Air-Flow Raised Access Floor

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Materials of Air-Flow Raised Access Floor


Full steel, HPL or PVC punched tile, surface punched panel which is SPCCID hard steel of Shanghai Bao steel, manual welding for the bottom square tube, origination domestic. Imported paint, conductive rim, pedestal、stringer are pressured forming with steel, lead screw could adjust height.



Characteristics of Air-Flow Raised Access Floor


1. Prevent static validly; fireproof, dustproof;


2. Manual welding, high mechanical strength, strong bearing capacity, good shock-resistance;


3. Except for other function, possess ventilation function;


4. 17%~50% ventilation rate, satisfies different environmental requirements on purge.



Applications of Air-Flow Raised Access Floor


All manner of computer room, network service room monitor control center, electronic workshop、clean room, dauntlessness chamber etc and occasions which require on antistatic and air conditioning.



Type& Technology parameter of Air-Flow Raised Access Floor







Concentrated load

Impact load


Ultimated load





Rolling load(N)




10 times

































































Production of Air-Flow Raised Access Floor


production of Raised Access Floor


Production of Air-Flow Raised Access Floor

packing of Raised Access Floor

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Q:Weak motor room anti-static floor installation process, lightning protection grounding method Satisfied to 100 points.
1, the room needs to be polished copper how many meters? The number: can be as follows: 26m, 140m, the middle value can be. This is not a strict sense of the request, if the budget is sufficient to calculate by 140m. 2, the above products how to do lightning protection grounding specific steps and what to pay attention to. Lay near the electrostatic floor support, pay attention to the copper belt and other equipment and other connections. 3, the level of the surface of the helium for the reclamation of the old rush between the tacit and electrostatic floor between the height of 15cm enough? Adequate, generally recommended best attached to the ground. Not high and low under the floor how to go under the track, maintenance and maintenance of the latter part of the time are trouble.
Q:Do you have a grounding grid for your own anti-static floor?
According to the national elevator inspection regulations and GB7588-2003 requirements, the elevator power supply system requirements are TN-C or TN-CS system, and your own grounding network, is generally connected with the earth directly, the ground wire is not in the total air (TN-CS) or directly connected to the power supply neutral point of the transformer (that is, the TT system is not in compliance with the relevant regulations.
Q:How to drill holes in the engine room? Drill a good hole after drilling a good hole?
Hole or drill bit, sheath, then to find their own, a simple point on the use of anti-static tape do mouth it
Q:Anti-static floor of the room.
If you are using the original classroom floor and stent, it can, but if the second classroom area larger, then trouble, to increase the floor and stent, and increase the floor and the original floor will have color, It is ugly that if the second teacher is smaller than the first one, it can be. As long as the same factory with a floor, the general stent can be universal, if you change the other types of flooring, the original stent may not be used, to all replaced. If there is a problem, give me a message.
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
Network cable buried under the wall and then how to open the floor?
Q:PVC pipe with anti-static performance?
Pipeline pipe also has anti-static muscle attack crown Ji Gui Gui helium two electric, but must determine whether the use of anti-static performance. You can ask the other party to provide anti-static test report, pay attention must be in the validity period, a qualified third party test report to be effective!
Q:How many anti-static floor with feet and beams
According to the anti-static floor construction and installation experience, we usually in accordance with each floor with 1.8 beams, a bracket and two screws as the industry with the normal ratio. Antistatic floor systems are usually composed of floors, beams, brackets, screws, veneer and other major parts. The beams and their height-adjustable brackets are screwed into a solid lower support system, and the floor is embedded in a square. Surface veneer are: PVC plastic veneer, melamine veneer, HPL veneer, ceramic surface and so on. Related auxiliary accessories also spoiled attack attack Jiqiu flute Wei reed two screws, sucker, cable boxes, etc.
Q:What is anti-static floor? Where do I need to install anti-static floor?
You are happy decoration is pleased to answer your questions! Anti-static floor, also known as conductive floor, because people walking and floor friction will produce static electricity, charged ions will be on the floor surface of the dust in the air to attract, for the computer room, electronic plant and other units will have a certain impact. Conductive floor is the floor is conductive, the floor contains conductive fibers, the floor in the construction of the floor to lay copper foil, copper foil to be connected to the underground buried conductor, so that the floor of the static electricity directly into the earth, which is the floor without static ions , Floor laying to use conductive glue laying. Scope: 1. Sector: anti-static elevated floor is mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communications room, satellite ground station room, radio control room, Taiwan control room, broadcast control room, monitoring room, the central control room. 2. Microelectronics industry: anti-static products in the microelectronics industry has a wide range of applications for the use of electronic components, semiconductors, electronic products and large-scale assembly, large-scale integrated circuit clean room, to avoid the human body in the workshop to produce Static electricity. Control of electrostatic discharge against the two indecent assortment tai Tai Chun computer communication, all kinds of electronic equipment and electrostatic sensitive devices to prevent the computer memory and internal damage to electronic equipment. 3. Other applications: for static-sensitive arms, flammable and explosive places and petrochemical workshop and hospital operating room, anesthesia room, oxygen bar and other places with anti-static requirements.
Q:The difference between plastic floors
The difference between plastic floors...
Q:Is the beige flooring nice? A long time will not change color?
If it is the first floor is a very good choice, bright hall. Above the first floor of the best choice of other bars, solid wood flooring will certainly have a little color, floor tiles will not
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