Mineral Fiber Ceiling / Acoustic Ceiling / Suspended Ceiling

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1,Structure of (Mineral  Fiber Ceiling ) Description

Suspended Ceiling
Thickness: 6mm-16mm
Size:595*595, 595*1210mm,etc
White/Black color
beveled, Regular, Concealed

Mineral Fiber Ceiling / Acoustic ceiling / Suspended Ceiling


2,Main Features of the Mineral  Fiber Ceiling 


Size: 595*595mm, 600*600mm, 600*1200mm

Thickness: 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 7.5mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm

Color: White


Suspended Ceiling
Thickness: 6mm-16mm
Size:595*595, 595*1210mm,etc
White/Black color
beveled, Regular, Concealed

Mineral Fiber Ceiling / Acoustic ceiling / Suspended Ceiling


3,(Mineral  Fiber Ceiling ) Images

Mineral  Fiber Ceiling / Acoustic Ceiling / Suspended Ceiling


4,(Mineral  Fiber Ceiling ) Specification

Mineral  Fiber Ceiling / Acoustic Ceiling / Suspended Ceiling


5,FAQ of (Mineral  Fiber Ceiling 



Edge Options: Beveled, Regular, Concealed, Transcendent mortise bolt, Glacier, Perforated  

Pattern Series: Raindrop series, Star series, Worm series, Pinhole series, etc.

Suspended Ceiling
Thickness: 6mm-16mm
Size:595*595, 595*1210mm,etc
White/Black color
beveled, Regular, Concealed

Mineral Fiber Ceiling / Acoustic ceiling / Suspended Ceiling

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Q:Which brand are you familiar with?
exactly the opposite. This is the last winter to open the "Albert CHAN decoration supermarket" to do a small investigation, because of the idea of which brand of distribution panels, would like to make a decision on the degree of awareness. Now I shop the plywood is mainly to the main gold Li Li. Thank you for the participation of users.
Q:There is no better quality color stainless steel sandblasting wire drawing processing manufacturers
If you want to get a pure color decoration effect, it is best to find the vacuum ion plating processing technology factory
Q:What is asbestos?
Asbestos is a naturally occuring mineral silicate. It is found in 80% of the Earths Crust. There is 2 major families of regulated asbestos fibers. The most regulated is crysotile and amosite. Others include Tremolite (used in cement pipes) actinolite and crocidolite. The last 3 are rare. Amosite was heavily mined in Africa and gained the nickname African Death. But Crysotile is also dangerous (contrary to one of the posts I read above) and it can cause asbestos related disease. Chrysotile is the most used in the USA, Many old mines still exist in california and many are now dumps for the hazards asbestos waste. Both have bans on their usage. in 1973 The US government Baned asbestos use in drywall mud/joint compound and in pipe insulation. in 1978 it was banned in acoustic ceilings. Many more materials that were once manufactured with asbestos have also been banned and are regulated. These materials include Floor tile, ceiling tiles, decortive exterior coatings, air duct insulation, blow-in attic insulation, heat shield, drywall, roof felt, and about a 1,000 other materials. Asbestos can cause various diseases including mesotheliomia, lung cancer, plural plaques, bone caner, emphazema, and more. As besto sis still used in limited application / materials. Most Break pads and clutches still includes a percentage of asbestos. Also it is still used in laboratory filters, electrical generators, roof mastic, and other non-friable (materials that dont release fibers easily). Asbestos is also used in the O rings on the boster rockets of the US space shuttle. Some idiot had the bright idea to use something different than asbestos one time on the O rings. That was when the shuttle blew up on take off when the O ring failed. Almost All people have breathed some asbestos in their lifetime. If you sit at a bus stop or stop and go traffic you have breathed asbestos. But like cigerattes it is dose related. therefore the more ingested the greater the risk for disease.
Q:I would like to ask what software is usually used to draw?
You can also select the graphics, the mouse on the lower right corner of the pattern, the mouse becomes a double arrow when you can drag the mouse to zoom in or out of the image.
Q:Inside the car box inside the name of each decorative plate?
The door on the door in accordance with the corresponding door called the left front door trim, right front door trim panels, left rear door trim panels, right rear door trim panels, windshield 2 side are called left A pillar interior trim and right A Column interior trim, the middle of the seat belt is called B-pillar, and so on, the rear windshield 2 side is called C pillar, and the lower threshold on the next called the threshold trim, according to its left and right To distinguish
Q:TV wall with UV decorative board good? What are the advantages?
Yang angle to use Note: 1. Do not use the angle of the decoration on how much damage? A. Tile grinding angle operation of the workload, the technical requirements of workers high. B. Poor quality of the tile will be brick is not straight, easy to burst edge edge and so on. C. Tile after grinding, brick thinner, fragile, easy to break. D. Noise generated by the grinding and dust pollution, do not meet the trend of environmental protection. E. A long time, the tiles will have a gap between the dock, into the dust dirty dirty.
Q:Backdrop carved decorative panels with acrylic panels
Light weight, high strength, good impact resistance, not only reduces the burden of the building itself, but also to a large extent reduce the impact of the earthquake on the building.
Q:Wuling light rear seats on both sides of the decorative panels inside the speaker hidden speaker wire did not?
It is the car manufacturers to save costs and do, there is no line and no speakers. If the user needs to be able to install their own, as long as the two speakers to connect the line on it.
Q:Marble uv board decorative plate is not science and technology stone
Is the cement board, transfer on the UV layer only
Q:304 stainless steel decorative board price is probably how much
Titanium stainless steel plate the deeper the color, the more expensive, especially good

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