Metric Ratchet Combination Wrench ANSI DIN Hand Tools 6MM-32MM

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Metric Ratchet Combination Wrench ANSI DIN Hand Tools


Material:CR-V, 40cr

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 6,7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,21, 22, 23, 24, 25,27,30,32 mm

Packing:AS your request


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Q:Which is the best oil filter wrench?
The oil filter wrench is divided into clamp type oil box spanner, cap type oil box spanner and three jaw type oil wrench. Each of the three has its advantages and disadvantages. Preferably, it should be a cap type, because it can be seamlessly locked with the filter, and no damage to the filter. It is necessary to match the specifications of different types of vehicles. If it is their own family car, you can choose the corresponding specifications can be. If the garage and car 4S shop, it is best to choose the package. There are more than 23 suits on the market. Very convenient。
Q:Do you mean the same spanner and open spanner? And is the fast wrench mysterious?
The board generally refers to the opening spanner (in some areas of the spanner and stay open board referred to the board).
Q:How much torque do you need to use the 36 screw on the torque wrench?
Any recommended torque standard have assumed that the torque coefficient or coefficient of friction, in fact only reference, if the bolt, must do torque coefficient test, do not understand the actual conditions recommended torque is not serious.
Q:How to disassemble a wrench faucet?
The tap wrench with a lid, the lid off, there is a cross nut, using cross screwdriver to unscrew, (or a nut, with a slotted screwdriver to unscrew the faucet) wrench can take up, there is a valve with adjustable wrench loosen, so removing bad not much; non professional advice who is best not to remove, lest it will Water Leakage;
Q:When the first warranty is over, how can there be a wrench?
Generally speaking, the first maintenance is under 5000 kilometers. Note that some models have time constraints, and sometimes the time has arrived, but mileage is still small, at this point we must communicate, make reservations in advance, maintenance, good procedures, and later practical maintenance.
Q:What is the difference between the electric wrench and the air?
The air (pneumatic wrench) features: is driven by air pneumatic motor, with the impact of work piece, through kept tapping nut / bolt. Therefore, the noise is relatively large, and can not do the effective fixed torsion, but also will have certain harm to the bolt.
Q:M42, what is the outer diameter of the six point nut socket wrench for the side s=65?
Dual purpose wrench: one end is the same as a single head wrench, and the other end is the same as the plum wrench. The bolts or nuts with the same specifications are screwed at the two ends.
Q:What do you mean by the bolt capacity of the pneumatic wrench?
This is the wrench. How big is it to tighten the bolts?
Q:Inside six angle spanner, black is good or white is good, why some have black, I prepare to buy, but don't know to buy what kind of color
Buy six angle wrench on the main material from the durability of S2 (foreign domestic steel grades like CR-V called CR-Mo) the best of the worst carbon steel heat treatment process at the level of the general election a big brand, you can choose from low to high.
Q:The inside six corners wrench of that brand is of better quality.
1., if only occasionally use one, but choose what brand is no big problem;2. but if you need to often repair brand wrenches, common hand tools such as brand: Taiwan Bao, STANLEY, Sata etc..

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