reel hand push lawn mower

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Cutting width:300mm;

Cutting height adjustment range:12-45mm;

with  grass collector


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Q:What is a smart lawn mower?
2 automatic charging function machine in the process of mowing, if the battery is low, will automatically turn off the mower motor back to the charging center for charging. 3 Automatic rain prevention function Built-in rain detection sensor, the detection of rain, the machine will automatically return to the charging center shelter, unless the next appointment time or manual operation, otherwise the machine will no longer come out to work.
Q:Which brand is the most durable
Long-term help, is He, wheat open, known as the lawn industry 3 benchmarking brand WENNO the world's best lawn mower, the current domestic lawn mower are basically in accordance with the standard to produce
Q:What is the difference between a lawn mower and a lawnmower?
Now developed technology, the general lawn mower can be replaced by cutting head, and the completion of mowing, grass, hedge trim and so on.
Q:How long does the lawnmower warranty warrant for a long time?
But even if the machine has the quality of the problem business may also find a lot of excuses not to three bags, so or to keep the machine maintenance, 2T machine oil ratio must be in accordance with the requirements of the ratio is generally 20: 1 or 25: 1 and 2T oil must be bought can not be used cheap
Q:The lawn mower takes white smoke
There are many reasons to take white smoke, mainly in the following areas. 1) The engine temperature is too low. Part of the diesel is not burning into oil vapor, from the exhaust pipe with the exhaust gas, take white smoke
Q:Why the use of backpack mower modified small cut rice machine did not get promoted
Can be completed step by step harvest, stubble crushing, threshing, completely liberated the labor force, and an acre of land only half an hour or so, is the artificial speed of ten times, high efficiency. In addition, the charges are only tens of dollars, the cost is also much lower than the artificial harvest or lawn mower harvest.
Q:Backpack-style lawn mower, one day to help a few acres of fields
Because the efficiency of this mechanical harvest is still not high. This small cut rice is mainly for small areas of farmland operations, it is only rice harvest speed several times faster, but after the cut but also artificial threshing
Q:Intelligent lawn mower CE certification standards
It is estimated that you will get different certification bodies to have different assessment results.
Q:Guangzhou Honda Gx35 mower brochure is English for Chinese
Refueling: According to the instructions, configure the mixed oil, and add the fuel tank. This machine Europe emissions of fuel ratio of 25: 1, Europe two emissions of fuel ratio of 40: 1, Note: oil for the two-stroke special oil.
Q:Electric lawn mower which brand is good 48 V battery car charging
Battery car in the use of the process, it will inevitably occur "strike" phenomenon, know the basic maintenance of common sense, so you worry a lot. Repair the battery car in two steps, that is, find the fault and repair. The premise of repair and the key is to quickly find the fault, find out the cause of the failure, and then to repair.

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