reel hand push lawn mower

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Cutting width:300mm;

Cutting height adjustment range:12-45mm;

with  grass collector


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Q:How to clean the lawnmower carburetor
Such as: rust, dirt, glue, etc., cleaning finished complex, and start the test, observe the adjustment of the carburetor in the use of technical conditions.
Q:Mower four strokes boring, can not afford oil, increase the throttle on the flame
Does the lawnmower fuel tank add fuel, the oil switch is open, and the vents of the tank cover are clogged.
Q:The use of the backpack Honda GX35 lawn mower
Start a quick and powerful pull start rope, usually 3 to 5 times to start a successful, and then open the choke. In addition, when pulling the starter, and did not start successfully, but there are more than 1s burning sound, this time, you need to open the door, start
Q:Honda King 139 mower quality how
Organize Embryology I usually experiment and anatomical time of the experiment, use the phone to take pictures, shoot out the photos, the students can not match.
Q:How did the mower add oil to the fuel tank?
Add the oil is lubricating oil or burning with oil, if it is burning with oil and more are not afraid, let go after dilution can continue to use; if it is lubricating oil, directly out of the winter point of the furnace with a calculated
Q:Lawnmower carburetor oil spill how the matter
Pay special attention to the oil seal at the front and rear ends of the crankshaft. Crankshaft front seal seal damage, aging or crankshaft pulley and oil seal contact surface wear, will cause the front of the crankshaft oil spill.
Q:How many ordinary mowers can an ordinary mower?
This is based on the power of the lawn mower, the type of operator's proficiency, the density of the grass to set, such as the kind of shoulder and back, skilled operators can cut nearly 2,000 square meters per hour, unskilled only cut 1500 square meters or so
Q:Guangzhou Honda production gx35 kneeling mower four stroke cutting machine do
Guangzhou Honda Yamaha Suzuki Wang Honda Wang are fake, and even the minimum name of the manufacturer, the manufacturer address, manufacturers do not contact, so that the cottage does not buy as well
Q:Back mower for cutting rice?
Yes, where you buy a machine, you buy a Fu Wo device to the front of the lawn mower, the lawnmower blade replaced by 40 teeth 60 teeth or 80 teeth (the more the number of teeth more) Alloy (do not use alloy saw blade cut rice) saw blade, you can cut the rice
Q:How to choose a lawn mower
The first step in choosing a lawn mower is to understand the characteristics of the lawn. The area of the lawn will affect your choice of engine horsepower, while the characteristics of the lawn terrain determines the mower should have the performance.

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