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Specifications of Wonderful Trash Picker:

1. made of aluminum, PP, TPR, ABS material.

2. we can make different size and colors reacher tool.

3. pick up the litter without bowing.

4. help the disabled one to reach something out of reaching.

5. pick up the rubbish and reach the high things

The pick up and reach tool made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum, this is a must-have tool for home indoor and outdoor. The spring-loaded grabbers have flexible rubber tips for a Sure Grip.  

Perfect for Trash Pick-UP/Putting up Decorations/Reaching Behind Furniture/Removing items from Tall Shelves

Size: 82cm long (fully opened)

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3, polished tiles should be regularly waxing treatment, the time interval of 2-3 months is appropriate. 4, brick surface, such as scratches, can be applied in the scratches toothpaste, wipe with a dry cloth can be repaired. 5, brick and brick cracks can be used from time to time with dirt to remove dirt, and then in the gap brush a layer of waterproofing agent, can mold growth.
Q:What are the good tools for cleaning glass?
First with water washed away dust and sand, and then wipe with glass of water, then wipe with a dry cloth.

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