Minral Fiber Ceiling Fissured Pin Hole In CHINA

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Mineral Fiber Ceiling) Description

Good quality acoustic ceiling board in China
The competitive price
To make full size


1.Material: mineral fiber cotton MINERAL FIBER CEILING FISSURED

2.the density: 280-320kgs/m3

3.thickness size and price: 12mm ,14mm, 15mm, 16mm,18mm, 20mm Other size and thickness also be ok.

4. standard size: 595mm*595mm(metric system)      

                 595mm*1195mm(metric system)

                 603mm*603mm(british system)

                 603mm*1213mm(british system)

5. Product content: Mineral fiber >=90%
6. Color of surface: White (other colors also be ok)
7. Surface: A variety of surface patterns available
8. Installation: Match with T-grids or other ceiling grids
9. Packing: Standard export carton
10. edge: Square, tegular, adhesive and nails, concealed, shiplap, and liner shiplap.




2,Main Features of the (Mineral Fiber Ceiling)


Function: Fireproof, Sound-Absorbing, Heat insulation

Feature: Artistic Ceilings, Honeycomb Ceilings

Surface finish:Factory-applied vinyl latex paint

Technical Data:

  • Material: Wet-Formed Mineral Fiber with Latex Paint finish

  • Color: White

  • Density: 240-280 kgs/m3

  • NRC: 0.55

  • Light Reflectivity: 0.85

  • Fire Resistance: Class A as per ASTM E 84

  • Humidity Resistance: 90%

  • Recycled Content: 63%

  • Anti-Sagging: No sagging, wrapping and delaminating

  • Environmental: No radiation, does not any harmful substance

    Products Advantage:

  • 3,(Mineral Fiber Ceiling) Images

    Minral Fiber Ceiling Fissured Pin Hole In CHINA     

  • 4,(Mineral Fiber Ceiling) Specification


  • Physical properties of mineral fiber ceiling tiles


  • Properties



      Low density

    280-320 kg/m3

    Hight dentisty

    390-420 Kg/m3


      Low density

    12-20 mm

    Hight dentisty

    6.5-20 mm

    Fire rating

      Low density

    Class B1


    300*600 , 595*595 , 603*603 ,

    595*1195 , 603*1212 mm

    Product content

    Mineral fiber

    Fiber content


    Surface finish

    Applied Vinyl latex paint

    Color of surface



    Square edge, Tegular edge



    Thermal conductivity


    Light reflection


    Sagging resistant Properties

    Warranty against visible sag

    Humidity resistance

    Resistance to 90% relative humidity

  • 5,FAQ of (Mineral Fiber Ceiling

  • Sound absorbing

  • Resistance of fire

  • Warm-keeping

  • Energy-saving

  • Heat-insulating

  • 100% No asbestos and no formaldehyde

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I know is the Jiangsu Sanxian Architectural Acoustics System Co., Ltd., there are black, yellow and so on.
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Q:Ecological wood wall decoration board in the end what is the material
1, ecological wood environmental protection - anti-UV products, no radiation, antibacterial, non-formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances, far below the national environmental standards and European standards for Europe's top environmental standards, Pollution, can immediately stay, is the real ecological green products.  2, the stability of ecological wood - anti-aging products, waterproof, moisture, mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-insects, anti-termite, anti-acid and alkali, effective flame retardant, weatherability, anti-aging and thermal insulation energy- Used in the climate change in the outdoor environment, but not bad, not brittle, performance is not bad.  3, ecological wood safety - products can be "long-term use in water", high strength and water resistance, impact resistance, no cracking and other characteristics.  4, ecological wood comfort - product noise, insulation, anti-oil, anti-static.  5, ecological wood authenticity - the appearance of natural appearance, elegant, chic, with a solid wood texture and natural texture, there is a simple sense of return to nature, the performance of the design and product details of the texture and color texture use: Space "for the heart of the environment" vibrant wood texture vitality and affinity of the spiritual environment. Products can also be designed through different forms to reflect the modern architectural aesthetic and material design aesthetic unique effect.  6, ecological wood convenience - products can be cut, can be sawing, planing, can be nailed, paint, can be bonded, the product has excellent industrial design, mostly using jack, bayonet and mortise way to design, Therefore, the installation save time and speed. Easy installation and easy construction.

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