Needle Roller Bearing K 15X21X15 Best Price High Quality

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Needle Roller Bearings (needle bearing) is a cylindrical roller with roller

bearings, relative to its diameter, roller both thin and long. This is called needle

roller. Despite having a smaller cross-section, has a higher load bearing capacity

equipped with a thin and long needle bearing roller (roller diameter D≤5mm,

L / D≥2.5, L is the length of the roller), so radial structure is compact, its

diameter size and load capacity and other types of bearings, minimum diameter,especially for radial dimensions limited support structure.


Best Price Needle Roller Bearing K 15x21x15

Precision Rating



C0,C2,C3,C4,C5 is available

Sealed Cap 

Rubber or Metal





Vibration Level code




Seals Type




Bore Size

15 mm

Outside Diameter

21 mm


15 mm

Regular export packing

Plastic drum+White box+ carton

industrial packaging or as your requirement


1 pcs

Delivery Time

3-7 days after receiving your payment  

Payment Terms

L/C,T/T,Western Union

Port of shippment by sea


Place of Origin




Product Advantage:

1.High Precision  Needle Roller Bearing

2.ISO Standard Bearing 

3.High quality &competitive price 

4.Many famous brand is available 

5.Low Noise & Long life 

Our advantages:


1. Manufacturer,the most competive price and good quality

2. Perfect group of technical engineers give you the best support

3.Well-trained group of international sales provide the best service

4.OEM brand aviliable

5.Rich stock and quick delivery


1.Small quantity, can delivery by global express: DHL TNT FedEx ARAMEX EMS UPS.this is door to door.

2.Large quantity, can delivery by air, by sea, this is port to port.



T/T, L/C, Money Gram, Payal, Western Union etc.


Lead Time:

Sample Lead-times: generally 3-5 workdays.
Production Lead-times: 3-5 days after get payment or as contract required


Needle Roller Bearing K 15X21X15 Best Price High Quality

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X21X15 Best Price High Quality

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X21X15 Best Price High Quality

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X21X15 Best Price High Quality

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X21X15 Best Price High Quality

Needle Roller Bearing K 15X21X15 Best Price High Quality

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Q:Longboard wheels and bearings?
Wheels dont usually come with bearings. So yes. Or you could just use the bearings out of the wheels that you already have. Often times inexpensive wheels are slow due to bad quality urethane being used(im talking generic Ebay wheels.) Here are a few options that are quality/inexpensive. Abec 11 flashbacks 78a- can be cheap depending on where you buy them. Gravity Drifters/Blazers/Burners Sector 9 Butterballs Churchill Slide rite/White Owl Hope this helps
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Those are probably just cheap bearings that aren't any good. I would recommend just getting new bearings. Buy bearings from Bones, they are the best. Bones Reds are the most cost efficient and work really well (~$12). Bones Swiss are the next step up if you have a little more cash to spend (~$35).
Q:Rear shock absorber causing premature wear on bearings?
the shaft,s that your bearing,s go onto at the shock are worn you will never get the bearing tolerance's right afraid as it,s a 98 motor, if you can run to it replace both rear shocks and repack bearing,s it will cost a fair bit of money so give it some serious thinking you could use some of that cash for a newer car
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The bad wheel bearing is a shaky steering wheel while driving or hard pulling to one side when braking. Bad ball joints can be heard while turning or going around corners.
Q:Ford F150 Repair Question. Transmission/Bearings?
2000 ford ,, not old enough to have bad bearings INSIDE the transmission yet.normally the Eng goes before those unless your talking about a stick shift and its the throw out Bering on the clutch. those ware out, the more you hold the clutch pedal down the faster the ware , price for a repair over 1000! you can milk it by putting it in neutral at red lights instead of holding the clutch the throw out Bering disengages the clutch allowing the engine to turn and the car to stop, all the force is on the Bering and it only turns when you press the pedal, you will have to remove the transmission completely to replace it
Q:I need help for Pro Scooter Bearings!!!?
ABEC numbers are nonsense for skates, boards, or scooters. It is a number for vibration in high speed industrial equipment at speeds that would be past 200mph on a board. It can actually be detrimental since the smaller tolerances that are required for the higher numbers by the spec can mean more friction. Bearing friction is way less than the drag caused by rolling wheels. The top of the line bearings actually do not have an ABEC rating since the companies are designing them specificaly for human powered motion and have opened up some of the specs to reduce friction while keeping other parts tight.
Q:2004 Ford Taurus DISC BRAKES has anyone replaced the REAR bearings?
You should be able to tap the bearings out with a hammer and drift. If you use a brass drift it will be less likely to scratch the housings. You use a large socket to install the new bearings. Grease the bearing liberally first.The socket should bear only on the outer race and you carefully tap it into place. The new bearing may have a relieved edge to facilitate entry and the usual rule is that the writing on the bearing is the edge that faces you. If they are taper bearings you tighten them to hand tight then back off a quarter turn to obtain working clearance. This clearance disappears when the bearing gets hot in use. It would be advisable to buy the Haynes manual for the car as this will guide you through the whole procedure step by step.
Q:how to replace front wheel bearings for 1997 mustang?
Remove the front wheels, calipers and rotors. Then change the bearings..............easy!

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