test all products material carefully to ensure no damage and lost.

6, The success of our cooperation can be guaranteed for our company is a credible and honest partner.


The advantage of our products.

1. 1-2 years warranty for outside material, 5 years for inside.

2. All of our products reaches European standard. Regular customer like: carrefour, wal-mart, etc. 

3. Material choice and color choice available.

4. Competitive price, the more products you buy,the cheaper price we will quote.

5. Skillfully handwork, modern design.


How about the payment term?

Usually 30%T/T in Advace, the balance before shippment. L/C at sight could also be accept.

Other payment term could be discussed with specific orders.

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Q:What is the best product to get semen out of a computer chair?
Just take the chairs apart and recover them with fake leather. You can buy it at any craft shop. It's not hard to do I've recovered computer chairs before, but not for the reason you mentioned. Try using a towel dude.
Q:Can someone drag me out of this chair?
Go to bed! Your old enough to know better! LOL I hope that was strict enough.
Q:Is my son ready for a high chair?
I would wait a bit just because i heard it messes up there back. Hes a little young wait till hes at least 6 months. They grow fast and there skills too. :-) but buying one now would be fine but id wait till he can sit by himself .
Q:Looking to buy a new computer chair.?
My husband goes through computer chairs, too. My son and I have been looking at Office Max and Office Depot. Best Buy, Staples, and any other office supply place carries them. We saw some nice ones for about $200-300. I would go to various stores, sit in several, ask the store which ones have been returned (avoid those) and inquire which ones would hold up for a big guy Also, many companies are offering at least one or two chairs that are considered green. I think that is a great idea.
Q:I often sleep in a reclining chair?
I think it's very soothing and relaxing to fall asleep in a reclining chair. The reason you feel better is because your bed has springs and those springs are a killer. Do your ever wonder why you keep on tossing and turning during the night? It's those springs. They're horrible for your back. Even if you don't toss and turn, you will most likely feel stiff in the morning. Ever saw one of those Tempur-Pedic beds on a commercial? Really expensive, but probably worth the money because your back will thank you.
Q:are there any cheap alternatives for wedding chair covers?
Chair Covers Cheap
what do you want to know. I'm in Charlotte and I recently relocated so I know you probably have many questions. If you want email me and I'll answer whatever I can for you
Q:how do you adjust a steelcase chair 430312?
This chair is a Twist o matic Try turning the chair counterclockwise to go up, about ten spins should do the trick. You'll know you have reached the height limit when in starts to do a clunking sound. The same applies when you go down. I usually sit on the chair before turning it, so that I can see the difference when I sit on it again. If this doesn't work, the twist o matic device may be faulty and you can order a replacement through a dealer in your area.
Q:What is a club chair?
Yowza is right, except that those clubs had lots of different chair styles in them (Wing, Charles of London, Tuxedo, etc )... Add this thought, from common usage... Look at the front of the arm. If it is shaped kinda like this P ; THAT's a club chair. (the front of the arm has a club shape)
Q:Reupholstering a desk chair?
the seat on most chairs have screws. Just get a screw gun or screw driver and remove them. then take the seat and remove the old cover Not the padding. I will put the batting over the old padding and then the material. Most seats will take about 1/2 yard to 1 yard of material to cover it. You also need to buy a package of batting ( I buy extra loft 1/2 inch thick twin size batting). I cut the batting to fit the top of the seat, then place the seat on the wrong side of the material and draw a line around the seat for an idea on size. I then cut out the seat pattern I have drawn allowing for about 6 inches to wrap under the seat. I then pull the material up and over the seat and staple in a few places. I repeat that around the seat. when done turn it over to see if it is smooth and replace it in the chair and screw in the screws. Your done. You can go to any fabric shop or specialty fabric shop for material. Material is either 45 inches up 90 inches wide. You do not have to go to an upholster shop (they will charge you more for the material) I shop at Joann's where I live because I can get the same material for less and I buy when it is on sale. Most material will cost from $5.99 to 25.99 a yard. That is for design and if it is a designer name material. I have re-done my chairs several times in my home and it takes about an hour for me to do. So go ahead and do it yourself. good luck

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