Lawn Mover PROFESSIONAL PETROL Glass Cutter hand push

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10000 unit/month

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Power Type:

Petrol / Gas


Professional Mowers


4-Stroke,Aluminum Chasis,Folding Handle,Forced Air Cooling,Grass Box,Mulch,Self Propelled,Single Cylinder



Cutting Width:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:BROWN BOX
Delivery Detail:45~60 DAYS





Drive type: Self-propelled

Engine: Subaru EA190V, 4 stroke, OHC

Maximum power: 5.5hp/3600rpm

Cutting width: 19”/480mm

Cutting heights: 25-75mm

Cutting height adjustment: 7 positions

Handle folding: yes

Deck material: Aluminum

Blade type: straight blade

Wheel size: front 8”, rear 11” with ball bearing

Grass bag capacity: 70L

Net weight:TBA

Package: brown box

Container loading Qty: 300pcs/40’H

Lawn  Mover  PROFESSIONAL PETROL Glass Cutter hand push

Lawn  Mover  PROFESSIONAL PETROL Glass Cutter hand push

Lawn  Mover  PROFESSIONAL PETROL Glass Cutter hand push

Lawn  Mover  PROFESSIONAL PETROL Glass Cutter hand push

Lawn  Mover  PROFESSIONAL PETROL Glass Cutter hand push


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Q:Does anyone know how my two-stroke lawn mower is so fueled?
However, if compared to the same displacement of the 2-stroke gasoline engine fuel consumption, then there are two cases: (1) mixed gas is too thick. Need carburetor mixed gas screw, let it appropriate thinning.
Q:What is the difference between a lawnmower side and a backpack?
In theory, the use of roughly the same engine, to achieve the same function, the more complex the structure, the more fault factors. The backpack structure is more complicated, so it is easy to go wrong. The actual use is also, the burden of easy to go wrong
Q:Gasoline machine four - stroke lawn mower
Camshaft in the rotation process, into the exhaust cam to push the rocker swing, and under the action of the valve spring, so that the intake and exhaust valve timing opening and closing. Two-stroke engine into the crank box of the mixture in a certain pressure, through the movement of the piston to control the intake and scavenging opening and closing, to complete the scavenging and exhaust process
Q:What are the classification of mowers?
2, hydraulic drive lawn mower manual hydraulic motor, hydraulic lawn mower rear wheel drive driven by the hydraulic motor, simple operation, to achieve zero turn, in the commercial with the lawn mower and ride mower has been A large number of applications with good operational and dynamic characteristics, mainly for general operations
Q:Mower four strokes boring, can not afford oil, increase the throttle on the flame
The lawnmower opens the carburetor into the oil hole to check whether the carburetor enters the oil and the carburetor main hole.
Q:Mowers saw blade and woodworking saws are different
In the high speed of the line speed is very high, then dry cutting grass grass, grass stems substances.
Q:The working principle of the kneeling mower and the driving structure
The bear part consists mainly of engine, strap, clutch box. The power of Japan's "Mitsubishi" two-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine, the engine has a large power, low fuel consumption, stable performance and so on.
Q:How to distinguish Thai origin of Honda lawn mower engine?
No manufacturer's address, no manufacturer contact, the quality is not guaranteed, such a cottage, or do not buy
Q:Guangzhou Honda production gx35 kneeling mower four stroke cutting machine do
There are many businesses to take the domestic low-end machine under the name of Thailand imported Honda lawn mower, in the profiteering. Honda mowers are basically fake, very few can buy genuine
Q:What are the precautions for the lawn mower?
Feel the machine vibration abnormalities, please immediately stop checking the blade, playing the grass head is damaged, loose, eccentric. It is forbidden to cut perennial hard shrubs with blades. It is forbidden to mow with a blade on a lawn with grass. It is recommended to use mowing grass and lawns for non-wood weeds.

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