No-edge Raised Floor(Steel Panel) good quality

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4000 g/m²
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500000 g/m²/month

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Product Description:

No-edge Raised Floor(Steel Panel)

Model: HGD600

Dimension: 600×600×35(mm)   

 This product without black edge trim, is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming, point welded and plastic sprayed with bubble cement filler filled in its inner cavity. The fire-resistant decoration plates that can endure high temperature adhere to its surface with conductive chips embedded around it. The pedestals and cross beams are wholly plated with zinc and the height of pedestals is adjustable and can be self-locked. 


 Concentrated Load

 Impact Load

 Ultimated Load

 Uniform Load

 Rolling Load















































 Designed specially for computer room & clean room

 Excellent rolling load & ultimate load performance

 Light weight cementitious fill makes panels solid and quiet

 Completely non-combustible

 Black electrodeposition cathodic epoxy paint finish for life time protection

 Class A flame spread and smoke development rating

 Wide range of finishes available


 Applicable Fields
Computer rooms, programmed control equipment rooms, electrical-controlled classrooms, places that have requirements of dust-proof and anti-static, and fields with aerial requirements.

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Q:Anti-static floor which are several
Taste of long white short-fat mixed with water anti-static floor ceramic anti-static floor composite anti-static floor aluminum anti-static flooring network floor is generally divided into the above five categories, detailed classification
Q:Full anti-static floor how to close? And how does it go under the wires?
With the ordinary floor of the foot line edge, but the corners have to support the floor to ensure the level. It under the wire, the signal line to be used PVC flame retardant threading tube protection, in the outlet should be a special outlet (according to the actual needs of the installation of one or more).
Q:How to install static buckle correctly
Can not, to install 5 bar One per meter
Q:Can flooring replace the antistatic floor?
I am in the song Sheng anti-static company to do so for many years is not
Q:How does the machine have static electricity?
The chassis behind the screws on a wire, and then the cable can be a good way to solve the ground.If there is no ground, then connected to the iron pipe can also be managed to trace the heart of the pipe is called the habit of Lu. Good power to a certain extent, can prevent static electricity.
Q:How to clean the room floor
PVC flooring so troublesome, why not use ceramic flooring it? Direct wet mop a drag dry and wear! Maintenance and simple.
Q:Anti-static floor which sub-project
Belong to the decoration works, and then the specific points inside the decorative panels (brick) project
Q:Composite anti-static floor with an empty one square meter how much money
Now in the use of such anti-static floor is very small, the price is also expensive and also divided into different types of law for fear of forging ding kicking fist and quality, the highest to more than a thousand, the most expensive to three Hundreds of bars
Q:Anti-static floor hdg.600.35.q.d what is the meaning
Specifications: 600 * 600 * 35mm Service life: 10 years Surface resistance: 10 7DD10 9Ω impact resistance open Kouzhuang Kenjiqian Bang Bao Bo strength: 1000 kg g Material: steel filled with cement Wear resistance: high thickness: 30,35 ,,, mmmm
Q:General room commonly used anti-static floor what price?
The use of anti-static floor of the engine room are generally used anti-static anti-static on the cross-foot on the Kyu Gui helium Mao electric floor, there are two kinds of national standard and non-standard, there are different thickness, see your choice, the price of about 200

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