New Design Mobile Phone Power Bank 6600mah with Private Tooling , Stone Power Bank

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New Design Mobile Phone Power Bank 6600mah with Private Tooling , Stone Power Bank


Power bank Multifunctions





DC5.0V 1A


DC5.0V 1A



Power Status




 Power bank :


1.Built-in safety and environmental protection Li-polymer batteries--class A:


2.Small size,light weight,long cycle life(greater than 1000),no memory effect(can be used with the charge does not affect performance)


3.Intelligent protective chips: Protection for over-charging, over-discharging , over-loading , short-circuit ;


4.5V output 


5.flashlight function        


Power bank is mainly applied to supply power for mobile electronics devices below 5V.


* Mobile phone                         

* Mp3/Mp4 and Bluetooth devices

* Tablet PC

* Digital Cameras 



Something difference with unprofessional factory !!



ItemPB0AUnprofessional factory
FEATUREDesignPrivate tooling ; Family design series to enhance your brand imagePublic tooling;
Touch FeelingUV finishing,Elegant;Rough surface;
AssemblyUltrasonic technology; Simple buckle assembly( easy to break);
QualityBattery capacityA grade battery, Real capacity; Sorting out machines to control capacity uniformityStock or second-hand battery cells;
8hrs-12hrs aging test during productionfalse capacity
A grade cell , refuse other grade or second-hand cellSecond hand cell or stock
PCB&MCU&ICprecise MCU, 8MHZ highspeed CPU; and protection PCB on mainboardNo over-charge & over-discharge protect IC;
Charger cablepure copper wire for low energy loss and high speed;Aluminum wire and low battery efficiency, no data transmission function of cables;
Data transferring and charging function
SafetySafety bodyguard15 items protection :over current, over charging, overvoltage, over temperature, short-circuit, electric leakage protection, auto-activation, intelligent power cut, stable voltage, stable current, fast charging etc.
CertificationCE/Rohs/FCC/PSE guarantee safety in China;
Auto-discharger managementIntelligent digital timing controlling; Auto power on when charging, auto power off when full charging
ConclusionBehind high capacity with low price, big threats to mobile devices . Professional supplier can be a guarantee.


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Q:How do I stick a power bank to the back of my phone?
Buy a cheap phone case then glue it to the back of that. Use a strong plastic glue and a hard plastic (not silicone) case. That way you can remove it from the phone easily and it will be strong enough to resist everyday use.
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