Lawn Mover brush cutter

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50 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Power Type:

Petrol / Gas


Riding Mowers


4-Stroke,Aluminum Chasis,Cordless,Self Propelled



Forward Speed:

Front /rear track:470mm-500mm

Cutting Width:

Cutting width:530/21mm/inch


Dark grey

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:7-plys export brown carton box
Delivery Detail:30-35 days after received the advanced payment


Engine type: Honda engine 4strok,overhead valve,single cylinder. Displacement:163cc

Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
Model NumberHHLM-001
Cultivator TypeLawn Edgers
Power TypePETROL

Lawn  Mover  brush cutter

Lawn  Mover  brush cutter

Lawn  Mover  brush cutter

Lawn  Mover  brush cutter

Lawn  Mover  brush cutter


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Q:What is the operation of the lawn mower?
5. Refueling oil to avoid over-overflow, if the overflow to be wiped clean. 6. The machine can be started at least 1 meter away from the object. 7. The machine must be used in a well ventilated outdoor environment. 8. Always check whether the blade is sharp or worn before each use and whether the clutch screw is locked.
Q:Which brand is the most durable
Long-term help, is He, wheat open, known as the lawn industry 3 benchmarking brand WENNO the world's best lawn mower, the current domestic lawn mower are basically in accordance with the standard to produce
Q:Electric mower reversal is going on
Adjust the gap between the moving blade and the fixed knife, the gap can be grasped through the two sheets of paper is appropriate, and to ensure that there is no friction between the knife and the phenomenon. After adjustment, tighten the fastening bolts of each moving blade and set the knife (if necessary, use the length of the handle of the wrench to increase the tightening degree). After that, lock the upper case and confirm that it is secure and reliable
Q:What is the difference between a lawnmower side and a backpack?
Carrying a lot of flexible shaft rotation. First of all, more than a drive, it is necessary to lose power. Coupled with the soft shaft is a non-rigid transmission, the transmission method will determine the inevitable loss of part of the power. So the side hanging more efficient.
Q:Mitsubishi mower on the motor how to install the rope
Mechanical, you can put the hand wheel into gear, and then in the stepper motor or servo motor and then install a gear
Q:Gasoline mower new machine without running
Filling the oil can not be too little, otherwise it will be: the engine gear noise, piston ring to accelerate wear and damage, and even appear Lawa and other phenomena, resulting in serious damage to the engine. Use should pay attention to safety. Therefore, to check in advance, detection.
Q:Electric lawn mower and which is better with petrol
Now commonly used lawn mower, divided into a dynamic system, there are two types of gasoline lawn mower and electric lawn mower.
Q:Is the cutting machine and the lawn mower the same machine?
But in the use of the two can be interoperable, but to choose the right power, cutting machine exhaust 30CC below, power, 0.75KW the following, generally used for cutting grass
Q:How does the lawnmower blade work?
Rotarymower The Rotarymower drive is located below the cutterhead, but the cutter has a higher position for the drive. In order to ensure low cutting and reduce the re-cutting, the cutter is usually tilted forward by a certain angle. When the resistance is too large or when the blade is back to the crash, to ensure personal safety. There are also knives to articulate the special nylon rope by centrifugal mowing. The configuration of the blades on the adjacent cutter blades is staggered, and the rotation path of the blade has a certain amount of overlap. The cutterhead is generally driven by gears, and the rotation of the adjacent cutter head is reversed. Compact structure, smooth transmission, reliable.
Q:Two-stroke lawn mower can not hit the fire
It is not, in Jinan, then Baidu Jinan Greentown garden machinery bar, or let the professional repair, do not let them unemployed, huh, huh

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