Mop Wringer Squeegee Bucket 50L

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Mop Wringer Squeegee Bucket



1.Splash guard mop bucket

2.High back at wringer ledge area helps eliminate muscle and back strain

3.Moulded from smooth no-porous plastic with an international cation symbol imprinting on each side

4.Sloped side walls on three sides provides maximum mop target area

5.Taller bucket provides more working water and cleaner, safer floors

6.Generous pour spout prevents splash and spills.

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Q:What tools are needed to clean up?
Cleaning the necessary effective tools for three: washing the spirit, whether it is cleaning the kitchen or bedroom, the best is to use a combination of washing the cloth and broom together, so that both health and clean, not hurt the product, with environmental health, And can improve our living environment.
Q:Where to sell photovoltaic board cleaning tools?
The company has international new scientific research and intellectual property rights, with a sound independent research and development innovation system. Which the introduction of foreign advanced technology, developed the first domestic HW series of intelligent photovoltaic panels clean water cleaners
Q:On the computer hardware cleaning, with what tools
This can be cleaned. Wash at least 2 to 3 times a year. 1) preparation tools, need: hair dryer (the main function is to blow a certain amount of dust inside the chassis)
Q:What tools can I use to clean the floor better?
Everyone loves the family who like to clean the room was a new look, but often do not know how to do more with less, not wash brush can, and sometimes clean the room is a fine live, the floor is a good example , The correct scrub is very particular about.
Q:What tools do professional cleaning need?
The car wash frequency is moderate. The normal use of the vehicle should be washed once a week, conditional, then you can wash 2-3 times a week, washing should not be too frequent, nor long time do not wash.
Q:What are the daily cleaning supplies?
First, tea tree oil, which is a fragrance with a detergent, can be effectively sterilized and disinfected, and this cleaning agent without any harm, will not endanger the surrounding environment. Second, the coarse salt, which is a very old cleaning supplies, and it is generally mixed with lemonade used together, you can clear the iron inside the oil and other dirt, the price is very cheap, is a lot of people preferred to use Cleaning supplies.
Q:What tools are best for cleaning windows?
Go to the market to sell something like a place to sell is to clean the window with a window cleaner
Q:Usually the phone foil, with what is the cleaning tool?
I suggest you do not know how to go to the mobile phone shop to see how people film. It is best to take their own mobile phone to let people posted
Q:What are the materials and tools for cleaning tiles?
6, tea, coffee, beer, ice cream, grease and other pollutants using sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution. 7, ink, cement and other pollutants using hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and other dilute solution. 8, paint, paint and other pollutants use special cleaning agent. 9, rust can be washed with 2% oxalic acid solution to eliminate,
Q:What are the good tools for cleaning glass?
Glass attached to the sand and dust to clean up, or easy to scratch the glass.

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