Mini bagged vacuum cleaner with ERP Class C#B616

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900 unit
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40000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: C616


Product Specifications:


1pc dust bag,Cable length 4.8M, 1PC HOSE,2pcs plastic tubes,2pcs Plastic brush,Giftbox Packing

Optional accessories:

1pc metallic tube,1pc Plastic brush, Nozzles



Loading QTY


Dust Capacity



AC 100V-240V

Rated power


Power control on body







3.8/4.5kg(gift box)


410*273*275mm(gift box)

Vacuum (Kpa)





Full dust indicator


Silent design low noise

High suction power

No consuming material

Easy carrying handle

Automatic cord rewinder

HOSE swivel 360 degree rotation

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,ROHS


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Q:sanitaire vacuum cleaners?
Have you looked at the H20 Vac? Sorry, I don't know if you meant sanitary for your home/people, but the H20 Vac seems to do both. It uses tap water as a filter, so there's no nasty bags to replace, no dust going anywhere, etc. It uses steam power can clean wet messes as well (like a ShopVac). The water filter system traps dirt, instead of letting it go back out into the air like most vacuums do, even if they say Hepa Filtration or some BS.
Q:Why is it when the majority of wives decide to depart they act like giant vacuum cleaners?
Only WEAK husbands get the vacuum cleaner done to them.. I hope you're not a WEAK husband!!!
Q:Whats the difference between the Dyson Animal vacuum and just the regular Dyson vacuum?
The Dyson Animal picks up all pet hairs from anywhere i know because i have used it.
some at this web page .. .I am sure there are others out there just Google: VACUUM CLEANER FOR LESS THaN $100
Q:Can someone recommend a really potent vacuum cleaner?
I used to sell Kirby Vacuum cleaners when I was young. They are very expensive however in all of my demonstrations I could never beat the cheap old Shop Vac. While the Shop Vac does not come with fancy attachments it is the most sensible design. The vacuums with the paper bags designs are sheer stupidity. They blow bacteria all through the air. Absolute nonsense. The little water tanks sound like a good idea but I find the machines awkward and clumsy and frustrating. Give me that sensible Shop Vac any day and get your fancy gadgets out of my face.
Q:Do you think its wrong that in the toy store, boys have all the fun stuff, and in the girls section they have?
the market settles all accounts. If there demand for any other toys we would supply you. You want a six foot purple sock? Place your orders, I would be happy to design and sell it. I would cover you in peanut butter and sell you a rhinocerous if it were profitable. Little girls want to play mommy, they learn thier roles from society not the toy isle. It may even be innate, much as half the fems don't like the idea. Some feminists accept societal roles while still wanting some fairness and love.
Q:what would you do if you woke up one day and had vacuum cleaners for legs.?
vacume the house with my legs instead? umm i guess so thats wot i'll do wotever weird and stupid question hmmmm
Q:why do we call vacuum cleaners vacuums?
Fan blades turned by a motor create a suction (partial vacuum' inside the machine which sucks up the dirt. It's similar to you drinking a liquid with a straw. You stick one end of the straw into the liquid and suck on the other end. You create a vacuum inside the straw and it sucks up the liquid to fill the empty space (vacuum).
Q:Do people know that dyson vacuum cleaners are ****?
While I've only heard good things from people who have bought DYSONS- I believe that proper maintance is really key... I have an older vacuum a HOOVER-SAVVY which I LOVE.. I've had it for just over 5 yrs. and it works very well. In fact when it came out it was rated as good as, or better than a DYSON and it cost 1/2 as much... I also since the vacuum was a gift I purchased the extended warranty which has been a great purchase and still was cheaper than a DYSON.. The warranty covered pretty much everything except filters.... So, I would take my vacuum in- 2x a year for it's annual clean check ( I would call under warranty and tell them it wasn't working properly) and basically come home with a new vacuum... I believe that anything you buy and use regularly and I vacuum almost everyday needs upkeep and maintanace... So, to anyone that buys a DYSON and finds it to be sub-par I would send it back under warranty and keep sending it back until the problem is fixed or they send you a new one... I have a set of CALPHALON non-stick commercial grade pans... I got them for a wedding present ($200.00)... They have a 10 yr. warranty. I send them back every couple of years and get a BRAND-'NEW set. No questions asked... After the 10 yrs. are up I'll probably just buy some other pans... I don't like them... However, if I can get brand new pans every yr. then why not? Read and use the warranty... good luck
Q:Do you think the spiders and moths are dead?
No need to kill them is there.Why not just catch them and put them outside? In answer to your question the spiders are probaly having a nice moth meal and when they have finished they will mate and one day there will be a hundered spiders emerging from your cleaner!

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