Motor Grader MG1320C for road building site

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China (Mainland)

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16400 KG


ISO9001: 2000, CE, TIRE III, and GOST certificates

After-sales Service Provided:

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

ISO9001: 2000, CE, TIRE III:



CG is a famous China motor grader manufacturer with ISO9001: 2000, CE, TIRE III, and GOST certificates for its motor graders.

High Performance Engine

Our MG 1320C standard motor grader is powered by Shanghai C6121 engine. It has a short lift cylinder and provides the motor grader with strong power.


Transmission System with Quick Response

This road grader is equipped with a German 6WG200 ZF electro-hydraulic shift transmission, which works with low energy consumption and little noise. The engine is: 6 speed in forward motion and 3 speed in reverse. It is applicable to different working conditions. Its electro shift and neutral start protection device make the shift easier and smoother. This transmission system greatly increases the machines stability and efficiency, reduces the maintenance cost, and extends its service life to over 10000 hours.


Side Shifted Working Implement

The side shift working implement is locked by an electro-hydraulic controlled taper pin. This gives it a wide moving range and high rigidity. The draw bar is of a solid core structure ("Y" type), which is able to endure heavy loads.


Durable Draw Bar and moldboard

- The "U" type solid framework is of high rigidity.

- The front ripper keeps the motor grader away from any interference and facilitates accurate shoveling.

- The turning circle is fixed on the draw bar by four adjustable metal plates and is driven by a hydraulic motor and turbine reducer.


Comfortable and Safe Driving Conditions

- The control panel of this standard motor grader adopts a short joystick, which is used for convenient operation of the working implements. The joystick is suitably designed and does not block the view of the driver.

- Our patented spring operation device can be rectified or fixed using the footplates.

- The switches and instruments are suitably designed for easy operation and protection of the motor grader driver.


Product Description


1. Our MG 1320C standard motor grader is highly efficient and of good quality.

2. Its backward opening engine cover is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastics.

3. The driving axle of this standard motor grader uses an automatic control system for lubrication and oil temperature regulation.

4. It is enhanced by incorporating an imported multi-way valve, braking valve, and liquid filling valve.

5. It has a very strong rear frame, a traction frame and moldboard steering mechanism.

6. This standard motor grader has a spacious ROPS/FOPS cabin.

7. It is equipped with a shock absorbing seat and newly designed panel.

8. Electrical monitoring device

9. This heavy equipment machine also has a non-freon air conditioner.


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